Staying Active in Koh Samui

We are currently on the way to the Four Seasons Tented Camp in the Golden Triangle – where the countries Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos meet. Since I have a little time on the plane before we land, I thought I would share how I kept myself active during my visit to Koh Samui. Hope this gives you a little inspiration to get your booty burning as the new week begins or on your next vacation.

Paddle boarding everyday at the Four Seasons Koh Samui was by far my favorite activity…

IMG 1415

IMG 1431

Nicole even joined me one day on her break…

IMG 1436

IMG 1439

One day, I was invited to Nicole’s yoga training class on the beach…

IMG 1458

Nicole doing ‘Bird of Paradise’ pose … in paradise. Absolutely gorgeous!

IMG 1462

More yoga in my villa…

IMG 1163

Yoga in a private little hut near our villa too….

IMG 1077

Time at the gym, running on the treadmill, looking out to beautiful views…

IMG 1087

IMG 1084


IMG 1544

Hiking uphill around the grounds almost everyday…

IMG 1081

IMG 1196

And finally more hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking in Angthong National Park…

IMG 1523

IMG 1491

Image 1

I think my time at the Tented Camp will be just as active – I hear they have a new “Jungle Gym” program that I simply can’t wait to experience.

How are you staying active this week?


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15 Responses to “Staying Active in Koh Samui”

  1. Nicole

    So much fun I miss you already!!

    • Food Babe (to Nicole)

      I wish you were here with us! Elephants are trekking through the jungle in front of us right now!!!

  2. Veena

    Enjoy the nature as much as you both can! There is so much there to learn from!

  3. Gillian

    You know how to travel! I’m really relaxing my workouts right now and trying to spend more time out walking – it is my physical and emotional therapy of choice!

    • Food Babe (to Gillian)

      Gillian – Sometimes I wish I could slow down and just walk…that takes such mental practice for me. It’s raining right now at the camp so yoga in my tent this morning will by my therapy.

  4. Debra

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! Looks absolutely beautiful…a place I need to put on my bucket list :o)

    • Food Babe (to Debra)

      Yes – it should definitely be on everyone’s list. My bucket list is so long I’ve lost track of all the things I want to see and do!

  5. Amy Davidson

    It looks like you’re having a great time! Where did you get the tank top that says “I’m doing it now”?

    • Food Babe (to Amy Davidson)

      At a yoga studio – Yoga One. Do you live in Charlotte? They may still sell them… I love the material because it is so light weight and of course I love the message.

  6. Cady

    I ran the Tough Mudder on Sunday! Pictures here:

    Now I’m trying to recover… some gentle walking and stretching yesterday and today, and I will try a nice, easy run tomorrow.

    • Food Babe (to Cady)

      Cady – Congrats! And thank you for sharing this with me. You are awesome!

  7. Jana

    gorgeous pictures+reportage from Thailand, I love this country also because of its amazing food, great massages and lovely nature

  8. Kaewta

    Im from Thailand, and yes Koh Samui is absolutely beautiful. I also love Koh Phangan ( 30 mins away from Koh Samui with the speed boat) …Good to hear that you’re having a good time. Saw all the beautiful pictures made me homesick :(
    Love love love Food Babe!

  9. Reeni

    Thanks for sharing! Your pictures are beautiful, and I love the message you have with staying active even when you are on vacation:) It is important for people to have fun being active since it is so good for us!!


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