California Needs Us – Please Volunteer With Me

I know Saturday night is a strange time to send out a post – but it’s urgent. I just received a call from the California Right to Know campaign and they need out of state help asap.

As you might be seeing and hearing – the vote on Proposition 37 to label GMO’s is going to be a close race – closer than anyone thought. Over 41 million dollars is being spent by the opposition to saturate the airwaves and spread misinformation.

We need your help now – even if you don’t live in California.


200 PHONE VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY NEEDED TO MAKE 10 PHONE CALLS EACH: With just over 2 weeks to go until the election, we are in the home stretch…every vote is going to matter!

Short call lists are being put together to call NEW VOLUNTEERS in CA and get them out on the streets, talking to voters. Pamm Larry (The grandmother who started this all!) would like the calls to be made on Sunday – that’s tomorrow, October 21st.

To keep this manageable, the call lists are short. ONLY 10 CALLS PER LIST! If you can do more than 10, that’s great!! This should be relatively painless and not take too much of your time.

Please email this address asap if you can help.

I’ve already signed up – please join me and spread the word. We need MANY volunteers to win this!

Thank you!

Food Babe

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17 Responses to “California Needs Us – Please Volunteer With Me”

  1. Kim Parrish

    It is not letting me get the address since I use a yahoo account…any way that you can post it so I can see the address…thanks!

  2. Jennifer "jenjen" Merle

    Who are we calling and where? I maybe can help..

    • Food Babe (to Jennifer "jenjen" Merle)

      We are calling 10 people in california to organize them to help on the ground… if you can call tomorrow – please email – They will send you all the instructions. Thank you so much for inquiring!

  3. Nicole Rogers

    I cast my ballot and have my sign out! I hope Cali can get this done!

  4. Jasanna

    Who are the 10 people we’re calling? Just curious :)

  5. Aurora

    I live in California and I’m telling everyone I know to vote yes for Prop 37!

  6. Joanna Hiller

    I signed up last night but haven’t heard anything- do you know what the plan is?

    • Food Babe (to Joanna Hiller)

      Have you heard anything yet? Thanks for everything Joanna ….. I just made my 10 calls and it feels so good!

      • Joanna Hiller (to Food Babe)

        I still haven’t heard anything- I’m antsy to call! I’ll check my spam box- maybe there is an email in there?

  7. Lori in CT

    Today is my birthday, but I signed up anyway to make my 10 phonecalls to connect more Prop 37 volunteers to the campaign and get them in touch with their team leaders. I cannot think of a more reqarding birthday gift to give myself than to know I could make a little bit of difference from across our continent, acting as a liason in this war against GMOs. V, thanks for putting the link up to allow me this privilege. Your website is a constant source of enlightenment and joy.
    Lori in CT

  8. Alina D

    I am from California and I have all my frieds, family and co-workers vote YES on PROP 37. I pray that we win!!! Its all in Gods hands.

  9. Diahann

    I would gladly make calls promoting the passing of Prop 37. If it passes in California, New York is not far behind. I don’t want to suffer death by food. I just hope it’s not too late. Thanks for this fab website!


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