Stress Relief in a Pinch & Love At First Spoonk

Spoonk is offering everyone 10% off all of their ECO mats for a limited time with code: “foodbabe” – enjoy!


At the end of a long day walking around Expo West (The largest natural foods show in the US) last spring, I finally decided to venture into the health/wellness section away from the food. I stopped dead in my tracks, after seeing the excitement happening at the “Spoonk” booth.

Spoonk is an acupressure mat that has over 6,000 points to stimulate your circulation. Circulation is incredibly important in regulating all our body functions. When circulation isn’t good, our energy gets blocked and affects the way we feel and think.

SAM 4317

A lot of people were trying out the Spoonk mats, stepping on them and feeling them – I couldn’t help but want to join in the fun. I wanted to know if benefits listed on their marketing – improved sleep, relaxation, stress relief and easing muscle tension really worked. Being somewhat skeptical at the time, I didn’t think something so simple could be so powerful.

Luckily, the founder Hans came over to introduce himself and offered to give me a mat (which retails for $70) in exchange for my opinion. My curiosity got the better of me and of course I said yes, but only if he would give my friend Alyssa, who accompanied me to the expo one too! He generously obliged.

So there we went … Alyssa and I carrying our Spoonk mats in all their glory. I received a green one (which matches my home décor perfectly) and Alyssa received a purple one…

SAM 4323

The real test happened when I came home and unrolled it. I showed it to my husband and being the adventurous person that he is, immediately laid down on it for a good 20 minutes. After getting up he said he felt energized.

That was just the beginning. Since then and over the last 3 months, both of us have used Spoonk for various relaxation techniques. Here are some of the benefits I received (and will continue to enjoy thankfully to Spoonk):

  • Improved a crick in my neck a couple of different times
  • Calmed my mind and improved anxiety before bed
  • Relived sore muscles in my legs, feet and back
  • Alleviated stress after long days in the office at a computer
  • Standing on the mat while doing computer work and participating in conference calls kept me alert and clear

I am pretty sure I am not experiencing the placebo effect, since I am really in tune with my body. The improvement in mood and overall well being immediately after using Spoonk is real. I just wish I had this mat when I was traveling on the road for work all the time. The stress on my shoulders and back of carrying my laptop and bags by myself through airports every week really added up and this mat would have been a savior for that time in my life.

If you’ve been reading Food Babe, you know that I don’t see the conventional doctor all too often and my medicine of choice is through regular acupuncture treatments. When I went earlier this week, I had to ask my acupuncturist about Spoonk and get his opinion. He concluded it can improve circulation which can in fact can move stagnant “chi” around in your body. But is obviously not a replacement for the targeted and deep energy work that Acupuncture provides. He said “Americans are one group of stressed out people, anything that helps us alleviate stress, the better! We need more tools like this.” I loved the fact that he didn’t immediately dismiss it and it gave me even more motivation to continue using Spoonk, especially after long days at the office.

So as you can see, I’m pretty sold on Spoonk, but I really wanted to know what Alyssa thought too… She kindly put together her thoughts for you to read as well. (THANK YOU Alyssa!)

From Alyssa M. Ward, Ph.D.

During our visit to Expo West, I was newly pregnant and very excited to receive a free Spoonk to test out. After arriving home, it was the first item that I opened up and demonstrated for my husband. We took turns trying out several different positions with the Spoonk—sitting with feet resting on it, standing on it with thin socks, and finally laying down with the Spoonk beneath our upper back and head. My husband, ever a skeptic, pondered the data and efficacy and the scientific mechanism behind the product. We consulted the website and found that the Spoonk is not recommended for pregnant women by its creators, and bears a warning to ask one’s physician before use. At my next OB appointment, we unfortunately found out that I was diagnosed with a very rare condition called “vasa previa” which meant that my doctor was taking all precautions. She told me that we could not risk me having any contractions whatsoever, as it threatened the baby’s life. Apparently the Spoonk was high on the “no no” list as it involves acupressure, which could potentially lead to contractions.

I was quite disappointed that I would not be able to use the Spoonk for many months. I was encouraged to see that my skeptical husband, with no prodding from me, spontaneously started using the Spoonk on a regular basis. He starting keeping the mat right next to our bed, and in the evening he would first sit on the edge of the bed with his bare feet resting on the mat. After a bit he would stand for about 30 seconds at a time. On a few occasions, he used it on his back and neck, though did not find this quite as helpful. My husband is 6’4”, and has size 13 feet. He is so far away from his feet that it is difficult for him to put shoes on without sitting down, and he is generally not in close contact with them to give them a rub. The Spoonk allowed him a method to soothe his feet after workouts and in the evening after a long day in lawyer-shoes.

I have done a bit of internet-searching and have failed so far to find any evidence of randomized trial support for the Spoonk’s anecdotal claims to ease chronic pain, migraines, and the like. There does appear to be quite a following, with Dr. Oz recently naming the product the “Best Alternative Remedy” for pain relief. Case study and local aggregate evidence are certainly both important sources of data, though the scientist part of me wishes that there was some kind of controlled research to back up the claims. Regardless, my observations of my husband’s enjoyment with the product will encourage me to integrate use of the Spoonk once our dear baby girl is safely out of my belly!

