Bodum Discount & Blender Giveaway

Last week I received a new blender sent to me by Bodum. If you have been reading Food Babe for a while now – you know I am absolutely in LOVE with their products. I’ve used them for years and I especially love their french presses, storage jars and double walled mugs.

Bodum Collage 2

Although I already have a blender – I am always curiously excited to test new ones out. I am pretty sure I’ve gone through at least 5 blenders in my adult life…I’m either really good at breaking them or really bad at picking them out.

So I ended up giving this Bodum Blender a try to make my infamous Hari Shake because I feel like that would be the true test – whether a blender can grind up all those leafy greens and celery stalks without giving me trouble. To my delight – the shakes ended up coming out perfect…

Smooth, creamy and delicious!


Bodum priced their blender on the more affordable range of $140 – it’s nice to have options when it comes to buying a good one without breaking the bank. And so far – I haven’t broken this one yet  :)

Bodum has generously offered to give away a blender to two lucky Food Babe Readers! The best part – if you win, you get to choose your color. I chose the white one – which is really sleek.

Bodum Collage

To enter the giveaway, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for Food Babe updates  – you get a personal letter from me each time I post with insights only subscribers see and hear…
  2. Like” Bodum North America on Facebook.
  3. AND leave a comment below by Wednesday, February 6th. 

As a bonus Bodum is giving a discount to all Food Babe Readers for a limited time. This is the perfect occasion to stock up on double walled glasses and storage jars… I plan on doing this myself – (I broke one of my storage jars this morning! Almond milk went everywhere. Ahhhhh!).

  • Link: Bodum – 10% off purchases of $50 dollars or more
  • Code: FOODBABE
  • Expires: 2/11/2012

And – If you know someone who needs a new blender or loves Bodum products – share this giveaway & discount with them. I’m sure they would be very appreciative, especially if they win.

Good Luck!

Food Babe

Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Jennifer P. and Megan H. for winning the Bodum giveaway!

Jennifer P on February 4, 2013 at 10:45 am said:
I’d love to try some healthy green drinks in this new blender!

Megan H. on February 4, 2013 at 1:12 pm said:
Thanks for this giveaway! I’m in grad school, and trying to eat healthfully on a college budget is not always easy. Being able to blend my own smoothies would be so helpful, but I can’t afford a quality blender that won’t break right away! Fingers crossed….

If you didn’t win – Remember Bodum is giving 10% off a 50 dollar purchase until 2/11/2013.

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1,948 Responses to “Bodum Discount & Blender Giveaway”

  1. Angelica Marbain

    A new blender would be a dream come true. I just moved into a new home and have been in the market for a blender, but for some reason keep putting off the purchase. My favorite thing to use blenders for are puréed soups in the winter! Bodum you are so kind for giving a blender away, pick me… Oh please!

    • Angelica Marbain (to Angelica Marbain)

      Oh yes and I’ve been really wanting to try Food Babes recipe for pistachio milk (-:

  2. Emily

    Just liked them on FB… and would REALLY like a new blender… I’ve had the same one for about 6 years and it’s just not getting the job done anymore… but its hard to shell out the cash when I have a new puppy that I’m spending so much $$ each month!! Thanks!

  3. Lori Sume

    that would be so great to try the new blender. and thanks for your blog. love reading it!

  4. Aubrey Komorowski

    Love it!

  5. Katie

    Oooo! I use a Magic Bullet blender everyday for my shakes and I need an upgrade! Plus Bodum comes in awesome colors that will help keep my kitchen looking good!

  6. Kimberly

    Wow – This sounds great. I’m in the market for a new blender as we speak.

  7. Paula Freeman

    I love trying new o products out! I love reading your articles and investigations as well!

  8. Meara

    Oh i would love a new blender!! I have a magic bullet right now but it just does not do the trick! Smoothies are my go to breakfast!

  9. Kathy

    I’ve been receiving your fb updates for a year now. Love them. I “liked” Bodum a few months ago. :)

  10. Amy Miller

    Our blender just died and this would be a welcome surprise! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and love reading your updates!

  11. Kristin

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Kristen

    Looks awesome, cant wait to try it and I love your healthy recipes! :)

  13. Marsha

    Love Bodum!

  14. Pam L

    Would love a new blender!

  15. alix

    As a college student, smoothies are one of my go tos for a nutritious and quick snack. I love frozen fruit, flax seed, protein powder, fresh fruit, yogurt and juice! Forever experimenting and learning about newer healthy options to add too. Really hope to be able to make your green shake with a new blender and to be able to ditch the magic bullet i have!

