What’s The Best Airline for Health?

I’m sitting here in my kitchen on this lovely Saturday morning (day 2 of a juice fast…) I have a lot to do today in terms of goals I’d like to accomplish – do some yoga, find some Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water, and laundry – lots and lots of laundry… but all I can do is day dream about our next trip.

We finally booked our next adventure and I’m crazy excited about the plans.  My best friend Nicole is going to Thailand to do her yoga teacher certification and we are going there to visit her as well as do some exploring of our own and to celebrate our wedding anniversary!  We are so proud and excited about her decision and bravery to leave her life and family here to pursue her dreams. In less than a month – I’ll be doing yoga on the beach in Koh Samui with Nicole. It’s going to be wondrous!

SAM 3379

I’d like to share my experience on Singapore Airlines, which we will be taking again to get to Asia.  Singapore Airlines is quite an extraordinary airline for the healthy traveler like myself and if you ever get the opportunity to choose between them and the rest – choose Singapore everytime, you won’t be disappointed!

Top Three Reasons why Singapore Airlines is the Healthiest Airline –

1. Best Food – You can order several types of meal choices to suit your dietary needs. Over 31 different types! Talk about satisfying the need of every picky eater. You can order everything from a straight up Japanese meal to raw vegan, which is my choice every time.

While you know that I am not a 100% raw vegan, or 100% …my choice of meals on a plane are always light not heavy.  So pre-ordering meals like the raw vegan option on Singapore Airlines is a must. Remember from my earlier post, your digestive system doesn’t do that well on foods that take a long time to digest like meat and heavy carbs because your body and internal organs are literally be compressed in the air. This is why many travelers complain about constipation and intestinal issues after flying.

These are a few snap shots of three different raw vegan meals I had while flying last Fall…. Have you ever seen this much fresh food served on an airplane before?  I certainly hadn’t until I ordered this meal. There’s two different plates of fruits and vegetables. I brought along a little healthy fat and protein combo of almond butter, raw buckwheat crackers, other nuts, an avocado and some seeds to supplement this meal with – which are all perfectly acceptable things to bring through TSA security.  These meals were perfect and sustaining regardless of the long flying times.

I also found out the company that Singapore Airlines uses in the US, cooks their meals just a few hours of each flight – so you aren’t getting something that has been frozen and thawed out or sitting around for days at a time. Knowing that they cut these fruits and vegetables the day of was reassuring, and I noticed the freshness immediately when I took a bite.

IMG 0609

SAM 3602

SAM 3850

2. Space to do a Little Yoga – One trick I learned about Singapore Airlines is that you can reserve a seat that has more space in advance, giving you room to do lots of stretching and some yoga…Remember it is crucial for you to move around on a flight, you’ve got to keep your circulatory system moving!

Doing a little airplane pose on the airplane will definitely keep your joints, legs and back from getting stiff or cramped up.

SAM 2587

Plenty of space to Warrior One….

SAM 2591

And Tree Pose….

SAM 2592

And more stretching…

SAM 3851

SAM 3121

SAM 3119

3. Better Mental Health with Less Stress and More Smiles – The attitude and positivity of the Singapore Girl makes flying 20 plus hours a breeze and stress just melts off your body seeing their smiling faces the whole flight. Traveling on a plane is turbulent to say the least. Your body is being hurled through the air, upsetting your natural balance and this can make you a cranky person all while probably having to deal with crying babies, being late or other frustrations that arise. And when the airline attendant is no fun and rude, it can literally ruin your whole flight and maybe even the trip altogether.

Well this just doesn’t happen on Singapore Air, because they have Singapore Girls! Whatever training these women go through, I am impressed, because every single one of them I encountered on the 9 different flights I took were absolutely delightful! If any situation arose – they were quick to fix it and in the most polite way humanely possible. I definitely learned something about asian hospitality watching these women. They just make you smile – because they are smiling all the time no matter what happens. I’ve never experienced anything like this on any other airline I have flown ever and I’ve been to about 50 countries!

(In the picture below – Malaysia travel tips hand written on a beautiful post card from our Singapore Girl.)

SAM 2625

Anyone out there ever flown with Singapore Airlines?  What did you think?  Do other airlines you’ve experienced even come close to this?  I’d love to hear your travel war stories.