Bedtime ritualStanding pose

Geoff feet

The best part of this post, is that Spoonk has offered to give away two mats to a lucky Food Babe reader. To win, you have to be a Subscriber, Facebook fan and/or Twitter follower and leave a comment below by Saturday, June 23. Feel free to leave any comment or any question you like, but I would love to know if there is a particularly topic you’d like me to write about next.

I really wish I could give a mat to all of you.

Good Luck!
Food Babe

IMG 3242

6/24 UPDATE: Congrats to Alex and David for winning the Spoonk acupressure mat. The giveaway is now closed, but if you’d still like a mat, it’s available here on Amazon. This is an affiliate link that helps fund Food Babe operating costs – Thank you for your support in advance!


The giveaway is now closed, however I have some good news!  

Spoonk is offering everyone 10% off all of their ECO mats for a limited time with code: “foodbabe” – enjoy!

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406 Responses to “Stress Relief in a Pinch & Love At First Spoonk”

  1. Terri

    I need Spoonk! Please help me relieve stress! It sounds like a wonderful product.

  2. Karen

    This mat sounds amazing! My husband and I both have troublesome backs so this would be great for both of us! I am a true believer of acupuncture as well – it has helped me in ways Western medicine never could. I am so glad to have found your blog! Keep up the great work!

  3. Missy

    Sounds like a product that I need to try. I work at a computer all day and feel the stress and tension mostly in my shoulders and neck by days end. Massages are great but pricey-would love to try the Spoonk mat as an alternative. I read your blog daily. It has given me a whole new perspective on eating and wellness. Thanks for all that you do!

    • Food Babe (to Missy)

      Missy – I feel your pain, I also work on a computer for most of the day. This has been a true lifesaver for me – I have really enjoyed the relief is provides… if you end up trying it out, let me know how it works for you!

  4. Jessica

    Sure would like to try this at work. I sit ALL DAY doing assembly work. It would be worth a try to see if sitting on it or putting it behind my upper back would help increase the circulation. Please consider me for your drawing.
    Thanks Vani ~

  5. Shelly

    I really need a spoonk. I have been sleeping with tennis balls in my shoulders to relieve the tension for over a decade. I would really like to try this product!

    Thanks Vani.

  6. Amie Nicol Childers

    wow, this looks very cool! I also love acupuncture for deep energy work, and would love to try this as I am very into natural healing!! Food Babe- I was wondering if you might be able to write about PH testing and the best ways to alkalize and acidic body, how long it takes, and how to stay at 7.0-8 all the time? I believe in Alkalizing to avoid disease, and am struggling to raise my PH, but am working on it!! Apple Cider Vinegar, Coral Calcium, Trace Minerals, and a better diet are helping me along, but would love to hear your take on this! Cheers, Amie

  7. Susan Lind

    Would love to try this for my lower back pain!

  8. Christian

    Oh! I want one!

  9. Kathy silence

    I would love to try the Spoonk for my diabetes, spinal problems and constant pain. It would be wonderful to find a safe non medicated alternative and to be able to share that with other people as well. Thank you

    Kathy silence

  10. Priya

    Like! Topics I would love to hear more about : 1. herbs/superfoods/supplements 2. alternative therapies (ex. infrared saunas)

  11. Elizabeth

    Sounds like a great product! Would love to have one to decrease my lower back pain! Enjoying your new food finds! Thank you!

  12. Nicole Kennedy

    I’m already all of those things, but need Spoonk! I would love to hear about homeopathic remedies for migraines. I suffer from hormonal migraines..always around my period. So eating healthier and exercising more regularly really hasn’t made too much of an impact. I haven’t yet gone for acupuncture for migraines, but I do think that’s my next step. I used it for fertility and was pregnant within weeks after trying unsuccessfully for 9 months (which isn’t all that long in the grand scheme of things, but felt like a lifetime:)

  13. Sarah

    I don’t know anyone that lives stress free. I have aches and pains every day. Please Please send a mat this way!

  14. Joanna

    This is great, would love to win.

    Can you cover a topic on dangers of vaccines?

  15. Stephanie V

    I am a FB fan!

  16. Alice Purvis

    I would love to have a Spoonk. Could you cover a topic on the difference between GMO free and organic?

  17. Kelly

    I want one!!!!!

  18. Sandi B.

    My son is a Bus driver here in Portland Or and has many back, shoulder issues from turning to view mirrors and the bouncing from the seat…this I think would be so helpful to him! He is a husband and dad with four kids and can’t afford the price tag of this! He has just gotten on full time and just catching up on bills and the needs of a family with four kids….hope you’ll see fit to give him one of these as he SO DESERVES it!!!Thanks from his very proud mom…

  19. Susan b

    I subscribe to your emails and follow you on facebook. Keep up the good work!

  20. enu

    would love to try for my shoulder and neck muscle pain.

