Food Babe’s Travel Essentials – Road Trippin’

Next week I am headed out to Southern California to the Natural Products show Expo West – I’ll be gone for 5 days and you know what that means? I’ll be using all the tricks up my sleeve to eat organically as possible and stay chemical free while eating on the road.   This trip is bound to be easier than most – I’ll be surrounded by tons organic products for goodness sakes! I am planning to blog my daily eats and trip report – so you can see all the details of how I travel and the cool seminars, products and people I encounter… To say that I am excited is an understatement!

Last month I received an interesting email from the singer of the band Rehab – He asked me for tips on how he can eat more vegetables and be healthier on the road.  He said sometimes the only option to find something to eat is a truck stop. Whoa. Can you say nightmare!?!

I immediately sent him the following links of past posts about eating while traveling.  If you haven’t read these yet – please take a moment and get caught up!

I’d like to think one of my special talents in life is eating healthy while traveling… Because I am so passionate about it. Eating healthy + traveling = true love!

Back in the day when I didn’t know what to eat or how to eat or find good food, I would get total crazy anxiety about traveling.  Thinking I would have to “diet” before and after just to maintain my weight and always do some sort of detox after I came back because of all the foreign substances I was going to be putting into my body.

That was then… because now travel is an absolute breeeeeeze…

When I have more time one day – I’ll tell you a horror story that led me to live the lifestyle I am living now.  A crazy work schedule with lots of travel , serious weight gain and appendicitis…. all the ingredients for the making of one Food Babe.

In an effort not to repeat myself in earlier posts – I’d like to share three more tips to help you when you find yourself on the road again and when options are limited. These tips are in addition to all the other tips I’ve said before and strategies I deploy while traveling.

1. Make your smart phone your best friend. It will find you the nearest grocery store, farmers market, vegetarian restaurant at the touch of a finger… You may think your only option is a truck stop – but I bet you that you can find a grocery store just as easy – access to fresh produce (maybe not organic – but better than eating processed foods, transfat and preservatives from a truck stop). Many grocery stores have a salad bar – make a big one – make two or three, for goodness sakes! Stick them in a cooler in your car or hotel fridge for later. You can also buy pre-washed salads easily too. Bring ready made bags of black lentils, nuts, brown rice for added protein. (Trader Joe’s carries a great variety.) Don’t have a smart phone? Be best friends with Google before you hit the road and do some planning before your next destination.

SAM 0025

2. Always bring your staples – Bring it all with you – your favorite almond butter, salad dressings, grains, cereal/oats, fruits, nuts, protein powders, anything that won’t spoil. Dedicate one whole bag or suitcase to your staple foods. Load up a huge zip lock bag full of whole food based snacks. When you find that grocery store on the road – restock! My most important staples on the road are my individual packs of almond butter, chia seeds, and green vibrance.

The green vibrance packets filled with super greens are a literal life saver, especially when you don’t have access to a wide range of vegetables on the road.  Why are supergreens so important when traveling, you ask? They counteract toxins your body encounters on the road – one of the best foods to combat free radicals and will keep you forever young! With your suitcase full of goods,  you will have no excuse to pick up that bag of genetically modified mutant foods at the gas station.  You’ll have organic nutrient dense snacks in the car already.  No temptation = no sabotage. You see?

SAM 2547

SAM 3017

SAM 2611

3. Don’t leave home without your gear – Anything from an electrical car cooler, flexible cutting board, or a portable blender and/or a juicer – If you are serious about your health and being on the road is your life – you’ve got to be serious about your routine and that means bringing the right gear with you.  Have you seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead yet? Did you see how Joe traveled all over the US with a juicer in his trunk?  You can do it too. You just gotta be dedicated. Obviously a blender is much easier to deal with and easier to clean in a hotel or rest stop sink.  Remember those veggies you got from the salad bar at the grocery store?  Get a good combo you can blend with some fruit to make a Hari Shake or something similar.  Ok – fine – you don’t want to carry a juicer with you – I get it, you think that whole scene in the movie was a stunt…I know. Use that best friend again and find a place that sells fresh green juice and go get one every chance you get. There are lots of Smoothie Kings and Jamba Juices and other places that serve wheat grass shots – get one or two ounces as often as you can.  Also consider trying a mail order juice service like Blue Print Cleanse that you can get delivered to you wherever you are…. talk about easy breezy.

Below is a great example of some things you can pack to take with you…

IMG 0678

  • Box of Organic Yogi Ginger Tea
  • Organic Go Raw Spriulina Bar
  • Cleanwell Hand Santizer
  • Travel Packet of Green Vibrance
  • Bag of my favorite Organic Calimyrna Figs
  • Bag of Organic Eden Foods Trail Mix
  • Organic Righteously Raw Goji Cacao Bar
  • Organic Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Cereal

Here’s to eating healthy on the road or BUST!

Food Babe

P.S. If you are going out to Expo West and would like to meet up – let me know, I would love to meet ya!

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110 Responses to “Food Babe’s Travel Essentials – Road Trippin’”

  1. Debra

    I like to eat out a lot when I’m traveling so I always check Out the menu online to make sure there’s something I can eat :)

  2. JennyV

    Found your blog this past week and have enjoyed it so much I’ve been digging in the archives! Thank you for all your great ideas and helpful tips!

  3. Rachel P

    I’m trying so hard to change and improve my family’s eating habits and these products would be so helpful!

