Choosing Your Coconut Water Harmlessly + A Fashionable Giveaway

Listen up Hot Yogis, Athletes, College Beauties, Moms, Dads, Fitness Fanatics, and Coconut Water Fans – If you haven’t switched over to Harmless Harvest Coconut Water yet and are still drinking the “other” brands…I’ve got some compelling information about why you should, plus there is an awesome fashionable give away at the end of this post.

I realize that some of you may have never tried coconut water before, so all of this may be a bit intense… Hopefully this post will spark your curiosity in an amazing powerful drink that can be actually be good for you and your family if you choose carefully.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to meet the founders of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, Justin Guilbert and Doug Riboud. Besides just being really cool guys they are doing something absolutely remarkable. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to meet the founders of a food company before. I became smitten with their coconut water late last year, after my friend Rian who is a raw food chef and yoga teacher introduced it to me.

I had no idea that a company could actually bottle coconut water in the raw form. If I had closed my eyes, I could have sworn I was drinking straight from a coconut. I knew this at the time, because I had just returned from a month in Asia, where I drank a coconut almost everyday. Ever since finding Harmless Harvest and learning more about how coconut water is produced, I’ve never bought another brand of coconut water. Harmless Harvest coconut water is the only coconut water I recommend on my Food Babe’s Pantry Staples List.

SAM 4295

Seeing other coconut water companies take advantage of the healthy benefits of coconut water for profit has become a serious issue. The issue can be seen in the latest attempts to “flavor” coconut water with “natural flavor” to cover up the source of their coconuts and/or including carcinogenic substances like the ingredient “carrageenan” (e.g. Zico’s latest chocolate flavor). Many coconut waters out there are made from concentrate, which means the coconut water is heated down to syrup and then reconstituted with water. Do you see something wrong with this picture? No wonder there is a huge discrepancy between different coconut water brands and why Harmless Harvest tastes better than the rest.

SAM 4296

Other than the fact that Harmless Harvest is the only brand of coconut water I know of that is totally pure, raw and unadultered, there is one thing I have to mention that stands out for me. (Even though there are many other reasons to choose this brand over the rest – which you will hear about directly from Justin in a letter below in just a moment.)

Harmless Harvest doesn’t BS with us. One of the most interesting parts of their brand and website is the nutrition section where they don’t try to claim unsupported benefits of coconut water and provide information to decipher coconut bottle labels. They have gone the extra mile and clearly stated all the facts, so you the consumer can be informed about where coconut water comes from and how it is produced. They believe in us – me and you. This is a brand of the future and one that conventional companies out there should pay attention to and start to model themselves after. It’s just a matter of time, before everyone starts to demand this type of information about all of their food to avoid the tricks companies can play on us.

Before I share a letter directly from Justin Guilbert, the co-founder of Harmless Harvest with all of you, I just want to say I haven’t been compensated (other than stealing one of the giveaways) for this post. I truly believe in spreading the word about companies like this. The next time I drink Harmless Harvest I’ll be thinking of these pictures Justin sent over from their farms in Thailand.

Dear Food Babe Fans –

Doug Riboud and I created Harmless Harvest in 2009 with the mission to promote positive consumerism and natural capitalism, genuinely caring as much for the plants as for the people that live from them. With that in mind, we identified an opportunity to develop and market a category-changing functional beverage: the world’s first ready-to-drink raw coconut water. We saw coconut water filling more space on shelves, but nothing tasted like what we experienced drinking freshly-cracked nuts. To do this, it was pivotal to find a heatless way of providing coconut water, which meant finding the best coconuts possible. Without adding anything or using heat, our raw coconut water is only as good as the coconuts we source. Luckily, the best coconuts we could find fit perfectly with our green ambitions, the inhabitants of pristine wild ecosystems.

Image 4

By working with people who shared our sentiments—real farmers, academics, scientists and raw-foodists—we established a system to sustain and deliver raw coconut water, maintaining the delicate volatile compounds that are the essence of its flavor. Additionally, the enzymes remain unaltered by temperature, retaining the nutritional benefits coveted in coconut water. Combining honored traditions of re-wilding and agroforestry with cutting edge scientific methods, we launched Harmless Harvest 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water in August of 2011. The launch was a partnership with Whole Foods Market Northeast, and was so successful that we went nationwide in October. Our growth has been beyond anyone’s expectations, especially considering that we are implementing a revolutionary way of doing business.

