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I hate when I used to catch myself wishing the days of the week would go by faster so I could get to the weekend. Wishing away so many days of my life. Now, everyday, I make a point to remember that “time” is the only thing I can never get back, that life is short, and to make every moment count. Practicing this mindset creates so many more episodes of daily joy and happiness for me.

On that note – HAPPY WEEKEND! Woot! Woot!

I am headed down to South Carolina tomorrow – I can’t wait to see those joke playing rascal in-laws of mine…I miss them dearly. It’s my Father in-law’s birthday – I made some Chocolate Goji Sea Salt Drops for him last night. Hope he likes them.

IMG 0303

I plan to share some of my everyday eats while I’m down there – so stay tuned.

Until then – I thought I would share 7 movies I want to watch now! These trailers really grabbed my attention. Which one’s look interesting to you? Have you seen of these yet?

“Thrive” – Energy is so powerful.

“Food Beware” – Gotta love the French – Oui Oui Organique est Bonne!

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” – Reminds me of the best sushi I ever had in the Tokyo Airport.

“Miss Representation” – Food Babe is more than than just a Babe. She’s a smart mofo. Got it?

“Another Earth” – I’ve always wanted a clone.

“Fresh” – Makes me want to go live on a Farm.

“Raw for Thirty Days” – If I could get my Dad to do this, my life would be fulfilled.

Enjoy the Eye Candy! And have the BEST day ever!

Au Revoir,

Food Babe

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141 Responses to “It Was All An Accident… Thank You For The Experience Life Magazine Cover”

  1. Cel

    So glad I found your posts and I’m so greatful for you Vani !

  2. Maria

    So proud of you Vani. I’m a huge fan an advocate! Thank you for your dedication to our wellness!

  3. Tracy

    You are an incredible inspiration! Keep up the awesome work! I’m on board :-)

  4. drdon

    Yep… :)

  5. Mike Olson

    I am a subscriber to the magazine and I want to thank you for doing what you do. I hadn’t heard of you before, but now I’m subscribed and I’ve seen several of your interviews, blog posts, etc. Thank you for having the courage to take this path and for helping us stay informed about what we are collectively eating.The naysayers have a lot of power and money behind them, so don’t get discouraged!

  6. pamb

    Although Experience Life is basically an in house magazine for LifeTime Fitness, I do enjoy it, and find it worthwhile. Glad they asked you to be on the cover.

  7. Kelly Braden

    Way to go Food Babe! Congrats!

  8. mike

    Berkeley Wellness is finally getting around to putting a mildly negative opinion out on BVO’s, I’m sure due in part to your investigation and publicity, although they aren’t giving you credit…thanks for your tireless effort!

  9. Gretchen Z

    Thank you Food Babe for all you are doing!!! I share the knowledge every chance I get. You are changing the world, never give up!!!… For all the children present and future we owe it to them!!!

  10. Kelsey

    You truly are amazing and have taught me so much about food! Keep up your hard work and I will continue to help spread the word!

  11. Jessica

    Thank you, Food Babe, for researching, standing up and speaking out!!!

    And for the people out there who don’t understand the amazing work you’re doing, since when do we have to have a background in food science to know what is in our food? How is it harming anyone to have healthier foods (well, as healthy as processed American food can be), without adding unnecessary/ cosmetic-only chemicals and ingredients that contain no nutrition whatsoever? Is it truly harming someone’s health to recommend eating an organic apple over the crappy junk-laden packaged applesauce? Get the facts, people. She is.

  12. Marcia Little

    Thank you so much for all you do, it truly is amazing and I fully believe in the army that I am associated with, yours! Thanks you!

  13. Butterfly

    A Special Day for a very Special. lady, Thank You and the mag. Pretty photo:)

  14. Grace Del Franco

    Vani you are amazing, so thankful for the information you supply us.

  15. Alexandra

    Vani – thank you! Today’s world has many ‘foodies’ but none with your unconditional compassion, generosity and true desire to help with nothing in return. You are a gift and I am grateful for your generosity of spirit … You desererve the recognition WELL DONE!!!

    Ps. I do not ‘follow’ I am not a social media fun but with you is different so I had to say it -:))

  16. Erin

    Did you look into the ingredients in the food that’s served at lifetime? Some of its really disgusting and not good for you at all. I’d be surprised if you got behind that.

  17. Kathy Jackson

    Thank you vani!
    Your knowledge has changed my life in so many ways and its so inspiring to know there are people out there like you who have a passion for health like i do!

  18. Pam

    Your picture looks beautiful! Congrats!

  19. Luisa

    You look so beautiful. Thank you for all you do!! My wife, Donna and I love reading your articles and they have helped us so much!! Wish I knew about you being on the magazine because I would have gone out and purchased it ASAP!!! Keep up the great work!!! We love you!

  20. christie

    Vani- you look so great and healthy on the cover!! Way to go for REAL FOOD!!

  21. Shirley

    You deserve all the accolades and recognition for taking on the arduous task to create awareness! Cheers to being recognized by such a prestigious magazine.


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