Almond Chocolate Freezer Fudge

Fudge is something I haven’t indulged in quite sometime. It’s usually loaded with condensed milk, crisco (transfat), refined sugar and other ingredients I like to avoid. My hiatus from fudge ended last week when I made these melt in your mouth beauties inspired from a recipe I saw on Detoxinista. The best thing about this fudge (other than the fact that it tastes just heavenly!), is the nutritional profile that does not resemble dessert at all. Filled with whole organic ingredients, you just can’t get more simple and real. A one inch square of this fudge has just the right amount of sweetness, fat and protein to seriously satisfy your sweet tooth unlike a piece of traditional fudge, cake, or something overly refined that could cause you to overindulge in more than your share.

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Food Babe’s Almond Chocolate Freezer Fudge
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 20
  • 1 cup almond butter
  • 4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 and ½ tablespoons of maple syrup
  • 4 ounces quality dark chocolate
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  1. Cream almond butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, and salt together in a bowl
  2. Pour mixture into a parchment paper lined small baking dish (8×6)
  3. Top with chopped chocolate and freeze for at least 2 hours
  4. Remove from freezer, carefully remove fudge by lifting ends of parchment paper
  5. Cut into 1 inch squares and store in freezer separated by parchment paper
~ 138 calories each so don’t get crazy and eat 10 at one time! ***Please buy all organic ingredients if possible***


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I just love the fact that it is stored and eaten right out the freezer, that cold melty feeling of the fudge is perfect for Summer.

Cheers to Healthy Desserts!

Food Babe

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79 Responses to “Almond Chocolate Freezer Fudge”

  1. beaskneas

    I’m not the baker in the family but I’m going to try these right now. Pretty sure the prep time of 75 mins is a typo.

  2. Shay

    I made this fudge last night ! Wonderful! I didn’t have any almond butter on hand so I combined almond meal and coconut oil in my blender until It turned to butter . Perfect ! Today I rolled the fudge into small balls and added into a batch of my homemade vanilla coconut milk ice cream while it was churning ! Tastes just like (actually way tastier ) “cookie dough” ice cream !!! Thanks for the awesome recipe food babe !

  3. LindyLou

    Do you have a brand of maple syrup that you like?



  4. Janice

    Can cacao powder be used instead of the chocolate?

  5. anuja

    Thank you for this simple yet mind blowing recipe. I made a slight change..substituted chocolate with carob powder. Creamed the carob powder with the other ingredients and increased the quantity of maple syrup slightly…it came out really well. My kids loved it and that is what makes the effort worthwhile. Thanks again.

  6. Jenny

    Looks delicious!

  7. Katie

    These were AMAZING! So quick and simple. Thank you!

  8. laurie

    Vani, these were so good and easy to make. My 4.5 year old loved mixing the ingredients and putting the chocolate on top:).
    I put the mix in silicone candy molds and she put 2 organic dark chocolate chips from earthfare in each one.
    We both loved them!


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