Image 5Image 3

By developing raw, unadulterated products, we are facilitating the relationship between people and plants, allowing consumers to add sustainable value to thriving wild ecosystems.  Rather than building a brand, we rely on the honesty of our products to speak for themselves. When our coconut water turns pink due to high antioxidant levels, we tell our consumers why, rather than covering up the natural color change with additives. We trust the quality of our product to such an extent that we believe the best marketing is No Marketing. In this way, consumers buy what’s inside the bottle, not what the bottle promises. Our success is an encouraging proof that a radically progressive marketing-free company can achieve mainstream success without having to compromise on social, environmental and economic values.

Justin Guilbert
Co-founder of Harmless Harvest

So here’s the exciting part… Harmless Harvest has sent me the cutest shirts + free coconut water coupons to give away to 9 lucky Food Babe readers! (They actually sent me 10 shirts, but I kept one, because it’s too adorable!)  Your chances to win are huge!

(If you don’t know where Harmless Harvest is sold near you, you can use their handy dandy locator on their website. Here in Charlotte, you can find it at Healthy Home Market & Fresh Market)

I wore my shirt as a beach cover up one day last weekend and the other day I tied it up cute in the back… I love the phrase “I’m Harmless” on the back.

IMG 3207IMG 3203

IMG 3214

IMG 3213

All Subscribers, Facebook Fans and/or Twitter Fans who leave a comment below by Friday, June 15 are eligible to win. Feel free to say anything, anything at all… but I would love to know what you think food companies could do in the future to make your life easier.

Harmless Harvest has certainly made my life easier, thank goodness I can put away my machete and grab one of these….

Good Luck!

Food Babe

Harmless Harvest

P.S. Please give some love to Harmless Harvest directly by following them on Twitter or ‘liking” them on Facebook and spread the word of this giveaway!


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262 Responses to “Choosing Your Coconut Water Harmlessly + A Fashionable Giveaway”

  1. Karen

    I found it at Whole Foods in NJ – woohoo!! It is delicious! My 7 year old daughter said it was the best she ever tasted :)

  2. Kathy Jamison

    I just found your blog and LOVE it! Can’t wait to try this brand. The thing these companies can do to make life easier is be honest. Stop finding new words for chemicals in hopes of “hiding” them. Tell the truth and let the consumer make the choice. Don’t see that happening though. :)

  3. Natt Smith

    Hi Foodbabe! I love, love, love your blog! I am a vegan living in South Korea and at times it can be so trying. Limited access to fresh produce and when I do find it, it’s expensive and not in season. I love eating local and seasonally so I just started my own rooftop garden. I would love, love, love the t-shirt. A huge fan of coconut milk, when I get back to the states next month I will for sure be checking it out!


  4. Dawn

    I have to check their locator – hopefully I will be able to find some in Maine! YUM!

  5. Christina

    Awesome coconut water….awesome blog….awesome YOU! Thank you for doing what you do!

  6. Sarah K.

    Food companies should label GM ingredients. More companies should be like this one, with less ingredients and more whole food.

  7. Jen R.

    Your blog is wonderful, so informative! And you are super cute lady!

  8. Priya

    I had to open up your blog in the middle of the health food store to get the name of the coconut water! They had it hidden away behind all the flashy concentrates! Can’t wait to try it.

  9. Ruth B

    Your blog is amazing! You have inspired me to start juicing again and my goal is to be completely organic and natural by the end of this year. Thank you! I’d love to win some of this product! I currently drink Zico, but looking for something better.

  10. Lisa

    Just found your blog the other day and I love it! Really liked the article about Subway. I thought it was one of the healthier choices to let my kids eat :(. They aren’t too crazy about all of the raw recipes I have been trying. I love coconut water and am looking forward to trying the Harmless Harvest brand! I agree with Kathy that companies should be more honest about the ingredients in their products! Scary to think about what is actually in our food! Thanks for sharing such great information!

  11. Susie

    Hi! HONEST food labels would be awesome! YAY for companies like HH. I do love their product.

  12. Jamie

    I found the coconut water by accident the same day I read this post so I had to try it. I could definitely tell the difference between the Harmless Harvest and other coconut waters. I loved it.

  13. Chelsa

    I love the Harmless coconut water. I don’t buy any other brand because it doesn’t even taste good. Harmless tastes almost as fresh as when you chop a Thai coconut open and stick a straw in it. Great product!!

  14. Jennifer

    I just ordered a couple of cases of this on your recommendation – I cannot wait to try it! I’m excited to give it to my kids at sport meets.

  15. Michele Whitten

    I looked and looked for Harmless Harvest yesterday at Whole Foods in TX:( I can’t wait to try them when I find them!

