Pantry Panic at the Peaks of Otter

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – We took a road trip to the Peaks of Otter for a very special occasion! Our cousin Penn’s engagement party!


Penn is about to marry this wonderful woman named Amy.  We were lucky to meet her before the party a few years ago in Chapel Hill at a Football game – she’s so cute, friendly and really really smart – the perfect fit for Penn.  We are so happy for them! The Couple

The road trip to the engagement party was really fun. My husband and I caught up on our busy weeks, which was really nice. For long road trips, I always prepare ahead.  I packed a HUGE cooler of whole foods that kept us from stopping at any gas stations, fast food joints and other convenince stores along the way.  I included kombucha, lemons for the morning, sandwiches, organic corn chips, bananas, apples, Parfait Porridge, extra ezekiel bread, bags of fresh cut vegetables, almond butter, chia seeds, superfoods trail mix and some “Hari” shakes made with fresh kale, cilantro and berries.


This sandwich was made with sprouted sesame seed bread, beet hummus, red onions, arugula, pickles and sprouts – it was DELICIOUS and so easy to eat in the car.  I debated making a salad. I am glad I made this instead. The sandwich was very satisfying and kept any munchies at bay.

Better Sandwich

After about 4 hours in the car, we reached our destination.  Our own little cottage courtsey of the Zenoble’s – who are family friends.  Terry and Sarah really know how to make people feel welcome – They stocked our cottage with EVERYTHING we could ever want or need – including a huge fruit bowl, fresh bakery breads, beer, wine, water, toiletries and the sweetest note welcoming us to Northfork Farm. The property was absolutely gorgeous – we wanted to stay the whole week!

NorthFolk FarmsCottage
I enjoyed one of my “Hari” shakes, as we quickly got ready for the party…

The party was outdoors at our Aunt & Uncle’s home in huge tent in the back yard – The setting was gorgeous! The first thing we saw when we entered the tent was this delicious spread of tasty food. How cute is the pumpkin holding the asparagus?  I filled my plate with a LOT of asparagus and veggies…

Best Party FoodCheese Party Food

I also tried some roasted turkey on one of those potato rolls with some mustard… and lots of the passed hors d’ oeuvres.  It’s been a long long time since I had roasted turkey (last Thanksgiving, maybe?)

Party Food 1

And I sampled one of these homemade brownies….

Dessert Party Food

I also enjoyed a few glasses of red wine while listening to the very hip band – They played hits like “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga and “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson – all acoustic and everything.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.
Band Lady Gaga

After it got quite chilly outside – we headed inside to warm up and I found these!  The potato roll I just eaten… I didn’t want to look at the ingredients… but I did… and then all hell broke loose.

Potato Rolls OH JOYPotato Rolls

I did some further inspection through our Aunt & Uncle’s cabinets….

Pantry Panic

And freezer….  I was definitely panicking at the Peaks of Otter.

Freezer Fright

All I could see is red. And then more red… haha.   You see Bedford, Virginia doesn’t have a Whole Foods or Earth Fare – all they have is a Food Lion.  Something has to be done about this!  Organic food must be available to all for the love of God!

Ladies in Red
Thinking of ways on how to detox myself from the Yellow #5 I just consumed – I kicked up my feet with my husband and father in law and enjoyed the rest of the night sharing hilarious stories with one another…

Partying Late

Check out the picture behind Henry and Addie – This might be the coolest looking child photo ever. It was Henry when he was little… I wanted to steal it, hide in our trunk and take it home with us.

The whole party and night were just perfect.  We had such an amazing time!  I am so happy to be married into such a wonderful family!  We simply can’t wait for the wedding next summer!

In the morning, this is what we woke up to…pretty incredible, right?…

SAM 4121

Of course I started my day with hot lemon water and Green Vibrance Powder…. and then some coffee, followed by Ezekiel toast with raw almond butter and bananas. After I took this picture I dropped one of the pieces face down on the ground into the really wet dewy grass. My HEART SHATTERED – I screamed NOOOOOOO! I heard lots of laughter behind me….Grrrrr. Luckily my husband’s Parfait Porridge was still intact and I stole a few bites.

Almond Butter and Banana

Shortly after breakfast – we took a walk through the farm and fields with my father in law…

Old WellWalking in the MorningSAM 4174

After getting back from our walk – I enjoyed the rest of the bags of veggies I had packed in my cooler.  I just have to have vegetables before noon!

SAM 4186
Before heading back home, we were invited to a goodbye brunch at the Millstone Tea Room…  Millstone Tea Room

They have an “Attack Waitress”… I was kinda scared because those of you who have dined with me in the past know… I have a lot of questions for waitresses about what I am about to order. But this warning sign did not deter me!


The waitress attacked me first with the fact that they don’t have hot tea…I found this quite ironic since wasn’t this place I was sitting in called a “tea room”….

Millstone Lunch

Then the waitress attacked me with some deliciously sweet vegetarian butternut squash soup and a salad just the way I like – all the fixin’s on the side (cheese, croutons, dressing, etc.).

Vegetarian Butternut Squash Soup

The next attack was this amazingly prepared Alaskan Halibut over vinegar based cole slaw and grits. MMMMMMM. Very good.

Halibut ColeSlaw Grits

Then I was attacked with dessert – Including this “Brown Sugar” Pie – a southern speciality

Brown Sugar Pie

And this Grilled Pineapple with Vanilla Ice Cream.   I had a bite of both and that’s all I needed…


On the way out, I used the Ladies room but didn’t dry my hands on the curtains.  Didn’t need that waitress coming in trying to attack me.  But seriously, who dries their hands on curtains in a bathroom? LOL.


Took a picture of the the dry curtain for proof just in case she was lurking behind the door.

Dry Curtains

Thank you Millstone Tea Room – Enjoying your brunch and your attack waitress was a fabulous way to say goodbye to Aunt Penny and Uncle Henry and the rest of the family!

We ended our weekend with a trip to the new Earth Fare in Huntersville. Had a few shots of wheatgrass, a fresh green juice followed with a late night yoga session at Y2.

How was your weekend?  Did you do any panicking?

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Have a great week!

Food Babe



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  1. Veena

    I enjoyed reading about your trip! You and Finley and all the family members look marvelous! It must have been quite an occasion! Congratulations!!


  2. Food Babe

    Thanks Mom! The wedding is suppose to be 500 people large! Bigger than even ours :)

  3. Christina

    I can’t believe you were brave enough to try the brownies!


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