Fast Food – The Quickest Organic Burrito You’ll Ever Make

My latest investigation has left me with Mexican food on the brain. When the craving hits, I never go to one of those fast food burrito places like Chipotle, Moe’s, Qdoba, or Salsaritas. It’s easy to stay away from these places knowing they use GMOs, food additives and other very questionable ingredients. Besides, it is far too easy to make a tasty 100% organic burrito at home and in a flash. A few amazing store bought ingredients mean I don’t have to make anything from scratch either. I can have a fresh burrito ready in a matter of minutes or pull one out of the freezer. (If I am lucky my husband hasn’t eaten the whole stash!)

IMG 4110

The main ingredients I use in my burritos are stellar even though they are store bought. Fast food burrito chains can’t even come close to this level of nutrition and quality.

Here are the details:

  • Field Day Organic Salsa is by far the best tasting salsa on the market. I love to make my own salsa, but I always have a jar of this on hand for emergencies. The salsa is super tangy, fresh, contains no added sugar and can be purchased in 3 different spice levels – mild, medium and hot.
  • Food for Life Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas are the only tortillas you’ll see me ever buy at the store. They are hands down the best on the market and contain zero additives and no cheap fillers. These tortillas are even more nutritious than the ones you can make from scratch at home with whole wheat flour because all of the grains are 100% sprouted whole and not processed into flour. (Fast Food Fact: Chipotle uses hydrogenated fats in their flour tortillas.)
  • Eden Foods Black Beans is one of the only organic no salt added and BPA free canned beans on the market. Eden Foods is an outstanding brand, one that I fully support and always keep in my pantry when making beans from scratch isn’t an option. (Fast Food Fact: Moe’s use GMOs to make their beans.)
  • Raw goat cheese is my favorite cheese to melt inside my burritos because it’s easy on the digestive system and hasn’t been pasteurized preserving all the beneficial enzymes, bacteria and nutrients.


It took me less than 7 mins to make 6 burritos. Here’s how I did it. Get Ready, Set, Go!

IMG 4111

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Food Babe’s Fast Food Burrito
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (if you want to eat burritos now)
  2. Place tortillas on top of parchment paper lined aluminum foil (this is an important step – you don’t want your food to touch the aluminum foil or to stick)
  3. Place ¼ cup of black beans on each tortilla
  4. Sprinkle chili powder on top of black beans (1 to 2 shakes)
  5. Add about a tablespoon of onion on top of beans
  6. Top each burrito with one tablespoon of salsa
  7. Shred raw goat cheese and top each burrito with a handful
  8. Roll and wrap each tortilla tightly
  9. If eating later: store burritos in a ziplock bag in the freezer until ready to use
  10. If eating now: pop burritos in oven on a rack
  11. Cooking time varies: fresh burritos take 10 mins, defrosted burritos take 20 mins, and frozen burritos take 30 mins (of course a microwave would be faster – but I do not use microwaves)
  12. Serve with avocado, romaine, sour cream, lime wedges and/or more salsa

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Please note: You can also make large burritos using the larger version of the Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas. I like making the smaller ones though, because I can eat one, two or even three based on my hunger level. The smaller ones are perfect for kids too and faster to warm up!

IMG 4116

Raw goat cheese is so fluffy when it’s been freshly shredded. Delicious!

IMG 4102

Remember to put some unbleached parchment paper between your food and aluminum foil when cooking just to be safe there isn’t any leeching of toxins at high temps. IMG 4106IMG 4121

Having a bag full of burritos in the freezer is a godsend for busy days. Hope you have as much fun as I do making them. I wonder if anyone will beat my 7 min record :)


Food Babe

P.S. Also you can see a video on how to make these bad boys here below in a cooking segment I did on NBC’s Charlotte Today…and also check out the Eating Guide Program that will help you plan more meals like this!

187 Responses to “Fast Food – The Quickest Organic Burrito You’ll Ever Make”

  1. Toni

    Chipotle does NOT use GMO products with one current exception – the chips & they are working on that. Much of what they have is organic as well, give them some credit for trying

    • Rose (to Toni)

      Yep, Chipotle is one of the best…their goal was to be gmo free by the end of 2014 and I inquired last time I went in and was told chips are no longer gmo. Please don’t knock them, they are trying!

    • Matt (to Toni)

      Chipotle might use organic ingredients, but their burritos are very far from being healthy. It seems that they attempt to give off this perception of being much healthier than they really are.

  2. Garrett

    I wish you were my mom growing up.

  3. Ron

    What is your opinion of Amy’s products like the Black bean burrito?

  4. Nicole

    Do you have any recommendations so that the Ezekiel Tortillas don’t break while pulling them apart? Mine alway seem to be stuck together. Just made & froze these…looking forward to trying them. Thanks!

    • Suzy (to Nicole)

      I use a butter knife in between each tortilla. Sometimes they split right apart, other times you have to gingerly move the knife around.

      • Beez (to Suzy)

        The last 2 packages I’ve bought have been stuck together like glue. Very depressing, given the price. I’m eating them in nasty clumps. :(

  5. Liz

    Any gluten free tortilla recs for burritos?

  6. Tahira

    Can anyone recommend a healthy gluten free tortilla that doesn’t taste like cardboard?

  7. Katie

    Saw this recipe awhile back, very similar to burritos I make at home. I never thought to freeze them, but now that I’m finishing up my degree I know I’ll have times where I won’t want to cook because I’ll be so busy with studying. How long do these typically last in the freezer? I’ve never been one to freeze homemade food, so I have no clue about the shelf-life of frozen homemade food…Thanks!

  8. Julie Calcao

    I wish you would allow us to pin either the recipe and/or the entire blog post :(

    • jackie r (to Julie Calcao)

      It took me awhile before I noticed this, but if you hover your mouse pointer over the picture in the recipe box, a Pinterest link comes up. Good luck!

  9. Bree

    These look amazing, but I am gluten-free. Is there a gluten-free tortilla you recommend so that I can make these? thx!

  10. Kathy

    For those seeking a gluten free substitute, has anyone tried cinque e cinque? The Trinidadian version is called roti, also made with chickpea flour, is more pliable than cinque e cinque. Not sure how either of them freezes, but they are tasty. I think whole foods has chickpea flour, but another commercially available product is made by Lucini.

  11. LeAnn Weaver

    Where can one get raw goat cheese without having your own goats or goatshare?

  12. Debbie Scharmen

    Whole Foods carries Alta Dena raw goat cheese. It’s wonderful. Arrowhead Mills has frozen Blue Corn tortillas. Fantastic taste!!

  13. Adeela

    Trader joes also has bpa free canned no salt added black beans. I called trader joes and even asked in store. The representatives said all cans are BPA free. While I know there a lot of products at trader joes too that we need to b careful of …but some of them are really good

  14. mykemp

    These were very good and i also added a tablespoon of cooked rice and some diced grilled chicken to each one….BUT, these tortillas never fail to split and tear as you roll them, causing the filling to leak out. Frustrating.

  15. Katie

    If you want an organic corn tortilla (if your gluten free) these are awesome. I really love heating them up in a skillet with some coconut oil. I’ve been getting them at shoppers lately in their “healthy” freezer case with the vegan, gluten free, organic frozen foods.


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