  16. Emily Nolan

    I can’t wait to go to whole foods and try this water!!!

  17. chelsea

    So this is awesome. I’ve been buying young thais coconuts at healthy home market and going through the ridiculous ordeal of opening them in order to have coconut water a few times a week. (the meat goes in smoothies and makes them soooooo creamy.) Since the process is such a pain, coconut water has become my weekly “treat.” Yay! I will definitely be going to HHM or Fresh Market this weekt o stock up. Can’t believe I didn’t read this post before.

  18. Brittany Ardito

    So glad to see a highly recommended, quality coconut water brand. I will be looking online to order some soon. I loooove coconut water, and you are right- it is almost impossible to find any that don’t have a bunch of icky additives or artificial flavors. I wish food & supplement companies would have more transparent ingredient labels.

  19. kristen

    Thank you so much, Food Babe! I finally found this coconut water at Fairway. I have never been impressed with coconut water…..until I tried this one. Even my six and five year old boys had seconds! Fantastic! Thanks for the recommendation.

  20. sharon

    I have become addicted to this and now my local fresh market is not carrying it anymore. I am so disappointed and do not know where else to find it…I live in vero beach florida and if you know of a place that sells it lmk.

  21. Xiao Lall

    Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes. Not to be confused with high-fat coconut milk or oil, coconut water is a clear liquid in the fruit’s center that is tapped from young, green coconuts.^^;.

    Look over our own blog site as well

  22. Charlene Regan

    I absolutely love this coconut water! BUt I do have a question re: the pink water. I read recently that if coconut water is pink it is bad. Do you know if this is true? Thaks

    • Andrew (to Charlene Regan)

      Pink Coconut water means the coconut is very young. You can see that there is very little coconut meat at the bottom because it’s barely forming. There should be a lot of coconut water. It’s rich in antioxidant.

      To tell if it’s bad, check the bottom of the thai coconut. It shouldn’t be mushy, no signs of mold, etc etc. Should be dry and springy to the touch.

      There was a stupid rumor spread by some American coconut farmer about Thai Coconuts being contaminated with formaldehyde. Which is why some are “purple”. This is proven false in lab tests. Also, formaldehyde is colorless.

      In reality, the Thai Coconut are actually more nutrient since the coconut are harvested in rich soils.

      Where the American Coconuts are grown in farms fed with cow poop, and all types of chemicals.

  23. Sully

    I grew up drinking coconut water straight from coconuts everyday and this water is very close to what I remember drinking as a child (closer than any other brand I’ve bought at the store) but I am pretty sure a sweetener is added to the water. Young coconut water is naturally sweet and nutty tasting, but coconut water straight from a coconut is not this sweet. I asked my brother to taste it ( he also grew up drinking coconut water). He liked it a lot, but was also able to taste the added sweetener.

  24. Amy

    Organic Lives provides the only truly raw and organic coconut water I am aware of. Unlike Harmless Harvest, Organic Lives does not use HPP to stabilize their product. They simply freeze it right out of the shell and ship frozen. It is unbelievable and amazing organic, young thai coconut water. They also do frozen meat and the best quality coconut oil I have found.

    • linda L (to Amy)

      Hi! what is HPP? And how does Harmless harvest keep the product that fresh???

  25. linda

    FOR SURE this is the BEST coconut water out on the mkt! I am of asian decent and love and know my coconut water and boy did i have to do a double sip!!! it tasted like right out of the coconut that I cut up myself! FABULOUS!!! Love your site! Iam an apologetic organic food snob…just because I love life and all the energy of the natural order of our world!!! It is what it is and it aint what it aint!!! Keep up the GREAT investigations!!!

  26. ruth

    can’t find it locally and to order online is crazy expensive:-(

  27. Paulette

    OMG, I have been drinking coconut water for a while now that I have gone Paleo but this weekend was the first time I came across this brand. I noticed there is a heafty price tag – $4.99 at wholefoods for a 16oz bottle and only got one bottle – it was pink – I had to try it! I just opened the bottle and started to drink and this stuff is amazing! It tastes completely different from other coconut waters I have tried – even the 100% pure brands! While I don’t think I can afford to drink a bottle of this stuff a day I will definitely be buying again! I also noticed they had other flavors – cant wait to try!

  28. a p

    What are the cons of HPP? Doesn’t that technically mean that the product is still processed?

