Eating Local Has Its Benefits – Lell’s Cafe in Rock Hill, SC


Hey everyone, it’s me again! You may remember me from my first guest post on my homemade spring rolls a few months ago. I’m back for another post and I hope to find you all doing well! Last time I mentioned that I was planning to start at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition this year. Well, things are going well and I am officially enrolled! I am so excited to learn more about holistic health so I can coach others and bring even more information to awesome people like YOU! :)

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Homemade Organic Luxurious Body Scrub

So you are making your own nut milk now right? Well I hope so, considering carcinogens are often found in processed milk products. I make almond and/or coconut milk every week to make parfait porridge and my freezer has just been overfilled with dried pulp, dying for me to come up with ways to use it. I’ve got a few pulp recipes now that I will be sharing, but I had to share my favorite one first.

Last month, as you may remember, I was traveling in Asia. One of the wonderful aspects of being in Asia is getting to experience a lot of spa treatments on the cheap. My most memorable spa treatment was in Borneo, Malaysia, which inspired this organic body scrub that smells incredible and so simple to make.

My husband and I enjoyed a body scrub made from coconut one afternoon after a long day of diving in Sipadan (one of the world’s best dive spots). This scrub left our skin feeling incredibly soft, so soft that we still enjoyed our renewed skin after we got back home for a few days. Daydreaming about this, I decided to develop a similar scrub that I wouldn’t have to travel all the way to Borneo for! Talk about bringing the vacation back home and to all of you :)

Reusing pulp and adding a few other ingredients can save you some major money from buying expensive exfoliating scrubs at the store. I love make-it-yourself beauty products, don’t you?

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Eats According to my iPhone – The First Days of Summer

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We’ve updated the format of everyday eats, just mouse over the “+” to see more info. As always, I hope you find these snap shots of what I am eating helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know.

A new cookie recipe with coconut, granola and dried fruit
Ezekiel Sesame Bread Sandwich with cabbage, red pepper, avocado, pickles, mustard, romaine and feta cheese
Rinsed and soaked almonds for fresh almond milk
Parfait Porridge
“Just Greens Juice” from Berrybrook Farms Natural Foods Store (No spinach)
Salad with Eden Farms garbanzo beans, arugula, blueberries, apples and feta cheese
Fresh veggies from my Mom’s garden
Viva Raw has new raw granola – absolutely delicious!
At Fern – One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Charlotte. I am holding the roasted cauliflower which I order everytime
Soup du jour at Fern – Fennel, Green Tomato and Cucumber Gazpacho. I must recreate asap.

Stress Relief in a Pinch & Love At First Spoonk

Spoonk is offering everyone 10% off all of their ECO mats for a limited time with code: “FOODBABE” on AMAZON – order here. Enjoy!


At the end of a long day walking around Expo West (The largest natural foods show in the US) last spring, I finally decided to venture into the health/wellness section away from the food. I stopped dead in my tracks, after seeing the excitement happening at the “Spoonk” booth.

Spoonk is an acupressure mat that has over 6,000 points to stimulate your circulation. Circulation is incredibly important in regulating all our body functions. When circulation isn’t good, our energy gets blocked and affects the way we feel and think.

SAM 4317

A lot of people were trying out the Spoonk mats, stepping on them and feeling them – I couldn’t help but want to join in the fun. I wanted to know if benefits listed on their marketing – improved sleep, relaxation, stress relief and easing muscle tension really worked. Being somewhat skeptical at the time, I didn’t think something so simple could be so powerful.

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