The Truth About PB2 & Powdered Peanut Butter

I’ve been getting the question “What do you think about PB2?” a lot lately on my Facebook page. PB2 is a powdered peanut butter, made by squeezing natural oils out of the peanut and then dehydrating what’s left, yielding a powder in which 90% of the fat is removed from the peanut.


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This is the truth about PB2 and why you’ll never see me eat this manufactured substitute for peanut butter:

      • PB2 Is Not Whole Real Food – When I talk about the foods I eat, I tell people I want to choose the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and PB2 is just not one of them. The beauty of a peanut is that it contains all of the nutrients nature intended. It has a healthy dose of fat, protein and vitamins.  PB2 extracts almost all of the essential monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, leaching the vitamin E content which is fat soluble, therefore reducing the nutritional content of the whole food. The fat is what keeps you satisfied and reduces cravings making just a tablespoon of real peanut butter so satisfying. This powdered form looks pretty clean when you review the ingredients, but it’s just another way for manufacturers to trick you into thinking less calories is better for you. They have to add a mixture of sugar and salt into the powder to make it taste better without the fat. I know I’d rather have the fat vs. the sugar and salt!


      • PB2 Is Not Organic – Conventional peanuts are some of the most heavily sprayed crops ever. The amount of toxic pesticides sprayed on peanuts is suspected to have caused the increase in peanut allergies.  As you know, peanuts have a very thin and porous outer layer and shell that allows toxins in easily. These toxins are not something you can wash off. Remember increased exposure to pesticides are linked to birth defects, nerve damage and cancer. The President’s Cancer Panel has urged us not to consume food sprayed with pesticides and doesn’t believe any amount is safe.


      • PB2 Has Added Sugar – It might not be that much added sugar but knowing what refined sugar does to my mind and my body – I try to avoid it at all costs unless it’s a special occasion. I eat nut butter almost everyday so I make sure that my variety is sugar free and made from whole organic nuts. Also, this sugar could be made from genetically modified sugar beets. 


      • Peanuts May Contain Aflatoxin – The mold that is frequently present in peanuts creates a carcinogen called Aflatoxin. This chemical has been shown to cause liver cancer in developing countries where there is a large consumption of corn, peanuts and grains grown without strict regulation of the quality of soil. Here in the United States, the FDA allows aflatoxin into our food system at varying levels. This is just not something I want to consume on a regular basis, even in small “approved” doses. For people who have had cancer or already have compromised liver function, you should really consider this information. This is why I choose to only eat Jungle Peanuts if I have a choice, because they are grown in an environment and harvested in a way that does not produce this toxin.


    • And… Almond Butter is Better For Your Health – According to this analysis taken from Prevention, almond butter has 69% more calcium, twice as much fiber, 86% more iron, and 169% more vitamin E than peanut butter.

Screen Shot 2012 09 17 at 9 27 31 AM

And just in case you ask – I like Tree of Life Organic Almond Butter and Once Again Organic Almond Butter. In both these products, the oil stays nicely mixed in when kept in the refrigerator, it’s extra creamy, raw and delicious – more than any other 100% pure almond butter I’ve ever tasted. A lot of stores don’t carry these brands, but if you live in Charlotte, you can find them both at Healthy Home Market.

I hope I didn’t burst anyone’s bubble about PB2… Just remember when a product seems too good to be true, it probably is!

What’s your favorite nut butter?

Food Babe

P.S. If you know someone who’s eating PB2, please share this post with them. 

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312 Responses to “The Truth About PB2 & Powdered Peanut Butter”

  1. Maria

    I don’t like peanuts or peanut butter but I love almond butter. I started to have a whole grain toast (15 grains, organic) with almond butter for breakfast and it’s not just delicious, but I will not snack at all in the morning. I will have some greens salad for lunch with a lean organic meet or fish, and/or quinoa and no snacks until 6:00 pm, when I get home, I will have a fruit or two (organic) and another toast like the one I had for breakfast and a cup of tea. I drink lots of water the whole day. I started walking almost every day for about an hour a day. I’ve lost 13 pounds in 13 days. I went to have my physical this week, and my high bad cholesterol is now in the normal range, my blood sugar is normal as well (I always had hypoglycemia) my hair is so soft and shiny and my skin is now more clear than ever before. I just needed to loose 15 pounds so I still have two more to go, but my doctor was really impressed with my progress. By the way, I am 51.

  2. DeeToo

    I think the problem with regular peanuts is pretty widely known (maybe not thought by reading some of these comments). While I love peanut butter and do buy organic, I try to make my own almond butter and cashew butter at home. Cashew is the easiet. And it is SOOOOO much cheaper than buying it already made. I have never tried PB2… just didn’t look like food to me? If you want a nut butter why not just decrease the amount? or if you buy natural style, just don’t mix in the fat?

