Alter Eco Giveaway, Prop 37, & My Latest Investigation

I’ve got three very important things to share with you this Halloween!

#1 – An Awesome Organic Chocolate Giveaway

If you have never tried Alter Eco Organic Chocolate before – here’s your chance! Alter Eco is hands down my favorite indulgence right now. I like it so much that I cannot keep it in the house because it will be gone in a matter of minutes!

Alter Eco Chocolate is sustainable, fair trade, organic and Non-GMO project certified. Their chocolates do not contain added fillers like “soy lecithin” and other junk you find in typical popular chocolate brands.  I like every single flavor I’ve tried so far – but the Dark Coconut Toffee, Dark Mint and Dark Quinoa Crunch are tied for the win.

I reached out to Alter Eco last week because our next vacation is taking us to Peru & Ecuador in South America where they harvest and produce many of their products. I am hoping to spend part of my vacation to learn more about superfoods like Quinoa (which Alter Eco also makes) that I eat every week. And I wanted to thank them personally for supporting and donating to the Yes on Prop 37 – the campaign to label genetically modified foods in California.

During our conversation – I asked if they would be willing to host a giveaway…. they were more than thrilled and generously accepted!

Alter Eco will be sending a gift basket with an assortment of all their chocolates to 10 readers!  I absolutely can’t wait to hear what you think of all of the different variations and if they will become your favorite too.

You can enter to win up to three times:  (Deadline: Midnight on November 5th, 2012)

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3. Sign up to call California voters to vote Yes on Prop 37 Ballot Initiative to label genetically modified foods. If you sign up – please just leave another comment. (Optional)

 #2 – The Latest on Proposition 37 

We have less than a week before voting day and the race to label genetically modified ingredients in California is way behind in the polls according to the latest numbers. A few months ago – Prop 37 would have passed with flying colors with over 69% in favor – but now the vote is behind. The Pepperdine University Poll shows 50% against, and 39% in favor. Yes – you read that right. This is getting SCARY.

It’s Us vs. Them. Big chemical and junk food companies are spending over a million dollars a day to confuse voters and convince them to vote against their own interests. They are buying votes with television ads and by telling A LOT of LIES.

We must do everything we can to prevent this, the results of this vote is going to matter to all of us and will likely snowball to label genetically engineered foods across the United States. The USA Today reported just this week –  “Because most processed foods are shipped regionally or nationally, many companies would have to label much of what they make or reformulate their products to take out genetically engineered ingredients” – “They’ll just have to do it across the board.”

The Federal Government is not going to label GMOs  – the states will have to decide – and California right now is our only hope.

If there’s anything you can do to support the Yes on Prop 37 campaign – whether it be a donation or your time to make phone calls to California voters – I know it could really make a difference, we need all hands on deck!

I plan on signing up for several shifts this week – who’s going to join me?

#3 – My Latest Investigation on 100 Days of Real Food

Last but not least, check out my latest investigation “Death by Chocolate.” If anyone has ever bought you a box of Godivas, you’ll definitely want to read this.

Happy Halloween!

Food Babe


Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Julie, Trisha, Maegen, Erica, Scott, Ana, Jesse, Teresa, Stesse, Cheryl for winning the Alter Eco Organic Chocolate giveaway! Ladies – check your email for details. If you didn’t win – This awesome chocolate is available here online.

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