More Sushi Secrets: Eat With Your Dollars – Sourcing Your Salmon

When you go out for sushi and look at the menu, do Philly Roll, Rainbow Roll, and Bagel Roll ring a bell?

SAM 1004

Well, if you have ever ordered one of these rolls or even thought about it, listen up. These rolls likely have one thing in common and I’ll give you hint, the key ingredient comes from a farm… a big aquafarm loaded with antibiotics, dyes, toxic pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This is where most of the salmon in this country comes from and where most sushi restaurants get the fish for their famous rolls.

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2 Responses to “More Sushi Secrets: Eat With Your Dollars – Sourcing Your Salmon”

  1. Christine Poole

    Thank you again for bringing things to my attention! I know this stuff but just so lazy about inquiring when I go out to eat:(. I’m making my focus with Elle’s cleanse to only buy/eat properly sourced meat, avoid refined sugars, dairy (if consumed organic or goat), and I want to try that True Roots brand. I learned so much about your blog on sprouted vs organic or regular grains. Makes so much sense, taking steps closer to a healthy life:). I’m all about balance!

    • Food Babe (to Christine Poole)

      You are welcome! Thank you always for your kind comments.


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