  3. Chabe

    Thanks for sharing this info! Any thoughts on hazelnut butter? I buy the organic kind I course

  4. Michelle Heaps

    Vani, above you state that your Almond Butter is raw. How can that be. My understanding is: due to a mandate set by the Food & Drug Admin in the US, almonds must be processed. It is very difficult to purchase truly raw almonds. I’ve been told that you can find places which sell small amounts of actual raw almonds. Oh, and the F&DAdmin provided some little loop hole which enables organic almonds to be labelled as raw inspite of them having been “processed”.
    Do you know anything contrary to this?

    • Deena (to Michelle Heaps)

      This is for sure true in the state of California. I don’t know if it is true for the entire US. In California you can’t sell more than 25 lbs. of almonds if they have not been processed in some way to kill bacteria on them. They just love spoiling all of the good food in the name of killing bacteria. It seems to me most of the outbreaks are with the industrial food complex.

  5. dawnied

    I’m obsessed with cashew butter! Its mild and sweet I luv it!

  6. gena

    I love sunbutter! It’s my favorite

  7. Meg Heineken

    I have been eating Maranatha Sunflower Butter & it’s one of the better tasting ones to me, but what are your thoughts, Vani, on it?

  8. Leo

    PB2 is a brilliant scam. It is the leftovers from making peanut oil, a huge commercial commodity. Before they put this crap in a jar, they sold it by the ton as animal feed.

    • Wade Young (to Leo)

      Actually…PB2 was created as a result of a peanut surplus several years ago and was never sold by the ton for animal feed. It was specifically made to take the place of high calorie peanut butter.

  9. Wendy

    I have a great recipe for peanut butter brownies that calls for 1 cup of PB2. I was just about to go out and buy this stuff, so glad i saw this article first. What could I substitute for the 1 cup of PB2…..regular peanut butter, and would I use 1 cup?

  10. Chris

    Now I’m questioning the Earth Balance PB I eat daily…

  11. Jen

    Lately all I’ve been doing at our local Good Food Store is freshly grinding peanuts w/their machine & eating it plain. I don’t have an actual brand anymore. I did try almond butter for awhile, but just could never acquire a taste for it. If I put it on something sweet, like an apple, it worked okay – just never wild about it unless it was mixed w/jelly or honey.

  12. Sean Ward

    Hello FB, just wondering your opinion on Justins Almond Butter? Met these guys at Expo West, hearts seem in a good place, I know its not sourced organically but…

  13. patti newby

    I eat and love the 7 seed and nut butter peanut free called nutzo. I get it at whole foods. I love how a woman adopted children that were nutrient deficient and invented it. You can get it with peanuts and it also comes with dark chocolate. What do you think about Nutzo Vani?

  14. Dan

    So, almond butter is more nutritious. What about the warnings/claims regarding almonds truly being seeds and not nuts (proper), and therefore potentially hazardous? We wouldn’t eat apple seeds, for instance. Might you elaborate on this?

    • Andrej (to Dan)

      I’m truly confused. Why on earth would you not eat apple seeds??

      • Andrej (to Andrej)

        Ha Ha! Just like “they” used to say that eating more than 3 eggs per week would kill you, and now we know better… I ALWAYS eat seeds of ALL the fruits I consume (when I eat apples it is alwas a minimum of 5 pieces of fruit with ALL their seeds).. also, I have personally eaten amounts of apricot kernels mentioned in the article that are supposed to be “LETHAL”…

  15. Jenna

    Any thoughts on Trader Joe ‘ s Raw Almond Butter? I bought it because it was significantly cheaper than some of the other brands but am curious to know if saving my money was worth it.

  16. guy

    I read you all the time and I agree with you on almost everything and I agree that I like Almond Butter better, but the example of the Peanut Butter you do like is way out of line. Amazon wants $62 for 2 ounces. Thats too much! Ill pass on that one!

    • Bev B (to guy)

      The 2 brands V recommended on Amazon – one came in a 3 jar quantity (I think it was about $30 a jar) and the other in a 12 jar quantity with free shipping. That one came to $15.66 a jar. But you have to buy 12 jars. Seems the nutrients would be lost by the time you ate it all. Gonna look at making it – but if the Almonds are not truly raw (I live in CA) I’m not sure what to do. :-/

  17. Raj

    Maranatha Organic Raw almond Butter

  18. Bill

    - What do you have to say regarding Almonds not really being organic or raw in the US because of laws requiring pasteurizing them.
    - Secondly if that is still better than peanut butter let us know, but what is the situation with phytic acid? I heard you are not supposed to eat more than 7 almonds per day because of this. What can you tell us about the phytic acid present in unsoaked and unsprouted almonds present in every almond butter I’ve ever seen.

