Join GMO Inside: National Initiative To Help All Americans Take Action On Genetically Engineered Foods

A couple of months ago I was quoted saying that if California’s Proposition 37 didn’t pass – I’d get sick to my stomach. Well, that’s exactly what happened as I watched the returns come in on Tuesday Night. I went to bed numb and admittedly sad knowing it was going to require much more work to change the food system in this country.

However, I woke up the next morning with a renewed sense of hope – I thought – what is the ultimate goal of labeling anyways? I and so many millions of other people who became informed about GMOs as a result of this campaign, would likely stop buying GMOs all together if they were labeled, right?  So that’s actually what this movement should be about. The ultimate goal should be to completely eliminate GMOs from our food supply. Labeling is just one way to get there – but there’s another way – a way that empirical evidence has proven to get us there faster.

We have power as consumers. Power that can not be underestimated. If consumers can change the unscrupulous ways companies operate by sharing information on social media about non-organic ingredients in organic yogurt,  pink slime in hamburger meat, bugs in frappuccinos at Starbucks and requesting cage-free eggs at Burger King for example – Imagine if all the people (4.3 million) who voted for labeling of GMOs in California + everyone else engaged in this country were to take collective action directly hitting the bottom line of the very chemical and junk food companies that led the misinformation campaign in California. What if we were able to send these companies a louder message – a message even bigger than 4.3 million votes? That’s what the GMO Inside campaign was developed to do. Launched today, GMO Inside is a national campaign created to propel the momentum of Prop 37 and to “show corporations that people will not complacently serve as lab rats for the testing of genetically engineered foods.”

GMO Inside steering committee members include Food Democracy Now!, Green America, Institute of Responsible Technology, FoodBabe (me), Nature’s Path and Nutiva.

This coalition will mobilize Americans to take action in their homes, grocery stores, and communities to call attention to genetically engineered foods. GMO Inside will lead consumers to ultimately boycott the companies that want to keep us from knowing what’s in our food. Hitting their bottom line is the only way we can collectively make a significant change to our food system without legislation. If people stop buying GMOs, companies will stop using them.

I am deeply touched at the amount of encouragement and support you have already given to me regarding my passion for this issue. I hope that you will also join the GMO Inside campaign, sign up on the website and follow us on social media:

This is only the beginning…

Food Babe

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38 Responses to “Join GMO Inside: National Initiative To Help All Americans Take Action On Genetically Engineered Foods”

  1. Alexis

    Glad you are staying positive and continuing to move forward!! We all have a right to know what we are eating. Keep it up!! Someone ;) in PA is behind you in this!!!!

  2. Kerry

    Label It WA in Washington State is currently working on I-522 – similar to California’s proposition.

    If we can’t get it started in California, we will hopefully get it started soon in another state.

  3. Margaret Jensen

    all food should be labled in all states, and no GMO ever in anything we eat

    • Food Babe (to Margaret Jensen)

      Yes – exactly! I like your conviction Margaret.

  4. elise

    I cannot wait to get started! I am ready I just need help.with where to start and how to start. I know a few people that care about GMOs here in Louisiana but SO many people are in the dark. I am ready to assemble and get some projects going so that people can get in the know about GMOs! I’m signing up NOW!

    • whitney (to elise)

      Elise, I just moved to the baton rouge area and am also looking to doing some activism for labeling GMOs. Maybe we could trade info and get things started… contact me at

      • Edwige (to whitney)

        Hi, I recently moved to Lafayette, LA. I would love to help in any way. Please let me know. Thanks.

  5. Daniel

    If consumers aren’t allowed to know which products contain GMOs, maybe we could shift our focus to knowing (and buying) products that proudly display they are GMO-free! I look for the label from this group when I’m grocery shopping:

  6. Laury (The Fitness DIsh)

    I have been waiting ALL DAY for your announcement!!! I was so worked up over this whole thing. I can’t believe that when I woke up Wed (thinking by some miracle something would change) that we lost. I looked down at my 18 month daughter and a lump formed in my throat thinking about the future of our food and this country. I wrote up two posts, my hands were shaking! We just need to fight….I say we march Washington right to Michelle Obama’s organic garden!

    I can not wait to get started! thank you so much for all you do!

    Our voices count!

