Food Babe’s Pantry Staples

This post right here has been long in the making! The question “What’s in your pantry and/or how can I stock my pantry” has been asked so many times via email, Facebook or in comments…Sorry it’s taken so long to finally share this information with you!

I’ve put together a list of all the items in my cupboard that are must haves (I don’t really have a pantry – it’s a make shift broom closet converted)… And there will be no pictures or peaking in this make shift pantry either, because it is a DISASTER! Spices are falling from being stacked too high, things are shoved in left and right, random oat groats spilled everywhere, it’s absolute chaos in there! My husband calls the whole scene one big booby trap and thinks I’m out to get him. Can you see it now – “Food Babe’s husband knocked unconscious by spaghetti sauce”

IMG 0448

One day I’ll have a walk-in pantry and never have to live through this embarrassment again – One day.

A couple of things you’ll notice about my staples – They are all certified organic (unless noted otherwise), you won’t see processed soy products, there’s no white enriched flour anywhere, or refined sugar. A clean pantry like this is easily attainable with the right swaps and choices. You can do it!

One of the best things I ever did was clean out my cabinets about 5 years ago and got rid of all the chemical filled junk. I donated it all and I haven’t looked back. That includes things like baking powder with aluminum that I could have continued to use for another year or two…but made a decision that I could afford to do better.

If you know me, you know this – I’d rather spend money on food vs. anything else. This is why my husband and I have shared a car for last 4 years…this is the reason why I prefer to eat at home or eat at the best restaurant that I know will serve the highest quality ingredients. This is why when I travel, I take pricey travel size foods like packets of green vibrance, raw almond butter and chia seeds with me. This is why it doesn’t bother me to shop at the best places for food like Healthy Home Market and Earth Fare. But this is also why, I will save an 1/8 of an organic red onion. I am crazy about not wasting good food either!

Ok onto the list… I’ve included a printable version right here – Food Babe’s Pantry Staples, in case you’d like to print it out for reference or to take to the grocery store! Happy browsing, shopping and eating!

