A Bangin’ Booty – Circuit Training Routine

Last week was very interesting.  It started with a bang. A literal bang. A bang in four places to be exact. One on the left side of my head, one on my forehead and one on my front tooth and lips!  I had a total freak accident on Monday morning and fell in my bathroom…I’ve been pretty much recovering all week, working from home and icing my face. An emergency room visit, a CAT scan, and triple wheatgrass shots to counteract the radiation later, I now know I am not going to die from my fall.

Right now, I’m almost better, but I’ve got a lingering pain on my forehead, along with three random “dots” which I guess are deep bruises… My sister in law today called me a “Domino.” That was a good one! Haha. I am definitely laughing at myself for sure, because my dots are quite ridiculous. I should have taken a picture to show you what I am talking about…

If you noticed my “Weekly Booty Burn” (which I update on the right side bar of my blog every week)… you may have seen that my usual workout schedule came to a complete halt early in the week… I later updated it to show I was at least moving around (i.e. the Stretching on Wed). Now that I am feeling better, I am back on the wagon – but a little sluggish. A body in motion, stays in motion….and then when it gets banged upside the head… well it just needs to get banged right back into the gym!

Screen Shot 2012 04 08 at 8 20 04 PM

I haven’t shared any of my workouts with you in months – so I wanted to show you my plan for this week.  I will be doing two routines – one on Monday & Thursdays and one on Tuesdays & Fridays (see charts below).  I’ll be doing each circuit twice before moving on to the next one.  My workout each day will go like this…

Food Babe’s Bangin’ Booty Circuit Training – 1 hour, 5 mins

15 min warm up – at least 1.5 mile on treadmill

30 – 35 mins – Circuits X 2

10 – 15 mins cardio of choice

5 mins stretching, cooling down

= 1 hour and 5 mins



And this will be completed before work so I can play after work and do things like cook, make juice, Pilates and Yoga.

What’s your workouts look like this week?  Who are my weightlifters out there?

If you have any questions about any of my exercises or routine – feel free to ask away!

Hope your week starts off with a bang… a bangin’ booty that is ;)

Food Babe

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20 Responses to “A Bangin’ Booty – Circuit Training Routine”

  1. Gillian

    So sorry to hear about your fall! Glad to hear you are resting – take it easy and I hope you have a fast recovery!!

  2. Cady

    My workout this week is to get serious with my Tough Mudder Circuit training!


    • Food Babe (to Cady)

      Wow … love this. Thanks for sharing Cady. I just printed it out!

      • Cady (to Food Babe)

        It’s intense! It could work with your kettlebells I should think. I just use free weights cause that’s all I have right now.

        I’m in training for the Tough Mudder on 5/6/12 at Mt. Snow. I am trying to do lots of hill running and lots of this strength training circuit because I’ll need to be as fit and strong as possible to make it through in one piece! :)

      • Food Babe (to Cady)

        That’s awesome! I love intense. Running uphills is such a good endurance and muscle builder. I did this for several weeks before we climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan last Fall… the trek up was cake… coming down was another story…

  3. Dimple

    Oh my! Hope you are feeling better day by day. Take it easy and don’t overdo it. One question: what is a “Hindu pushup?”

  4. Genn

    Hi there! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! You might have noticed lots of traffic coming to your web space from my blog! I just discovered your blog from your guest post on 100 days of real food (love her blog too!) and I love love all of the great information that you share on here. Thank you for taking the time to share so much. I loved reading about the gum, and chick fil a (100 ingredients in the sandwhich! what the heck, disgusting…) and I am now going to investigate our fav fro yo place Yogurtland and search for the ingredient list!! I looked on their website and they only list the nutritional data (not ingredients) and it is in very very very fine print and can’t even be read. Seems fishy. Anyway, love your blog! I’m a new follower. Nice to meet you.

    • Food Babe (to Genn)

      Genn – Hi Genn. Nice to meet you too! Yes I noticed the traffic…Thanks for posting to Food Babe. I get really suspicious when a company doesn’t post their ingredients too.

  5. Genn

    oh, and forgot to say, sorry to hear you got so banged up in the bathroom!

    hope you are on the mend. :)

  6. kerry surface

    so sorry to hear of your fall…get better soon.

    • Food Babe (to kerry surface)

      Thanks Kerry… amazingly enough my “domino” went away this morning! I still have some marks here and there… but those three dots are long gone :) Thank goodness!

  7. ali rono

    This site is amazing… so many great tips! You are an inspiration and have great ideas to switch up my boring workout routine!

    • Food Babe (to ali rono)

      Thank you Ali! I need to share more workout stuff…but I love writing about food so much more!

  8. quanda simpkins

    I love this blog i have been browsing for over 2hrs..so much info and you definetly have a true gift(inspiring) others. Im so looking foward to the Bangin Booty Cirucuit Training Routine.

  9. Alexis Olson

    Hello Food Babe!

    I was wondering if you could (if you have time) give me a suggested daily work-out for 30minutes. I LOVE this circuit, but I don’t have an hour each day! Thank you sooo much in advance I want to incorporate some of the ones you’ve listed, but not sure the most effective ones I should group together within the 30 minutes.


    Alexis IG: @lexiwestcoast

  10. stefani

    I noticed at the end of each circuit you run. Do you take your equipment next to the treadmill?

  11. deepthy

    why can’t you start a fitness video so that we can follow you? I would love that !!


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