    Thank you for the Post!

  19. Kevin Smith

    PB2 is AWESOME. This review paints a negative picture of it.

    Everything said here is correct, by removing the fat you remove most of the vitamins + etc. Not to mention that the monounsaturated fat that is removed is actually good for you. I’m a fan of fat in my diet. I think we unfairly bais toward low fat foods.

    HOWEVER. PB2 serves an entirely different purpose from peanut butter. Peanut butter is not a good protien source, there are two many calories for it to be used as such. Peanut butter is primarily a monounsaturated fat source with protien as a bonus.

    PB2 though, much like the egg white is to the egg, is a FANTASTIC source of protien. Seriously I mix this stuff with everything and it is delicious. I have no problem hitting my protien goals now and it’s thanks to PB2. I have also on occasion cut peanut butter with it to produce something I can snack on that has more volume, the results are amazing.

    The added sugar is a bummer, but only marginally so since theres like 1 gram per serving (of 12 grams). Which still leaves the majority of the macros split pretty evenly between fat, protein and carbs (protein being the highest). I would like a product without the sugar removed because frankly it’s pointless, I can add sugar if I want but currently there are no lower priced alternatives to PB2.

    So yeah. Buy it for the right reasons I guess.


  20. Gina R (to Steve Austin)

    Thank You for this comment. I agree with you!

  21. hlj (to Steve Austin)

    Dear Shane,

    Thank you for your information on this product.I was wondering about PB2. I appreciate you taking your time to help others:)

    Respectfully, would you kindly change “less calories” to “fewer calories” in your information? The word “less” is for non-count nouns and “fewer” for nouns that you can count. For example, “less sand” or “less peanut butter” (You wouldn’t want to count each grain) and “fewer calories” (I don’t like counting ‘em but… chubby me has to do this!)

    Most Sincerely,


  22. Amber Wilhoit (to Gina R)

    Do you realize you said defecate and not deficit? Interesting…anyway, if you think 2+2=4 always where metabolism is concerned, you have a lot to learn.

  23. Gina R. (to Amber Wilhoit)

    I think your reply was maybe to Steve, but it posted in response to me.

  24. Shane (to Amber Wilhoit)

    Amber if you think that pb2 is bad for you than I believe you should stop going off of BroScience like this article and go and find some real scientific proof.

  25. Amber Wilhoit (to Shane)

    Shane, I’m sorry. Did I say PB2 was bad for me? I don’t recall saying that. I believe you are putting words in my mouth. I do believe that nature’s way of making the peanut is perfect and doesn’t need changing. I don’t have time for the back-and-forth. I talk nutrition all day long in my full-time job. Good day.

  26. shae (to Shane)

    Amber didn’t say its bad for you, I did. So now go take your uneducated peanut for a brain to the chemical, toxic and MSG sites where you and your kind belong. You are out numbered on the Food Babes site…… buddy boy!!!!

  27. Youarenotsmart (to Sternberg)

    At least she practices correct spelling.

  28. Cheryl (to hlj)

    THANK YOU!!! I love when other people notice these things! I work in a college reading and writing lab, and this makes me very happy!

  29. Andrej (to hlj)

    Where do you get the idea that chubby people need to count calories? Why?

  30. Shae (to Rach)

    If you’re so against the so called Food Police, which by the way the Food Babe isn’t, then why even come on her site. Why don’t you just go over to the chemical, toxins, MSG sites and worry about polluting yourself. Its people like you that don’t understand and don’t want to understand what is in our food supply. You also don’t want to understand how these chemicals are so toxic and do your body harm. You might be one of the lucky few that don’t notice any effects but believe me, you are and you will. Sure, anyone could go out and get hit by your bus but stop being so negative and live your life to the fullest and that means understanding what is good and what is bad. Take it for what its worth…..

  31. Danna (to Rach)

    Why are you on this site if you don’t care about food or what goes into you body? This site is all about food and health. So she was asked about a product and she answered the question, I don’t understand your opposition. Maybe if you spent some time understanding food then maybe you’d figure out the the world hunger things. Just saying.

  32. The Food Doll (to Rach)

    Hey Rach! Just wondering….WHY are you on this page?? Seriously. Why are you here?? Just to quote your stupidity, saying, “Eat whichever kind of peanut butter you’d like.” Are you kidding? If you can’t comprehend the dangers of the toxins found in pesticides and used on peanuts and understand how detrimental it is to your health then that’s really unfortunate. But don’t waste the Food Babe’s time with your uneducated comments.

  33. The Food Doll (to Shae)

    Right On Shae!! Very nicely said!!!


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