  4. Patty Frame

    Just made a trip to Earth Fare and bought a sample of everything that I could find that you listed for travel. Two big trips coming up and I am pretty new to plant based and have not traveled yet.

    I am trying the Go Raw Spirulina Energy Bar first. Is it supposed to be really hard?

    Thanks for all the great tips!

    • Food Babe (to Patty Frame)

      Haha… Yeah they can be a little hard and crunchy. That probably means it was dehydrated a bit longer. Did you like the taste? Have a great time on your trips!

  5. Kimberly

    I would live to win the giveaway. I am always looking for ways to improve my family’s health!

  6. Soni

    The hardest part of traveling and eating for me is visiting my awesome cook of a father. Everything he makes tastes so wonderful. It’s hard not to nibble here and there especially when I grew up eating his food. It’s like reliving my childhood- an emotional thing. Heading home for a brief visit and I need to be armed and ready! My father does however, try his best to cook me something vegan and special because he knows my lifestyle change. Bless his heart.

  7. brandy

    We don’t travel very often (having a toddler will make you think twice about long car rides, haha) but when we do i like to pack a cooler full of snacks… things like cut up fruit, easy to eat veggies (carrots, cauliflower, etc) and nuts! i’m always on the look out for healthier, clean foods to add to our diet, thank you for your blog!

    • Food Babe (to brandy)

      You are welcome Brandy! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. deez nuts

    those nuts are good in my mouth

  9. Andrea

    What do you mix the green vibrance packets with? I’m looking at ordering some and read a lot of reviews about a poor taste. Some people said they mixed with juices like orange or apple. I already drink a lot of green juice and don’t want to have to add to sugar laden drinks like OJ and apple!

  10. Amy N

    We struggle with what to eat when traveling as well. With five of us, space is a premium, so we are always looking for good, portable food that can feed a family. We use to go the fast food route (tricking ourselves into thinking that occasionally it wouldn’t hurt)–needless to say after eating this everyone would feel poorly and we ended every trip with someone getting ill.

  11. elizabeth

    man! i really wish i had this last week. i ate horrible things on my road trip to and from savannah, ga.
    i refuse to beat myself up about it and start fresh … new week, new menu :)

  12. Alicia

    Have you tried the Nutribullet?? It’s great and I take it everywhere with me! And it’s so easy to clean!

  13. Balaji

    Do we get these items in whole foods?

  14. Megan

    Perfect timing! Leaving on a 10 country European road trip. Excited for farmers markets as well as local markets, but trying to plan what I need to bring with me! This is so helpful. Thank you.

  15. Mary

    I seriously hate to shop on line. My daughter is a Celiac and I am always looking for things a teenager will like and use. Do you have a list of stores that carry some of the products. I looked for California Babe sunscreen at Target and could not find it at our Target store. I always seem to miss your giveaways. Thank you for all of your hard work. I greatly appreciate all of your help!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Mary)

      In our area, we mostly shop at Whole Foods, Earthfare, Berrybrook Farms, Healthy Home Market and Trader Joe’s.
      I know you said you don’t like on-line shopping but have you checked out Green Polka Dot Box? It is awesome! You can select your dietary needs (like gluten free) and they will only show you products that meet that criteria. I think that may be very helpful for you. Good luck!

  16. Hailed

    I recently found your blog and I am enjoying it very much. I have 3 kids ages 6, 5 and 3 and it is very difficult for us to follow a clean diet and over all clean life style 100%. We live on a budget, I am a stay-at-home mom and to be honest we can’t afford the expensive sun blocks or expensive healthier makeup. I’ve started buying organic produce, milk, eggs, chicken, nuts, among others but I have found that I buy less food than I used to, once again due to the higher prices. Just to give you an example; I buy 3 gallons of milk a week for my children, organic milk is $5.99 that is a total of $18 a week for milk. Non organic is $2.00 so I used to pay $6.00 a week for milk. That is $12 less a week that I can’t spend on other food and this is only one example. I know and completely understand that organic is the way to go and much more healthier for me and my family but sometimes it’s just impossible even if you really want to do it. Today I had to buy chicken for dinner and I only had $5.00 I could not but the organic because it was $9.00. With this being said I was wondering if you or anyone has ever created a list (e.g. the dirty dozen list) of other products that are a MUST buy ORGANIC or ALL NATURAL. A list for people like me living on a budget I’d like to know for example what is more important to buy organic or all natural, sun block or body wash for my kids? If I have to make a choice and I can only afford a few organic products which ones should they be? Not sure if I explained my self, hope I did. Once again thank you for your blog I’ve learned A LOT!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Hailed)

      You explained yourself well! Totally understand your dilemma. We really suggest buying dairy, meat and the fruits and veggies on the dirty dozen list organic. My suggestion is to try and eat/drink less of the expensive products like milk and meat. Have some meatless days and try and cut way back on milk for your kids. Did you see this post? Amazing tips!

      • Hailed (to Assistant to Food Babe (Krista))

        Thank you VERY much for your quick response. You have been a great help and I did check the amazing tips on how to eat organic on a budget, it gave me lots of great ideas. I really appreciate your help! :)

  17. Sonja

    What do you do when you are not allowed to take fruit or nuts across a border. I see in your list you mention fruit – but I can promise you on every single flight I have taken from North America into Europe or in reverse I was never allowed to bring fresh produce on the plane.


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