Capri Sun Story & Bodum Juicer Giveaway

Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Lisa I., Powell E., and Heather P. for winning the Bodum Juicer giveaway! Ladies – check your email for details. If you didn’t win – This awesome citrus juicer is available here on

The more and more I hear about all of your lives (which I love, btw), the more questions I receive about how to live and act around family members who don’t agree with a healthy organic lifestyle. It’s not easy and I can tell you, even after several years of eating the way I do, I still struggle with it all the time.

We all know grandparents can seriously spoil grandchildren… and my Dad does exactly that to my nephews. He loves to see them smile no matter what and it’s this reason that he loves giving them free cookies at the grocery store (horrific, I know), carries candy in his pocket and allows them to eat pretty much whatever they desire. A few weeks ago, he decided it would be a great idea to give them Capri Sun and bought an entire box of the version labeled “25 % less sugar”… probably thinking it was a better option that the regular version.  While it did have less sugar – it was still obviously still full of crap and completely nutritionally void.

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The main ingredients consists of three things:

  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup – It’s the worst chemically processed and genetically modified sugar out there. Besides – fruit juice doesn’t need added sugar, it’s already naturally sweet all on its own.
  2. Natural Flavor – you know how I feel about this ingredient. Food companies use this “flavor” in less than nutritious substances to trick our taste buds into liking something we normally wouldn’t.
  3. Juice Concentrate – Which is a horribly processed product that does not contain the same nutrient value or flavor (hence why they add natural flavor back in) as fresh squeezed juice.  Alissa Hamilton wrote a fascinating book Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice that is a must read if you are a fan fruit juices.  After reading her discoveries about the OJ industry, you’ll have every reason to make fresh juice from now on.

As all this Capri Sun madness was unfolding last week…Bodum (one of my favorite brands!) coincidentally sent me one of their citrus juicers to review and instead of using it myself, I decided to immediately take it over to my parents and give it to my Dad. When I brought it in, I said the words “No more Capri Sun”! I am hoping it worked.

Lucky for you, Bodum also offered generously to give away a juicer to 3 lucky Food Babe readers! This juicer is perfect for squeezing lemons for Habit #1 everyday. This citrus juicer comes in a bunch of awesome colors. You will get to choose your color if you win.



To enter all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to Food Babe, “Like” Bodum’s Facebook page AND leave a comment below by 8pm EST on Tuesday, August 14th.

Also if you don’t win or want to browse other products from Bodum, they are giving FREE Shipping on $25+ Code: FRSHIP25 (Expires 8/25/12). I plan on using this deal to stock up on my favorite storage jars that I use for parfait porridge, hari shakes, and storing juices.

Thanks as always for being the best fans & readers… I love all of you!

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  1. Tisha

    Love the bright colors this juicer comes in!

  2. Sherry Hackney

    I have a Champion, but this looks so much easier to use for citrus!

  3. mimi

    I’ve been needing a juicer foe so long I can’t aford one
    it would really help me to a grat start to juicing and eating healthier
    thank you


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