  29. Estrella Van Hoek

    I really really enjoyed the coconut drink,it taste like I am drinking directly from the fresh coconut. It did remind me of my youth when we have someone climb out the coconut tree and throw it down .loveit,love it love it.i will wear the shirt this summer if you can sent me one. Keep up your good work!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Sig Neri

    I just recently taste the best coconut drink ever, harmless coconut is not only the best tasting but also the closes thing to drinking a coconut right from a straw. Brilliant idea, love the natural taste with all the vitamins and nurtrients. I am sold to this coconut drink. Love it, love it.


  31. patrick

    Dear Food Babe give us a shout-out …. earthcoco

  32. patrick

    Dear Madeline,

    My name is Patrick Doles founder of EarthCoco. Our office is in Santa Monica with production facilities are in the Philippines where I live with my wife and family.

    I would love to have you sample our products and give some feed back.

    (818) 205-7206

    • John (to patrick)

      Patrick – I bought EarthCoco yesterday from Mother’s Market in SoCal; waiting to completely defrost in refrigerator. Expect call from me soon
      – john

      • Jen (to John)

        Hi John,
        Did you get the cream as well? Or was it the water?
        Please let me know any comments at all.
        Thank you for your time and thank you for trying EarthCoCo!

      • john (to John)

        Jen – I only tried Coconut Water. Although – I want to know procedure you follow to freeze water inside bottle. Plus How long you wait to bottle waters from coconut once they’re plucked from tree?


      • Jen (to John)

        Hi John,
        EarthCoCo is 100% raw water. We take wild harvested coconuts and flash freeze it in the bottle at the source. The coconut is handled within 1-4 days from picking to bottling. Our Raw coconut cream is cold pressed from fresh mature coconuts with no water, guar gum or carrageenan added.
        We are getting rave reviews from everybody and are in the process of creating an ice cream.
        EarthCoCo is the voice of the farmer, healing the planet 1 coconut at a time.
        Please let me know any questions or concerns you might have.
        Thank you!

  33. Katie

    I love that when I need to find reliable info about food or coconut water I can check your blog and likely find an answer.

  34. Colleen

    So want that shirt! Also, anytime you can get a coupon for the product that you have become addicted to is a good thing :)

  35. Saad

    What if Harmless coconut water is not available in your country? Which other brands can we use? ONE?

  36. tanya

    i used to drink harmless harvest for breakfast every morning when i was pregnant! love it. i wish it was better priced on amazon. would love to buy it by the box.

  37. fariha

    We lived in Hong Kong and Thailand for a while and had fresh young coconut water right out of the coconut. The taste of Harmless Harvest is the exact same taste as that of the fresh coconut water. No other brand comes close based on my experience. My daughter loves it too. She once had diarrhea and this helped with the dehydration as she wasnt too keen on drinking loads of water but she dunked this stuff down!

  38. Tricia Bino

    Great read thanks! If you have any more shirts I would love one.

  39. jackie

    As this coconut water is not pasteurized but rather is rid of bacteria via pressure treatment is it still safe to drink while pregnant with this unique process? Please don’t reply consult your doctor bc doctors don’t necessarily know your specific product or the method you use. I would love to keep drinking this during my pregnancy but am not familiar with the method you use. Thank you!

  40. James Matlick

    Ive read a few articles this morning. Great site.

    Fyi- Just got to the harvest coconut water article and your link to the harvest website is broken.

  41. J Page

    Been searching for an hour where to buy this stuff. No avail. Another product that is promoted all over the net, but can not get anywhere. Not good. Waste of time chasing something that does not exist. Did find it one place 100 buck for the bottle? Is this made of gold?

    I do notice in the above comments that some had purchased in whole foods. I will not go in there or eat any food purchased from there. Many have told me the store was so full of radiation that the meters they were using to test levels in the store went into the “red”. Not safe food from there, not a safe place to enter, unless you want cancer. I have a store near me w/ those high radiation levels and I got so sick from just stopping in there. Only did that once. As far as whole foods goes, if I was willing to risk it healthwise and shop there, there are no stores near me. The closest is an overnight road trip away! I would jump at this water in a second if it were for sale at a reasonable price on amazon, swanson, iherb, boxed greens or my local albertsons and did not have to pay over $7 bucks for an 8 oz serving. I would not pay $100 for it.

    Natural flavoring is coconut water? Oh how nice. [sarcastic]. Nothing more than MSG. I do not see where you would want that!!!! Usually I run when I see the word “natural’ on a product label. The concentrate is obviously a waste of money and even then looks like it should be avoided at all costs.

    I would buy if it existed! If they will sell this Harmless brand online at a semi reasonable price, I will drink it.!!!


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