Organic Trip Tricks

Aerial Shot of Turks and Caicos taken from the plane

Just got back from a wonderful trip down to the Turks and Caicos. If you like beaches, crystal clear warm water, scuba diving and spending a lot of money on food this is the place to go. Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Quinoa

I’ve been craving Chinese food all week. My craving started last week when I ran into my neighbor on the elevator carrying Chinese take out. The MSG I ate decades ago is probably still in my body, I could literally taste the food from the radiating smell coming out of the bag. That’s what MSG does – it creates that familiar taste and smell that captures all your senses. All the fast food chains – McDonalds, Chickfila, etc use it because they know people will keep coming back. It’s also a way for them to trick us into overeating. And MSG does TERRIBLE things to your body. What A-holes.

Then I got a postcard from Hong Kong from our good friend Hutto. It was a sign – I had to eat something Asian quick. Our weekly box of organic farm goods was delivered the day before and we had to make something with all the asparagus and corn we received. So I got creative and sent my husband to the grill while I got busy in the kitchen!

I love getting postcards!

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Thank You Yoga!

Tree Pose on the porch of our bungalow on a tiny island called Utila off the coast of Honduras last Summer

WOW – My booty is still burning from today’s hot yoga class at Yoga One. I am inspired by every yoga class I take at Yoga One, but today’s class was special. Johnna was mind blowing. Any teacher that can make you laugh and cry in the same breath and make class go by in seconds is the I dedicated my practice today to my Dad, because of all the events surrounding his health. I really believe in the transfer of energy. If you direct it to someone, I know they’ll get it in some form or fashion. Whether its through unexpected laughter or a good nights sleep or slowly healing a disease. I know they can feel it, but they may not know exactly where the energy is coming from. Continue Reading →

No one can take care of you, except you

Sorry I’ve been a Food Babe slacker this week. When I started this blog, I had every intention to post something useful or meaningful every few days – but I’ve been a little sidetracked. I am currently spending Father’s Day today watching my father get better in the hospital. It’s the fifth day that he has been here and is the last place I thought I would be celebrating with my father today.

Touring India is my favorite trip I have ever taken with my Dad.
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