  Breakfast/Breads   Drinks
  Oat Groats   Larry’s Beans Coffee
  Steel Cut Oats   Synergy Kombucha
  Gluten Free Rolled Oats   Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water
  Ezekiel English Muffins – Cinnamon Raisin   GT’s Kombucha
  Ezekiel Bread – Sesame   Assorted Yogi, Traditional Medicinals, & Numi Teas
  Nature’s Path Hemp Waffles    
  Chia Seeds (Whole)   Dessert/Sweets
  Flaxseeds (Whole)   Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (not organic)
  Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (not organic)   Green’s and Black’s White Chocolate
  Navitas Naturals Hemp Protein   Sunspire 65% Dark Chocolate Chips
  Arrowhead Mills Puffed Kamut   Righteously Raw Bars
  Ezekiel Cereal – Any flavor   Van’s Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches
  Kaia Foods Raw Buckwheat Granola   Coconut Bliss Ice Cream – Ginger Cookie
      Coconut Bliss Ice Cream – Cherry Amaretto
  Pasta/Grains   Seitenbacher Strawberry Alligator Gummies (not organic)
  Organic Planet Buckwheat Soba Noddles   Go Raw Coconut Cookies
  Organic Planet Whole Wheat Udon Noddles   Yummy Earth – Butterscotch Drops
  Organic Planet Whole Wheat Lomein Noddles   Twin Cakes – Cashew Coconut Biscotti (not organic)
  Ezekiel Penne Pasta   Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
  Ezekiel Linguine   Erewhon Brown Rice Cereal
  TruRoots Sprouted Quinoa   Assorted Pacari Chocolate
  Quinoa Flakes    
  Farro   Condiments/Other Staples
  Brown Rice   Ketchup
  Red Himalayan Rice   Yellow Mustard
  Oat Flour   Apple Cider Vinegar
  Whole Wheat Pastry Flour   Cold-Pressed Olive Oil
  Whole Wheat Panko Bread Crumbs   Nutiva Hemp Oil
  Spelt Flour   Coconut Oil
  Beans   Eden Farm’s Ponzu Sauce (not organic)
  Eden Farms – Garbanzo Beans   Eden Farm’s Miran (not organic)
  Eden Farms – Red Kidney Beans   Balsamic Vinegar
  Eden Farms – Black Beans   Organic Rice Wine Vinegar
  Eden Farms – Cannelli Beans   Maple Syrup
  TruRoots Sprouted Lentils   Raw Local Honey
  Green Lentils   Pickles
  Yellow Lentils   Olives
  Dry Garbanzo Beans   Himalayan Sea Salt
      Dry Non-Irradiated Spices (Too many to list!)
  Nuts/Dried Fruit   Imagine Low Sodium Vegetable Broth
  Goji Berries   Imagine Low Sodium Chicken Broth
  Golden Berries   Eden Farms Spaghetti Sauce
  Himalayan Raisins   Seeds of Change – Tuscan and Garlic Tomato Sauce
  Raisins   Artisana Coconut Butter
  Currants   Coconut Palm Sugar
  Figs   Date Sugar
  Prunes   Navitas Naturals Raw Cacao Power
  Dates   Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  Walnuts   Aluminum Free Baking Powder
  Almonds   Stevia Extract
  Brazil Nuts   Freezer
  Pecans   Ezekiel Whole Wheat Sprouted Tortillas
  Cashews   Ezekiel Corn Tortillas
  Sesame Seeds   Frozen Mango
  Sunflower Seeds   Frozen Strawberries
  Pumpkin Seeds   Frozen Blueberries
  Artisana Tahini   Frozen Mixed Berries
  MaraNatha Almond Butter   Frozen Acai
      Frozen Corn
  Snacks   Frozen Artichokes
  Unique Splits – Sprouted Wheat Pretzels    
  Mary’s Gone Crackers – Onion & Plain    
  Mary’s Gone Sticks and Twig Pretzels – Sea Salt & Curry    
  Late July Summer Blues Tortilla Chips    
  Late July Yellow Corn Chips    
  Suzie’s Thin Cakes – Flax & Spelt (not organic)    
  Twin Cakes – Plain Jane Crackers (not certified organic)    
  Twin Cakes – Kale Crackers (not certified organic)    
  Mauk Family Farms Raw Wheat Free Crusts    
  Organic Popcorn (Dry Kernels – not microwave bags)    

If you have any questions about the brands I choose or staples I have – Please feel free to ask away! There is a method behind my madness and choices! I’ve been through lots of trial and error…everything on this list comes highly recommended!

You can even find some of the items on the Food Babe Shop – Have you checked that out yet?

Toot a Loo!

Food Babe

Vani Always Smiling

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34 Responses to “Food Babe’s Pantry Staples”

  1. Janice

    Thank you so much for all the info! You are the beat! I have a question regarding supplements. I take juice plus, vitamin d3, calcium, fish oil and vitamin c in the morning with my glowing green smoothie. Do I need to take chlorella and/vibrance later in the day if at all. I don’t want to over do the vitamin intake.
    If I am traveling and know healthy eating will be a challenge, is it wise to use the vibrance in the place of fresh fruit and veggies.
    Again, thanks so much.

    • Food Babe (to Janice)

      Green vibrance has amazing benefits beyond the supplements you are already taking – Spriulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and Probiotics are just some of the whole foods based super foods it has and hard to get otherwise… I would still take it, but at the later half of your day based on your routine… Also it is absolutely perfect for travel! Keeps your body alkaline when you don’t have the best of options! Good Luck Janice!

  2. Jessica Britt

    Thanks so much for all of the great posts, and for informing all of us who care about food and health! :) I’m the same way. I’d rather spend more $ on food than anything else! Health is wealth, and without health, we have nothing.

    • Food Babe (to Jessica Britt)

      Totally Jessica – Thanks for being such great support on here and on my Facebook page. I love all the things you are always sharing with me and Food Babe readers!

  3. Mary Beth!

    I would love to get lost in your pantry. My list is very similar, but there are a few things I can’t wait to try on your list… good thing I *LOVE* grocery shopping. :)

    • Food Babe (to Mary Beth!)

      Come on over, get lost and while you are at it, want to organize it a bit? LOL.

