Healthy Food Trucks

Creative Loafing asked me to find the healthiest food trucks in Charlotte for a feature that ran last week…it was one of the more challenging things I have had to do lately and definitely got me out of my food comfort zone. To discover what I found and how I rated the food trucks, check out the article online here.

Also…A big thank you goes to Mark Kemp, Editor and Chief of Creative Loafing for featuring me on WBTV last week. The video is below along with a few more pics.

Talking to the owner of Cupcake Delirium…IMG 3306

One of my favorite finds – Cauliflower tacos and a side of black beans from Tin Kitchen.

IMG 3374 2

Here are the ingredients in the Pink & Chocolate vegan cupcakes (Carried by the Southern Cake Queen) – one of the better choices available for dessert.  I love the fact they use beet juice to color the strawberry cupcakes. I don’t like the use of canola oil, however.

IMG 3285

Have you tried any of the food trucks in Charlotte yet? I’d love to know what you think!

Keep on Truckin’ :)

Food Babe

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  1. Lisa

    We have an amazing vegan food truck in NJ/NYC called The Cinnamon Snail. Check it out!


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