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6 Responses to “Electrolytes”

  1. Marina Galindo

    Interested in better nutrition

  2. Donny ( Your Own Evolution )

    Great Content, I used the apple and celery alot, I read it has the perfect pot / sod ratio for recovery, I also add cucumber on hot days for abit more juice which really hydrates.

    Great stuff and keep writing and helping people


  3. Maritza

    is it crucial to use sea salt when making the recipe with the maple syrup? I have kosher salt and pink himalayan salt but I don’t have sea salt on hand. I was wondering if the sea salt has something that the other types of salt don’t. Thanks in advance, and I love your blog Food Babe!!!

  4. jen

    Is it necessary to juice the apple celery and lemon or could you just eat them? Not that eating a lemon would be pleasant, but I need to know if the juicing part is nesessary.


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