    They are so afraid of us. Us consumers are so very powerful. The more people learn, the less pwer we give them!

    Off to check out the website!!!

    PS–I read something about placing stickers on food items in the stores ourselves? Can we get in serious trouble for that if caught? Because–I love the idea!

    • Cathy Stadler (to Laury (The Fitness DIsh))

      I was so upset when I learned that I had been giving my 17 month old son GMO formula for 12 months, that I decided to create some flyers and post them in stores. I was thinking stickers but afraid of the consequences, esp since there are cameras everywhere. I plan to keep making flyers and keep sending the message. I also created a blog… I’m starting small, but I think word of mouth is very powerful.

      also there are so many new product offerings by the big food companies that promise all natural, or the “simply” brands. I think when people start shifting to buying more organic, they’ll have no choice but to do the same. My grocery store has so many organic options and they keep adding all the time. They even opened a speciality store here in Charlotte. So it seems to me that we’re heading in that direction… but if we keep talking about this to our friends and other moms, we can hopefully cause the change to happen faster.

  7. Zee Ali

    As our community rebounds, what is learned is three simple things.


    To express Soulful Knowledge, one can provide a path for Soulful Health. To express Soulful Health, one can provide a path for Soulful Love.

    With our unique journey, I am excited to share the beauty and connection of food. Food provides a connection within one another, and more important, how food connects with us and to our world.

  8. Kelly

    Before I stumbled across your site I thought I was informed about food. Now I feel more confused then ever but glad to be questioning the foods my family eats.

  9. Christina

    This news is so exciting and gives me hope. My family is definitely in. I don’t want my children to be science experiments. In fact, I believe we need to take care of our future and that can only happen if we eliminate GMO foods.

  10. Amy

    We’re with you Food Babe!!!

  11. Dana

    I want GMOInside to add Instagram to their social media platforms! That’s the only one I’m on most every day, and it is gaining momentum in a huge way! I think the visual images could have big impact too! Thanks for this update and for all you do! This is going to be a fantastic way to educate people! I am shocked at the number of people who still have NO idea this is in their food. Let’s roll…..

  12. Jennifer

    This is a great idea!! We need to do this for our children’s future. I won’t let my kids down!! A mom from New Jersey is with you 100%.

  13. silvia alvarez

    got my support!!

  14. mary youmans

    I was feeling much the same as you. I went to bed lil sad but awoke thinking we didn’t loose by much and think of the big fat companies we were up against. I wasn’t aware of any of this until you opened my eyes. I’m right there with you now….passionate as all get out. How dare they! Thanks Food Babe. I signed up with GMO Inside and now I’m in search of no gmo bumperstickers. I’m going to do all that I can to get the word out there. You have inspired me.

  15. Queen Bahati

    I know that the movement will continue it is just a matter of time you can only lie for so long the truth will be reviled we should have a massive boycott and just don’t buy food that’s. not label and buy organic . we will win the war its not over this is a new beginning and yes we should have a massive movement and keep it rolling we will win everything is in divine order!

  16. Marsha

    I joined last night! I also emailed Coalition of States for GMO Labeling to find out the contact information for Michigan. I really want to join the fight in my home state! I was so happy to see Michigan on the list of 30 states that have joined. If anyone would like to see the list of states they are on Living Maxwell’s post from yesterday The coalition is still in the process of setting up their website so in the meantime you can email them at

    Thank you Food Babe for all of the work you are doing! We can definitely make this happen if we all join the fight! Power in numbers!!!!!!

  17. Kathy

    I felt so awful that Prop 37 did not pass. Since reading about GMO’s within this past year, I have been researching it more to see how to get them out of my diet. I am definitely in favor of food labeling, not just for GMO’s but all ingredients that are “hidden” in our foods that could be detrimental to our health. However, my one concern and problem is, I live in a very small Northeastern town, with one small grocery store and a Wal-Mart. These are 15 miles from where I live. I drive about 50 miles maybe once a month or so to a Wegmans to get specific food items, as I am vegan, so I try to stock up on items certified Non-GMO. What I find frustrating is finding foods locally, whether in my local grocery store, convenience store or restaurant, that I can “grab” when on the go. I don’t always have time to prep my food and need to be able to pick things up when rushed, and its nearly impossible where I live. Prop 37 would have maybe helped somewhat with this, but my stores locally simply don’t stock organic items or specialty items. I try really hard for a time and just get so frustrated with not having the food available, I end up grabbing what I know is not healthy. I hope people become more aware of the GMO issue and actually CARE to make a difference. I commend you for your efforts. I pray they pay off!!