  21. stephanie busia

    Dear Food Babe,

    I was so happy to see you post some information on the Spoonk. I have been trying to convince myself for like a year now to spend the $70 on it, but wasn’t sure if it would truly help the anxiety/tension issues I face. Thank you so much for posting on this topic!

  22. Becky B

    I have severe adrenal fatigue which causes unpleasant anxiety. This would be wonderful!!

  23. Stefani

    I would love a Spoonk. My feet are always cold and am curious to see if it would improve my circulation. Please pick me :)

  24. Anna

    I would love to try the Spoonk.

  25. Stacey

    Food Babe,
    I was just introduced to your website yesterday and I am hooked. What I LOVE about each article I have read so far is not only do you identify the problem but you give solutions! The article about Gatorade was the bomb! You identified the issues and myths behind the product (and similar brands) and then gave four very easy, user-friendly, and exciting alternatives! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!
    With many little ones at home and not much remaining time for extras, I could really use the Spoonk for my back and neck! :-)

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Stacey)

      We are so happy that you found us!

  26. kredyt bez zaświadczeń

    Beautiful statement. It is about time to move forward.
    kredyt bez zaświadczeń

  27. Janny

    Definitely need to try this! Still trying to get my groove back after giving birth – my body still aches all over and even though she sleeps through the night, I have a hard time!

  28. Carol

    Looks interesting! Would make a good Christmas gift.

  29. Monique Kroll

    I always have pain in my neck and upper shoulders. I work with kids. I complete evaluations for special needs and unfortunately I spend a lot of time no the computer writing evaluation reports. I seems to always need a massage or something to relieve the tension. If this works, and it’s not meds, I am all about it!! I would love to try it!

  30. Janine Nathan

    Need this…need this.

  31. Leah

    I would love to win one of these! I’m going through a tough and unexpected divorce right now and I could really used some extra relaxation! Even if I don’t win, I may have to buy one and try it. =)

  32. Rebecca Cheezic

    This looks awesome! I so want to try one. I have been stuck in a low-energy rut lately. I also keep having a crick/pain in my shoulder at night. Hoping to win so I can try this!

  33. Sandra

    This mat sounds wonderful! I’d love to give one to my husband. He sometimes has a hard time sleeping and this sounds like it would help. :)

  34. Nita

    I would love to have one of these!

  35. Sally

    My hubby is always in pain, due to pretty severe neuropathy in his feet. How I would love for him to try this and find some relief!

  36. Tina

    I was all set to order one as I have CFS and searching for non-medical remedies but Amazon is sold out. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that I win one!

  37. Treva

    I would love to try one!

  38. Linda

    I would love to win one of these! I have many circulation problems and my hips and legs hurt all the time. Plus my right shoulder hurts whenever I lay down. My husband is diabetic and has many aches and pains. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and introducing us to new things!

  39. Julie

    I think I need one of these…I saw it at Expo East, then subsequently have seen it pop up randomly in friend’s newsfeeds, Amazon, and now you. My mind is made up!

  40. Cindy Jusino

    This is so awesome! I want one!! Please pick me!

  41. Yvette Lee

    I just purchased one of these for my son after seeing it reviewed and listed on your recommended Christmas wish list! He has been having recurring back trouble and I can’t wait to see if this helps resolve it! I would love to give one a try as I have experienced multiple back discomfort/pain for many years, and have a degenerative disk in my neck as well.

  42. Julee Blan

    I ordered on directly bc I wanted a combo. Wish I could have had a code to give credit where credit is due.

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  44. Tammy Jensen

    I would love to try the Spoonk! Every morning when I get out of bed my feet and ankles are in so much pain it hurts to walk. Along with all the stress in life it’s great to know there is a product that will help!

  45. Tatiana

    Hi Vani! Found out about you on Marie TV yesterday. Can’t stop reading your posts. So many great tips! Thank you!
    And, of course, I would love to check out the Spoonk mat as well.

  46. Devod

    Are able to publish any data backing backing the claims made by Spoonk? I like to see science-based evidence that something works

  47. Kyra

    I got your email about spoonk and looked immediately at the link…. sad to say they were out of stock… so i continued to look and look and found some that were available and i ordered it and it took my “FOODBABE” code for 10% off. yeah!! so it was the right one. so here is the link to the correct pad:,d.b2U
    It is the : Spoonk Cotton Combo – Acupressure Massage Mat Eco Foam + Spoonk Travel Size Mat and Pillow – Oprah Magazine O List January 2013, from the amazon site. Thanks so much and i cant wait to try it out…. I will let you know.

  48. Lisa

    I’m lying on my spoonk as I’m typing this,on my iPad! I have the mat positioned so my upper buttocks to my mid back area is on the mat. I can feel the increased blood flow to those areas; some areas are pulsing with the increased circulation. . It feels like a deep massage. Not quite comfy but you know good stuff is happening so if I release into it, there is a great benefit to be had!

  49. Sarah

    This is the ONLY thing that relieves my sister’s severe back pain! She is able to rest on this and actually be able to relax and have some relief. Thank you SO much for sharing this Vani!!! You are such a blessing!


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