I can’t even imagine was business class or first class on this airline would be like – especially after economy feeling like most first class flights here in the United States! A girl can dream…


Food Babe

Sprouted Lentil Stuffed Peppers

I’m always looking for ways to use Tru Roots Sprouted Lentils – my favorite beans right now. These beans are friendly on your tummy and packed with protein – making it a perfect meatless option to stuff some beautiful red peppers. I happened to do just that last week when I made a lonesome stuffed pepper for my husband for dinner one night. The pepper was delicious, warm and comforting (of course I took a bite!) and really easy to make especially after a long day. You can definitely make more than one, you could even assemble these gorgeous red peppers ahead of time for a dinner party or a large group or make extras for left overs. Enjoy!

IMG 0364

5.0 from 2 reviews
Food Babe’s Stuffed Red Peppers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 1 red pepper
  • ¼ cup of sprouted lentils cooked
  • 1 cup of arugula
  • 2 tablespoons chopped onions
  • 1 garlic clove minced
  • A sprinkle of red pepper flakes at your discretion
  • ½ ounce raw goat cheese or parmesan (optional)
  • ¼ cup of tomato sauce + more for topping
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Cut stem and top of red pepper off and discard seeds inside
  3. Place all other ingredients in bowl and mix
  4. Fill the red pepper with fillings – it’s ok if it spills over into the dish
  5. Top off with extra tomato sauce if desired
  6. Bake for 35 – 45 mins
  7. Remove from dish and serve
Enjoy on a bed of quinoa or more fresh arugula. ***Please buy all organic ingredients if possible***


IMG 0362IMG 0363IMG 0365IMG 0369

What are y’all making this week? Any good recipes to share with me and other readers? I’m looking for inspiration…

Bon Appétit!

Food Babe

The Best Brownie Mix On the Market

I am still slowly collecting my thoughts from the trip to Expo West where I witnessed and tasted some of the best organic products on the market. To my surprise there were a few products that totally blew me away…. one of them being a brownie mix… but not your typical brownie mix. I like to make my deserts from scratch now but when there is a pre-made mix with the ingredients I saw and the rich decadent chocolate I tasted, anyone could be swayed and lured back into buying a pre-made baking mix at the drop of a hat.

Let’s first take a look at brownie mixes of the past….

Oh Duncan Hines – How many times did I make you as a kid growing up? COUNTLESS. Checking on the ingredients now makes me cringe… Bleached flour, trans fat, artificial flavors and the worst kind of processed sugar – powdered! All likely genetically modified too.

Screen Shot 2012 03 26 at 2 25 53 PM

After my first trip to San Francisco, California after graduating high school, I discovered the brand Ghirardelli – so I immediately latched on to this brand name when I saw their brownie mix in the grocery store… Ghirardelli is a speciality chocolate maker, so naturally I felt a little special choosing this product over Duncan Hines. (Damn marketing… it will get you every time!) If you check out the ingredients of this mix – you’ll notice it is even worse than Duncan Hines – Sugar is the first ingredient, meaning this product is more sugar than anything else. But then it also has the bleached flour, trans fat and artificial flavor plus preservatives.

Ghirde Fudge Brownie Mix

In my early working years right out of college, I became very “green” in my decision making, learning about my environmental impact in the world and eventually deciding to only buy organic. It’s funny because initially I bought organic to avoid commercial pesticides from being sprayed into the air to prevent them from harming the environment and air we breath… I wasn’t quite aware of what those chemicals were doing to my body. I didn’t make the connection to health until my health started to deteriorate and I had to make a significant change in prioritizing and caring about it more later in life.

Those years during my transition to organic foods – I immediately replaced all of my processed foods with organic ones. One of the first brands I switched to was Dr. Oetker. As you can see from the ingredient list below, this brownie mix is a huge step above the rest.  No pesticides, no gmos, and no chemical processing. But….it still uses the deadly white flour and white sugar combo that I try to avoid when I make desserts. Note: Organic enriched wheat flour = white flour (don’t let them fool you, if they have to add back in the minerals and vitamins, you know they are stripping down the wheat)

Screen Shot 2012 03 26 at 2 28 22 PM

So when I made it downstairs to the area of Expo West where all the less established companies and “new comers” were showcasing their innovative products (this is by far the most fun area of the expo) and saw Living Intentions raw cacao brownie mix made from sprouted flour – I almost lost it…. I immediately picked up the bag and looked at the ingredients first. After my jaw dropped open seeing the quality of product, I tasted the goods and OMG… those little bite size brownies were decadent, delicious, but most importantly outrageously nutritious!