  18. Gary

    Thanks for all you’re doing Food Babe. If there is anything prop 37 has taught us, is that we need to have a sustained, long-term campaign to inform people about their health and the environmental impacts of growing GMOs. Calling out and boycotting the big chemical companies and others who supported a ‘no’ on 37 is a good beginning:

  19. Brittany Ardito

    When I heard Prop 37 didn’t pass, my heart sunk and I felt defeated as a mother. Even though I do not live in California, I knew that Prop 37 would mean there is hope for the rest of us. It seems like it is getting harder every day to buy truly healthy, non-GMO food for my 4 year old daughter, my husband & myself. Thank you so much for all you have done for the Non-GMO initiative and I am really excited about this new GMO Inside Campaigne.

  20. Pedrito Alfaro

    This remainds me of what Mr. Martin Luther King did years ago, during The Civil Rights Movement, ordering all his folowers to walk to work, instead of taking the bus to go to work.
    We should all do exactly the same, by not baying their products.
    My best to all of you, Pedrito.

  21. Robin

    My husband and I really enjoyed meeting you at the Fresh Expo in Charlotte and enjoyed your talk on GMO’s. My husband is the one who sent you the email about Taotoe. Anyway, like you, I was very disappointed that Prop 37 did not pass. I had spread the word to all my friends and family out in CA to vote yes but it just wasn’t enough. It is very scary and sad how money and false ads can buy an election. It is also scary how people I know either have no clue what a GMO is or they don’t understand why I won’t eat them and why I want them labeled! When I try to explain things to them…they look at me like a deer in headlights. How can you not agree with labeling these GMO’s so you can make an informed choice on what you put in your body!! I joined the campaign and am looking forward to finding out more info and what we can do to help. Keep up the good work and fight the fight….we are all behind you and together, we will get these labeled or stopped being usedll together!!

  22. Gary

    Thanks for all the work you are doing Foodbabe.

  23. Lisa Koleszar

    Vani, I love that you are remaining positive! With the articles you have posted over the months about GMOs I have been able to educate those around me about the dangers of GMOs and the way the food industry is squashing our desire to know what is in our food. Keep up the awesome work!

  24. George Denecke

    I don’t get it. From corn to wheat to broccoli I can’t think of a cultivated food that hasn’t been genetically modified. Corn started out as a few species of grass in Mexico. Why do people think this is harmful?

    • Zen Honeycutt (to George Denecke)

      George You are thinking of hybrids. Food has been altered within similar species but not until 15 years ago did they GENETICALLY Modify food by injecting pesticide into the DNA of the food via a bacteria. This process changes the DNA in ways we cannot predict and becomes a completely foreign substance that the body sees as a foreign invader. This causes inflammation in the stomach and inflammation leads to ulcers, stomach cancer, allergies, IBS, and the stomachs in children with autism look just like the stomachs of pigs that eat GM soy, inflammed red etc. the stomach is our first line of defense of our entire immune system. There has been a huge spike in auto immune diseases. ER visits, life threatening, by children alone have risen 265%. It is a big deal. Our kids could die from food. And rats have shown to be sterile from GM food by the third generation. This is teh most important issue of future generations in history.

  25. Drema

    This is my stance;

    If I do not know ~ I will not buy…
    If not organic ~ I will pass by…
    What I can ~ I will grow…
    Build from scratch ~ so I WILL know…!!!

  26. Maryse

    I’m with you FoodBabe! Thank you so much for continuing the fight. I know this will be successful in the end.

  27. Frank R Car

    Fight Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Zen Honeycutt

    Foodbabe you rock! I will be there Sunday and have a Moms March I want to talk to you about! We need to raise awareness locally and nationally simultaneously and MOMS can do that! We are just getting started in educating people! The Dalai Lama said ” Western women will change the world.” That’s us and every one who supports us!

  29. Sunday Feser

    I�m impressed, I have to say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that�s both educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you may have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the problem is something that not enough persons are speaking intelligently about. I am very comfortable that I stumbled across this in my search for something regarding this.

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