  4. Rachel T Bardin

    Question about your pantry…

    How do you manage the supply and how often do you replenish? Do you buy 2 of everything so you always have one on hand?

    • Food Babe (to Rachel T Bardin)

      Hi Rachel! Good Question! I usually buy a few packages of all my favorites (like quinoa, lentils, etc) and when I am getting low – I’ll add it to the list that week to get at the store or order on the internet. If I am lucky and get to eat lunch at home, I’ll have to replenish more often :)

  5. Cady

    Chia seeds… why? Protein? Can you share more about those? I know a few posts have mentioned you take them to work daily and sometimes add them to your Hari Shake or green smoothie/juice. I am just curious as to why. Thanks!

  6. Stephanie

    Thank you for your dedication! Can you list all of your shopping resources including websites? I’d love a complete list of where you go to shop for your groceries & supplements at home as well as in a pinch while traveling. Whiole Foods, Fresh Market, local farmers markets & Natural Grocers of my favorites. Fortunatly Inow live in Denver where I have these options available- but I’ve lived in various smaller towns for months at a time for work and the choices were limited to the small local grocery where I was lucky just to find wheat bread much less a “natural and healthy” selection.
    But let’s pretend I’m in your zip and availability isn’t a factor….where do you shop? And what are your go-to websites you order from, even the ones you use for just one specifc item like coconut palm sugar? Essentially can you share your “shopping tour”?

  7. Sue

    What brands of dried fruit do you purchase and where?

    • Food Babe (to Sue)

      Made by Nature “Organic” – you can get them at whole foods, earth fare and home healthy market. I also like organic dried fruit at trader joes or in the bulk bins at natural supermarkets.

  8. Kathy

    Thanks for sharing this list. I saw some local raw honey at my local farmstand yesterday. It even had some honeycomb in it. Could you explain why you purchase raw honey? I have two small children and am wondering if its safe for them to eat it raw? Years ago, someone told me not to give it to kids and I can’t remember why…probably just some scaremongering?

  9. Kelly Jones

    Where do you find whole wheat panko? I didn’t even know someone made it!


  10. jamie

    when you say Dry Non-Irradiated Spices does that mean most spices we r buying are irradiated? Is it labeled?


    Well, I bought Ezekial English muffins, organic cherries, organic necterines, dried Goji berries (expensive little suckers) organic cream cheese, sprouted pumpkin seeds… It’s a great start for me to begin including more Super foods into my everyday life. I can’t thank you enough, really!


    Oh yes, I also ordered In Defense of Food to my Android Kindle. Huge.
    Gigantic strides. Keep doing what you are doing, Sister (lovingly) it has a huge impact on this food babe babe!

    • Food Babe (to

      Awe – You are welcome Melissa.

  13. Marina

    I too have a question about the spices, how do you know if they are irradiated?
    It is too late, I need to go to sleep, but I can’t stop reading your blog. I am ready to clean everything out, but I need the husband to agree, and prepare for the 5 year old tantrum, he probably won’t get the “why”; he’s already so addicted to sugar at such a young age, and we aren’t even that bad, I have a reputation of bringing fresh fruit and veggies as snacks to play dates. I had a friend say to the kids one time while making a “yuck” face: “you can always count on Marina to bring fruit and veggies”. Yes, Yes you can!

  14. Kathleen Nielsen

    What “milk do you use on your cereal?

  15. Teresa

    Hi! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have learned a lot. I’m wondering why you don’t grind your own wheat though? Or maybe I just missed it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  16. Alex

    I found your website several months ago, and have been working my way through all of your posts. I’ve really enjoyed learning all you have to teach! I was wondering, though, what brand of pickles you buy. I have always loved them, but am not able to find any that don’t have tons of chemicals in them. Thanks for any help you can offer!

  17. Jenny

    Hi Food Babe!

    I see at least three items in this article that incorrectly say Eden Farms instead of Eden Foods. I grew up in Clinton, Michigan and drove by Eden Foods nearly every day of my young life and I always wondered what was going on in there! In first grade, I remember that a classmate’s mother brought different foods from there into our classroom for us to try like sea vegetable chips and rice noodles and that I wasn’t a big fan! Oh how things change . . .

