A Classic Weekend – Part 2: Brunch at Halcyon

Sunday was full of friends, frights and forgetaboutits!

Our friends Liz (The evil one) and Brian came down to Charlotte to visit – we had brunch planned at our favorite restaurant in Uptown Charlotte – Halcyon Flavors from the Earth – a sister restaurant to Fern in Plaza Midwood.  It’s a farm to table restaurant that has a changing menu each season… I love this place! The restaurant is walking distance from my house and my work and has the most incredible fresh food – That I trust. The chef is always happy to honor my special requests whenever I visit. I have a habit of ordering off the menu – combining dishes or getting things on the side or other modifications. It’s nice when a restaurant is super accommodating and doesn’t give you a hard time about this.

This was a  big eating out weekend – twice is a LOT for us!  Especially two meals out back to back… It was nice, however, to get out of the kitchen and just enjoy the freedom to choose whatever you wanted and no dishes to clean up!  Luckily I have the sweetest husband in the whole world that cleans up the kitchen after I destroy it cooking.  Thank you honey!

IMG 0072

…. As soon as we sat down at what has to be the best patio in Uptown – Liz surprised me with one of my favorite all time desserts from Bouchon Bakery in NYC! They are called “Forgetabouits” – AMAZING little chocolate dipped sea salt carmel filled crispy cookies. I immediately took a bite. Duh.

IMG 0074

Liz and Brian started off brunch with a HUGE Bloody Mary – I didn’t partake since I just finished a hot sweaty practice at Yoga One earlier and needed to hydrate!

IMG 0077

I ordered three separate menu items – A huge farm salad with almond brittle topping and sour cherries for the first course.

IMG 0078

A vegan tomato soup made with zucchini for the second course.  I love their soups!  The last three times I have been in, they have had a vegan soup – so nice and light!

IMG 0079

For the main course, my husband ordered this – called “Everything you could think of on a plate.”  Haha. Just Kidding! It was the Benedictine Brunch: A Pasture-Raised House-Crafted Lamb Sausage, Warm Chevre. Over-Night Roma Tomatoes, Poached Wild Turkey Egg ,Toasted Fresh-Made Baguette and Old Guilford Mill Grits. WOW. I still can’t believe he ate it all!

IMG 0080

My main course was this “Southern Toast” – custard dipped brioche topped with a blueberry orange compote. Yum. Yum. and Yum.  I shared it with the whole table.  Liz also got this and couldn’t finish it either. Luckily Brian is a human trash can and was happy to lick all of our plates clean.

IMG 0082

Mine came with a side of grits and duck hash – DELICIOUS.  Sweet & Salty in the same meal – mmmmmm!  It normally comes with bacon or sausage which I didn’t want – they were super nice about the substitution and accommodating! Seeee! Told you!

IMG 0084

We stayed for a while, the weather was PERFECT. Once again a 2 hour meal ended with a nice cup of warm tea.  I asked for ginger tea but they didn’t have any on hand – but I did – I always keep some in my purse!

IMG 0086

Later in the afternoon we headed to meet a bunch of our friends at Scarowinds.  For those of you who don’t live in Charlotte – it’s a huge amusement park they turn into one giant haunted attraction each year in October.

On the way down, my husband and I both had a huge class of green juice made with Collards, Cilantro, Celery, Kale, Cucumber, Lemon and Ginger. Delicious. I obviously try not to eat food that they serve at amusement parks – 95% of it’s processed junk and serves the body no purpose.

IMG 0090

I hid a few ziplock baggies of this homemade super foods trail mix and some yummy earth organic candies in my coat pocket for a snack in the park.  I always have food on me – ask any of my friends. I don’t leave the house unprepared, ever.  I do this at the movie theatre too with my own popcorn that won’t kill me.

We rode lots of rides!  SOME BIG FREAKIN ROLLER COASTERS!  It’s been years since my body has undergone that much shaking and shock!

IMG 0099

The “Knight Hawk” was my favorite rides – you lay all the way down and go through 9 inversions!  Inversions are suppose to be good for the nervous system – HA!

IMG 0102

And we visited lots of haunted houses – This one was my favorite. Not because my husband looked just like the sign, but because it was just hilarious!

IMG 0107

Check out this monkey that tried to scare us on the way out!  I gave him a high five for trying :)

IMG 0108

I was sad it was a “school night” and we couldn’t stay longer – we left around 11pm to get back home to get ready for Monday morning…

Hope everyone is having a nice week so far…This weekend we are doing a juice fast! Tune in this Friday, Saturday and Sunday right here for details!


Food Babe

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    as always. i enjoy your posts. i can’t wait to try Fern. it sounds incredible. the pictures of food from halycon looked delish!

  2. Food Babe

    Thanks Kerry! Let me know if there are any health topics you’d like to hear about!


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