SAM 4283

It’s hard to point out the star ingredient in the list – there are so many.

The mix uses two different kinds of sugars – coconut palm sugar and dried cane juice crystals.  I bet they used both of these to mimic the taste combination of white sugar and brown sugar that are sometimes commonly used in homemade brownies. The dried cane sugar crystals act like white sugar, even though it is sundried in Ecuador where it is grown in mineral rich soil, naturally brown and unrefined. The coconut palm sugar acts more like a brown sugar coming straight off the sap of a palm tree and dried. If I am baking and need graduated sugar – coconut palm is my choice every time. It’s less processed and doesn’t spike your insulin levels like refined cane sugar does. Dr. Oz recently discussed this phenomena and now it seems it is impossible to find this sugar at the store…

When’s the last time you saw maca root in your brownies?! What’s maca, you ask? Maca is a super nutrient dense whole food from Peru, that is known to increase energy, stamina and help your body’s endocrine system regulate stress hormones. Including this ingredient was another wow factor for me.

The directions even say to make the brownie mix with metabolism boosting coconut oil – Remember why I loooooove coconut oil from my famous Forever Cookies recipe?

If I had to pick one ingredient that would make me purchase this over any other mix on the market – it would be the use of sprouted flour. I’ve never seen this before in any baked goods mix and it really takes the whole realm of baking mixes and desserts to the next level nutritionally speaking.

Sprouted whole grain flour has a ton of health benefits over conventional flours. First it is easier to digest, sprouting can breaks down starches for you so your body doesn’t have to do the work, you actually end up digesting these flours like you would if you ate a vegetable. Secondly, sprouting increases the percentage of available vitamin count of your food – this is particularly important because the mineral content of our soil is lacking in so many ways and we aren’t getting the same nutrition we once did many years ago. And lastly, sprouting increases enzymes and neutralizes phytic acid which is a substance that decreases your absorption of key minerals  like calcium, magnesium, iron, cooper and zinc from the grains you consume.

SAM 4285

So obviously the next question is – where do I get this sent from the heavens fantastically nutritious brownie mix?!!! Well… I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m pretty sure this is one of their new products that will be launching soon.  I’ve reached out to the CEO of Living Intentions who I met at the show and will get back to you shortly on that… until then…My memories of California and Ghirardelli are slowly fading away and being replaced by this San Fran rock star company’s decadent chocolate treats.  When you finally get to taste Living Intentions cacao brownie mix, you truly will be tasting something “special.”

Cheers to the Sweet Life!

Food Babe

4 Things Every Restaurant Should Have – True Food Kitchen

I find it really hard to get enough vegetables to feed my belly at most restaurants.  The salad is usually too small, there is little variety of vegetables on the menu or all the vegetables are cooked to death and mixed with sauces and/or cheese. I find myself asking to double the amount of vegetables or to double the size of the salad I order. When I order dips, I ask the server for raw vegetables instead of more chips or bread – What comes back usually is a couple of wilted celery sticks. The majority of meals tend to be based around meat and low quality carbohydrates or SAD  “Standard American Diet”…

Are you tired of seeing SAD everywhere you eat? Well, I surely am…

This dilemma has been on my mind, because I’ve had to eat out more lately and are constantly looking for healthy places to eat where I don’t need to cook all the time to get the quality of food and quantity of vegetables my body needs and deserves.

In in an ideal world – there would be every vegetable that’s available that season fresh and ready to be cooked and/or served raw anyway you like the moment you sit down at a restaurant.  This would be how Food Babe’s restaurant would run… and I would eat there all the time. :)

Of course there are a few gems in this world that have gotten it right. True Food Kitchen is one of them.

SAM 4403

I was really lucky to visit this magical restaurant in California, last week. True Food Kitchen’s menu is based on the famous Anti-Inflammatory Diet coined by the world renowned holistic medicine guru – Dr. Andrew Weil. Maybe this is why the restaurant has all of the four things that I wish every restaurant would have.
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