  18. Beth

    Could you elaborate on which teas you drink? I’ve been wanting to drink more, but I get completely overwhelmed when trying to pick some out. I don’t like anything too “spicy” or strong. Would also love any detox type teas. I did buy the cranberry tea you recommended and really like it! Thanks in advance for your help :)

  19. Jen

    I am wondering what brand of coconut oil you use? I want to start using it but am not sure which brand is best! Thanks!

  20. Kristy Kelley

    Just wanted to drop by and tell you I LOVE your blog. I found it through 100 Days of Real Food. Great information here! Thanks for dissecting what you have in your pantry. I try to keep things basic but it’s good to have some ideas for prepared food that you approve! Thanks again!

    — Kristy @ Wine Logic

  21. Jennifer

    Thanks for posting this lost. I notice that you have a few things that are not organic, chocolate chips for example. I know earth fare has organic chocolate chips in their bulk section, is there a reason why you use the ones you do? Also, I notice that you eat some grains that contain gluten. As I understand, it’s difficult for everyone to digest, taxes your body’s energy and is associated with many symptoms, your thoughts?

  22. Caryn Brereton

    no yogurt on your list? We eat a lot of yogurt. We used to use Wallaby and Oikos, both organic, but my husband brought home Fage (non-organic), and now that is all my family will eat. I must admit, it is thicker and creamier than any other yogurt I’ve tried. They sell it at Whole Foods so I am hoping it can’t be that bad for you. I emailed the company to see if they use any GMOs to produce the product but have not heard anything back.

  23. Janice Burke

    Read your comment about spices and agree that spices are hard to organize, have been using stacked turn-tables, but I saw a post elsewhere about using broom closet organizers. You can attach them to the cabinet (or closet) door so they do not take up shelf space and you can organize them anyway you like. Need a spice? Just pluck it out, no need to search.

  24. Nilda Pannhoff

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    Our very own blog site

  25. Stephanie

    Dear Amazing Vani :)

    Thank you – first of all… for all you do and for this amazing post. My sister and I have been loading up our pantry bit by bit with awesome things and this helps tremendously. We have been collecting glass containers for our awesome walk in pantry – it makes a huge difference!

    I am from Greensboro, a fellow lover of Luna’s Living Kitchen, a North Carolinian, and hopeful future B-School attender (bc of the info you shared)! Luna’s juices are just amazing aren’t they?!!! Those guys are just awesome! I love the beet one & the others too. Anyway – I just adore the work you do.

    Okay, I have a question for you: I think I read somewhere, that some peeled tomatoes in-can, are peeled via lye! Ughhhh. I use fresh produce but so surprised to hear that they use this practice on a vegetable! Have you heard of this? I wonder if you have done a segment on canned food dangers? I know I’ve heard you say that canned goods are dangerous because of the bpa in them but I was wondering if you could tell us more. Maybe I missed this information in your site.

    Side note: Btw, my awesome Dad loves sugar free-stuff, and of course is trying to do something “better” for himself with his choices. Well, since Dad also loves to read…. I shared your diet drinks/Vita Water article with him and it really stuck!. He said, ”So basically, i’m drinking the least of the worst… not so good” ;) he was referring to Vitamin Water he has “upgraded to” from diet sodas. He is well on his way. Knowledge is power and he is taking big steps in the right direction -thanks to people like you. He is off diet sodas for a while now and heading away from Vitamin Water too. I always say – at least if we understand what’s going on behind the scenes we have a chance to make a choice! We don’t have to be perfect but just try to apply things one by one as we learn and then big changes happen really fast :) It’s unstoppable, because you just can’t let loved ones eat non-foods!

    Vitamin Water (and other harmful drink info) article here:

    Thanks Vani <3
    Much love
    Xoxo ~ Steph

  26. Susan

    Hi! Would you recommend taking a kombucha supplement like Garden of Life RAW capsules or is the tea more beneficial? Thanks for your insight!

  27. Eric

    The link to the PDF is broken…. FYI

  28. Angeline

    Hello Vani, what brand of aluminum free baking powder do you buy? Thanks!



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