Eats According to my iPhone Pics – Beach Edition

When my husband called me up at work last week to ask me if I’d like to go to the beach over the weekend, my mind told me “No! You have too much to do and get caught up on”… but every bone in my body said “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Guess which body part won?

IMG 3197

The weather & the beach were just beautiful. Hope you enjoy the eats from our weekend in Litchfield, SC…

Romaine salad, with collard greens, carrots, broccoli, sprouts, chickpeas, green peppers and fresh sheep’s milk cheese.
Some goods for the beach – 4 Parfait Porridges made with fresh almond milk, 2 Hari Shakes, drunken goat cheese from Earth Fare (this cheese is to die for!), Frog’s Leap wine, and lemons for Habit #1
Hari Shake on the beach after a 4 mile run (love running on the beach, it’s so easy on your knees)
…and Parfait Porridge on the beach another day
Grilled pineapple salad with macadamia nuts at Bliss restaurant in Murrells Inlet, SC.
Delicious organic and local ingredient pizza at Humble Crumb (sorry I didn’t snap a picture of the actual pizza!) in Georgetown, SC.
Cute picture of my husband on the beach.
Mid-afternoon snack of watermelon and cucumber.
The last 6 pictures are from Perrone’s Market in Pawley’s Island, SC. I saw some canned coconut milk in their store when we walked in…
I was not happy about the ingredients! (Good thing I know how to make my own now.)
I had the red pepper pesto ravioli for dinner – it was really nice and light…
…and my husband had the organic (yes organic!) vietnamese beef salad. He said it was incredible, I didn’t taste it because I don’t eat beef.
For dessert we did two different icecreams (again organic) – I tried the fig and balsamic with molasses drizzle…
…and he had the bacon. I couldn’t help but taste the bacon because I had never tried bacon and icecream together! This was much better than the fig, which I found way too sweet and because of this I did not finish it (this never happens with dessert!)….To be honest though, having bacon in icecream did kinda freak me out a little. The homemade peanut brittle on top was my favorite part. If you are ever in the area and visit Perrone’s – sit at the bar, the bartender Jason will entertain you for hours.

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5 Responses to “Eats According to my iPhone Pics – Beach Edition”

  1. Jasmine

    I absolutely love how you brought the jars to the beach! It may require effort to do it, but I have peace of mind knowing my snacks are nutrient dense

    • Food Babe (to Jasmine)

      Peace of mind is so important when I travel! I’d be nervous wreck if I didn’t have a nutritious option available at all times. Thanks Jasmine!

  2. MyPeaceOfFood

    OK, you have become my latest health-nut inspiration! I’m breast-feeding my second child right now & recognize the need for great nutrition now more than ever, especially when my stomach is still recovering from all the post-delivery Motrin & trying to juggle quick eats with 2 kids. My cart on Amazon is filled w/ your snack recommendations & I am constantly in awe of your fresh food picks & ideas. Thank you for making me push forward…I need to eat healthier every day because this baby has an insatiable appetite & I also need the energy for 2 now!

    • Food Babe (to MyPeaceOfFood)

      Congrats on your new buddle of joy! I’ll be leaning on fans like you for advice when my time comes, so expect me to be asking a favor back ; ) I’m glad you liked my snack ideas… they are all so delicious! When they come, let me know if there is anything you like more than others…

  3. Ashley

    I have to try ice cream and bacon together now. I already like chocolate with bacon. =)


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