Be a Kettlebell Knockout

Where did my Booty go?…

Kettlebell Butt
In disbelief over my recent booty burn!


This is the question I asked myself recently when I saw my side profile in the mirror at the gym – This was an unintended consequence of losing weight and toning up where I haven’t before…. Isn’t it sad you can’t decide where you lose it and where you get to keep it?

A few months ago I started working out with kettlebells. I was burning so many calories it was sick. So I went and purchased some to keep in our community gym, so I could have access to them all the time. I had no idea how effective they really were until those little kettlebells made my skinny jeans fall off! I thought…what should I do now? Is this why they make underwear with butt implants? Can you please get Kim Kardashian on speed dial quick!

Kettlebells can get expensive - so pick a size you can grow into and move up from there. I got these from Sports Authority (7 pounds, 10 pounds and 25 pounds) for under $100 using one of their promotions.

All joking aside, kettlebell training is a kick ass (or should we call it a “lose” ass) workout and one that if you learn to do correctly can produce dramatic results. The major secret with kettlebell training is that is metabolic. It raises your heart rate while working several muscles at once allowing you to burn a huge number of calories during the workout and after to repair the muscle damage. It’s like sprinting on crack. In sprinting you mostly use your legs. However, with one basic kettlebell move – “The Swing”, you use your legs, hips, back and arms all at once. This works so many muscles that Tim Ferris in the book “4 Hour Body” stated this is the only move someone needs to do to stay fit. He studied it and documented the results – it was incredible.

Me and My Kettlebell - I should write a children's book.

Kettlebell training is definitely not for beginners and if you do try this workout please make sure you have a certified trainer show you correct form. I’ve included a kettlebell exercise tutorial that I obtained from Bodybuilding’s website to help show you the moves. They have excellent detailed descriptions and videos.

Additionally, there are a ton of workout videos out there that show you the basic kettlebell moves. I like the following workouts from the Biggest Loser Trainers – Bob & Jillian.

Bob Harper “Kettlebell Cardio Shred”

Jillian Michaels “Shred it with Weights”

Everyone can be a Kettlebell Knockout with the routine I created below. These exercises will give you a full body workout – working everything, even those little stabilizer muscles that give you sexy lines and curves. I usually get this routine in 2 times a week– sometimes more or less depending if I take an athletic conditioning class or recovering from a tough hot yoga class.

Now for the best part – this workout is a 2 for 1 special, you get your cardio and strength training completed in one session!

Be sure to warm up for 10 mins on a bike, elliptical, or treadmill, even jogging in place then perform each exercise as stated. Repeat them a 2nd time, if you really are up for a challenge!


Performing the Windmill - Strengthening my obliques, lower back and shoulders


Exercise Description Reps
Around the World Swing the kettlebell around you with one arm and then catch with the other 10 each side
Swing (Two Handed) Hold the kettlebell with both hands, palms down and swing in front stopping at the height of your chest 20-50 times
Swing with elbow Hold the kettlebell with one hand, palms down and swing ending in a upright row position (elbow out) 15 each side
Ball Incline Chest Press Lay on an exercise ball and use one kettle bell to do an incline chest press 15 each side
One Armed Snatch Hold the kettlebell with one hand, palm down and swing all the way up over your head with arm straight 15 each side
Side Lunge with Shoulder Press Hold the kettlebell with one hands, palm down, perform a side lunge and then press up into a shoulder press 15 each side
Circular press Turn to the side, Hold the kettle bell with one hand, palms up and do a “bowling type of motion” bringing the kettlebell back up into a bicep curl 15 each side
Lunge Back Hold the kettlebell with one hand, palm down and as you lunge back with one leg, pass the kettle bell through your legs and repeat on other leg, going back and forth 15 each side
Plank Row Start in plank position, place kettle bell in one hand with other other hand on the floor. Perform a row with the kettle bell. 10-15 each side
Chest Pass left ,then right, then jump up Hold kettlebell with both hands and pass the kettlebell as you would a basketball to the right, then left and then jump as high as you can off the ground still holding the kettlebell. 20
Pass through legs ( figure-8 ) Stand with feet shoulder distance apart and squat, passing the kettlebell in a figure-8 type motion 20
Windmills Stand in triangle position, hold the kettlebell with one hand in locked position over your head and slowly move down with the other hand towards your ankle 20 each side
Turkish get up Lie down on your back and hold kettlebell directly over your head in locked position with one hand, slowly move your core and legs to get in lunge position and to stand straight up while still holding the kettlebell over your head 10 each side
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9 Responses to “Be a Kettlebell Knockout”

  1. MiniMe!

    AH SO EXCITED TO TRY ALL OF THESE!!! Actually did the windmill a couple of days ago-didn’t realize that was the name of it!!! Great post :)

    • Food Babe (to MiniMe!)

      Did this kettlebell workout twice this morning – I’m already sore!

  2. Pure2raw twins

    awesome, kettlebell is something we hope to try soon

    • Food Babe (to Pure2raw twins)

      It’s amazing how fast you can see results – Let me know when you try them! I love your blog and bakery!

  3. Christine

    I’m having a baby in few wks, really want to get back into shape by July for a wedding(seeing family and old friends). I was thinking walking, yoga but have to do most of this at home after baby. You just gave me motivation and will have to invest in these kettlebells and add this to my at home workout routine!!! Thank you! You always look so beautiful, hope your recovery from your fall is speedy!

    • Food Babe (to Christine)

      Christine, First off….good luck with everything as you get closer to the date! I am really excited for you! Kettlebells will really work double duty to get you back to pre-pregnancy status in no time (not that I know from personal experience – but have seen it happen with other ladies in the gym), you’ve got to let me know when you try them…

      I’m almost better – I think it’s because of all the good energy you and others have been sending my way… so Thank You!

  4. Paige

    Looking to switch things up a bit and will be trying this workout today! Love your blog and all of your hard work that goes into research!

  5. Liz

    Ive never tried this & would like to. What is the weight if the kettlebell u use? Also, would you say Dragon Door is a good brand kettlebell to try?

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Liz)

      Food Babe suggests choosing a weight you can grow into and move up from there. She got hers from Sports Authority (7 pounds, 10 pounds and 25 pounds) for under $100 using one of their promotions. Any reputable brand should be fine.
      Enjoy your workout!


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