The Time is Now – Sprout Watch Giveaway

I first came across Sprout Watches while perusing the jewelry aisles at Nordstrom and I immediately fell in love.  Not being in the market for a new watch, I put my impulses aside and didn’t buy one at the time. To my luck, this awesome eco-friendly company was at the Natural Products Expo West show earlier this year and sent me a beautiful watch of my choice to review.

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First of all –  I love Sprout’s whimsical designs – especially the one on the watch I chose. Isn’t the bird super cute?!  The fact that they are the most eco-friendly watch on the market and are phthalate and lead free are just amazing. This watch is made so that it has the smallest impact on the earth and 80% of its material is biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. I like the fact that the watch itself is super light and it doesn’t feel like I am carrying around a dead weight on my arm. They make so many beautiful watches it was very hard for me to choose – they have mens, women’s and even kids watches.

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Sprout Watches has generously offered to giveaway 3 watches to 3 lucky readers. The best part – you also get to choose the watch you want from their website!

You Can Enter Two Times: (Deadline: Noon on September 19th, 2012)

1. SUBSCRIBE to Food Babe and leave a comment below

2. Donate to California’s Prop 37 Ballot Initiative to label genetically modified foods and send me your email confirmation to

Our only hope for getting genetically modified foods labeled in this country is in California right now. After the lack of knowledge and awareness I witnessed while talking to the leaders of our country last week – I know this more than ever now. Any effort to bring a federal mandate will start with the states doing this on their own and California is closer than ever. The time is now.

XOXO and Good Luck!

Food Babe

Sprout Watch

Contest is now closed. THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Prop 37 – The support you’ve sent already is just incredible!

Congratulations to Terry B., Liza M., and Tara E. for winning the Sprout Watch Giveaway. Please check your email for details. If you didn’t win – Sprout Watches are available on Amazon and at Nordstrom.

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  1. Robin Hewitt

    My 14 yr old daughter has been wanting one! They are very cute!


    I love what you are doing!!! thanks for all the great info you provide on eating REAL food!

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    LOVE that these watches are responsibly manufactured AND are super cute! :)

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    Love your page, very informative. Thank you !!

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    Love your page after 100 days of Real Dood shared your link on Proposition 37. The watches are all so cute!

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    watch me.

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    I subscribed! Thanks for all the great info you put out there!

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    Thank you for your efforts to inform and educate so we can be wiser, healthier people!


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