What I Want to Watch Now…

I hate when I used to catch myself wishing the days of the week would go by faster so I could get to the weekend. Wishing away so many days of my life. Now, everyday, I make a point to remember that “time” is the only thing I can never get back, that life is short, and to make every moment count. Practicing this mindset creates so many more episodes of daily joy and happiness for me.

On that note – HAPPY WEEKEND! Woot! Woot!

I am headed down to South Carolina tomorrow – I can’t wait to see those joke playing rascal in-laws of mine…I miss them dearly. It’s my Father in-law’s birthday – I made some Chocolate Goji Sea Salt Drops for him last night. Hope he likes them.

IMG 0303

I plan to share some of my everyday eats while I’m down there – so stay tuned.

Until then – I thought I would share 7 movies I want to watch now! These trailers really grabbed my attention. Which one’s look interesting to you? Have you seen of these yet?

“Thrive” – Energy is so powerful.

“Food Beware” – Gotta love the French – Oui Oui Organique est Bonne!

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” – Reminds me of the best sushi I ever had in the Tokyo Airport.

“Miss Representation” – Food Babe is more than than just a Babe. She’s a smart mofo. Got it?

“Another Earth” – I’ve always wanted a clone.

“Fresh” – Makes me want to go live on a Farm.

“Raw for Thirty Days” – If I could get my Dad to do this, my life would be fulfilled.

Enjoy the Eye Candy! And have the BEST day ever!

Au Revoir,

Food Babe

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