  16. Torri

    I blender would be awesome! The base from the one I had got switched with a roommates while moving and now mine no longer works:( This would be a great replacement!

  17. Janna

    I’ve never owned a blender before and I have been wanting to try all of the smoothie/juice recipes. Looks like a really nice blender!

  18. michelle

    I love your site! Ive been telling everyone about it. A new blender would be great since mine is about to kick the bucket.

  19. Tara

    This blender looks great! Have been wanting to invest in a blender and haven’t done so yet. Would LOVE to win this!

  20. Keri

    I have already subscribed to Bodum on Facebook and would love love love a new blender!!!!! Thanks Foodbabe!!

  21. Shelly

    I would LOVE a new blender…..mine is a 20 year old wedding gift that gets used daily.

  22. Melissa A

    Oh this would make me happy in so many ways – and they are so good-looking! Perhaps the winners can share a favorite recipe they create with their winnings…I would be happy to! :-)

  23. Kindahl

    This smoothie addict would love a new blender!

  24. krista

    love the fabulous colors!!

  25. Carol Rinehart

    A blender that BLENDS!! Awesome!!

  26. Jen Orozco

    I would love a new blender!!

  27. Lisa C.

    I would love to win a Bodum blender. My old blender is falling apart and I definitely need a new one!


    I would love this blender! I’ve been needing one since I moved. :) I get your updates at dailydealsjc (at) gmail (dot) com, and i liked them on FB as MunchTalk!

  29. Allison

    HI –

    I already subscribe to you via email, I liked Bodum on FB and now I’m leaving a comment. I love your blog, i really like when you do those uncovering articles. Would love to win this blender.
    Thanks, Allison

  30. Stephanie

    Love the blender! And your blog. Just received my first juicer for my birthday. I’m ecstatic!

  31. jessica matosko

    I would love a pretty, new blender! I love making smoothies, not just for me, but for my two-year-old son! He’s turned into a picky eater, so if I can get his veggies into a good smoothie, I consider that a win!

  32. Kerri

    I am a Nursing Student who is very passionate about my own health, and the health of my patients. And despite the cost of eating clean, raw, and healthy…I would rather that than the cost of going out with my friends, having TV, a car and poor health down the road. However, it leaves me with no money to spare. A new blender would mean everything to me and my family!

  33. Wendy

    What a wonderful give-away. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Sara

    Ohhhh, I would love a new blender! And a bodum too! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  35. Brandi

    Love how sleek these blenders look! Would love to have a new blender for the kitchen! Thanks for ALL the awesome information you share with your readers!

  36. Jess

    This looks awesome! We were just talking about blenders that could chop up veggies. I have been following your blog for a few months now and I refer back to it so often and love the information-so helpful!

  37. Susanne

    I was not aware Bodum sold blenders so thank you for sharing. Love the design of these blenders. Bodum products are awesome.

  38. ruby

    Awesome giveaway.

  39. Lacy

    Would love to add this blender to my kitchen!!

  40. Len Meyer

    We’ve worked our blender to the bone! Been looking to get a new one. Thanks for the info!

  41. Vicki

    I’ve just started following you and am so excited to make some healthy changes in my and my family’s life. And today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :-)

  42. Elissa

    Love Bodum and love your blog!

  43. Jaccalyn Korv

    I am so glad I found your blog, I have made huge changes in my home. ‘Food Babe’
    Has become a very framilar name in my household.
    Actually when I start a sentence with ‘do you know what Food Babe said about so and so’
    My husband cringes. But he respects what you say and had gone
    Along with our changes.
    This beautiful blender would be an amazing addition to my kitchen.
    I want to do your 3 day juice fast, but my blender is on its last leg.
    Fingers crossed

  44. Kathy

    I’ve been following you on Facebook for a while now – thanks for all the great info! I would LOVE to win a blender and this one looks fantastic!

  45. Kathryn

    I would love a new blender :)

  46. Katie

    I really want one of these as I need an upgrade to my green juice!

  47. Susanne

    Just completed all steps! My husband and I just started a diet 15 days ago and to have such an amazing Blender from Bodum would be just awesome! Either for making soups or shakes or to blend our spices or herbs. And since we grew up at the border to the country where this genius company was founded, it would be something that reminds us about home… :) Thanks/Danke!

  48. Sarah

    A new blender would be awesome. Love that red!

  49. Camille G

    Already have done both tasks, would love to have one of their blenders!! Thanks Food Babe!

  50. Geri Henley

    Would love to own this blender!!!!!! :)


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