Are Baby Carrots Soaked in Chlorine?

If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you know that I was in NYC earlier this week to film an investigative report… well, now it is out! Inside Edition interviewed me as a food expert, regarding the “baby carrot controversy“ sweeping the web.

Watch the full story here:

For the record: I love carrots, I eat them or juice them almost everyday, but personally I do not buy baby carrots, because I prefer the taste of larger, non-ready to eat carrots better.

Also, if you know me, you know this – I want the least amount of environmental chemicals to enter my body. I filter my water at home (to remove chlorine and other chemicals) and wash my vegetables with filtered water before consuming them.

The most important decision you can make at the grocery store regarding carrots is not whether they come in a bag or not but rather if they are organic or conventional.

According to the USDA Pesticide Data Program, conventional carrots can have up to 26 different pesticides on them (16 of them are hormone disruptors, 8 are carcinogens, 7 are reproductive toxins, and 3 are neurotoxins). My recommendation for everyone is to choose organic carrots for this reason. 

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot. I had an absolute blast chatting with Paul Boyd from Inside Edition – he’s quite the comic! We even taste tested the carrots. Baby carrots are grown from a sweeter variety and you can definitely tell the difference in taste!

Sneak PeakCarrots



Hope you enjoyed the clip!

Food Babe

P.S. If you have any additional questions or concerns about baby carrots – please let me know in the comments below.


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103 Responses to “Are Baby Carrots Soaked in Chlorine?”

  1. abnehmen

    Thank you for the nice writeup. This actually would have been a recreational accounts it. Look superior to be able to additional shipped agreeable of your stuff! Moreover, just how could most people communicate?

  2. Betty

    Could you tell me anthing about Krogers Line {Simple Truth} products if they are really organic? I have been using there simple truth products and have not heard anything bad about them. I love there baby carrots and other produce. But I want to make sure they are Organic. Please let me know about them. I love your web site so many things to learn. Knowledge is Power. Thank you Vani.

    • shannan (to Betty)

      In the Northwest we have a grocer called ‘Fred Meyer’ and they sell Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic. I asked about this brand and was told that the Simple Truth is not organic but uses less chemicals than other conventional brands however Simple Truth Organic is indeed organic. Personally, I always watch for the USDA Organic to be present, or the non-GMO Project verified. Hope this helps.

    • Maary (to Betty)

      Be very careful with Simple Truth. You see the label and assume it’s organic and fresh, but not all of it actually labeled organic. Also, read the ingredients labels. Although they claim to leave out 101 additives, the ones they leave in are surprising. Don’t be fooled by the logo. Read the ingredients list.

  3. Andrea

    So I am a little late to the party… It was my understanding that they put citric acid (MSG in disguise) on them as well. I have a sensitivity to it and stupidly ate a few at a friends house thinking they were safe. I did have a reaction. I have also had reactions to pre washed bagged organic lettuce and received a reply from one of the organic manufacturers that described putting citric acid on the lettuce. PS I would really love for you to go after the Organic Standards Board for allowing GMO/MSG Citric Acid in our organic and health food!!!!

    • Barbara (to Andrea)

      Seriously!?? I was reading Andrea’s reply and I didn’t know that citric acid is really MSG! I thought is was a form of vitamin C. That stuff is in almost everything! So does organic lettuce from Earthbound Farm have it on their lettuce?

      • Andrea (to Barbara)

        Email them and ask. I emailed another company and that is how I found out. I get my greens from a hydroponic local farm and when they closed for a few weeks during the summer to clean the system I was sick the whole time. So it was easy to figure out the culprit. Also Google the “Hidden Sources of MSG”. You will be shocked. PS. MSG is pretty much all GMO.

  4. Stan

    Vani, you are really awesome!
    Interesting title/question turned my attention to it; Are Baby Carrots Soaked in Chlorine?
    I presume the answer is hiding in the video that I did not view. Adobe App is mandatory and I will not have it on my computer. I like my computer the way you like your food – CLEAN. Anyway, after reading the whole page and viewing few photos of breathtaking you and healthy carrots I am still uncertain if they are soaked in chlorine or not. I wish the answer would appear somewhere in the text of the complex media article.

    • Kathy (to Stan)

      Long version short, it’s the same amount of chlorine you would find in tap water. When they turn white after sitting around for a while, it is just a sign of dehydration. A quick run under some cold tap water will pick them back up. Hope this helps!

  5. Jupiter Jo

    Thank you Food Babe, I just finished almost a year of cancer treatment for breast cancer, I’m learning a whole new way of eating, and your site is extremely helpful – I’ve questioned everything I ever did, but I can only start from now to do the best I can for my health and the health of my family. Keep up the good work! I’m on the organic wagon and no to GMO too! I’m so happy to have “found” you!

  6. Frankie

    Thank you for a great posting. Please consider rinsing, cooking and drinking only the purest & healthiest water on the planet – steam distilled! My LifeMist distiller has produced pure water for me for over 14 years, without fail. It’s awesome to rinse and ‘rehydrate’ my veggies in pure water. Of course, it’s the only type of water you should be drinking too. I don’t want any extra toxins if I can help it, at least I know my water is PURE. Unfortunately filters are another catch-22; they are prime offenders – a filter will turn into a toxic, moldy, festering mess thus polluting your water as it passes thru. Plus, most filters are made of materials that will leach into the finished water and filters are so very inefficient at removing toxins from water. Don’t trust them with your health.

  7. Nicole

    Can you provide a transcript for the video clip as I could not find any captions? This would be huge and make it accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Thanks!

  8. Jessica

    You know organic doesn’t mean pesticide free right? There are natural pesticides used on organic crops such as sulfur, copper, and nicotine compounds. Not to mention plants produce their own natural pesticides to defend themselves against fungi, insects, and other predators. 99.9% of the chemical we ingest are natural. The amount of synthetic pesticides we ingest is insignificant compared to the natural pesticides we eat and are just as carcinogenic. Organic crops tend to require more pesticides than Genetically engineered crops. Organic foods are also more likely to contain human pathogens such as E. coli.

  9. Austin

    I cannot believe what I just heard~! It is one thing to chew and swallow a dead adult carrot, but to actually have the lack of sensitivity to go after their babies!! OMFG.

  10. Richie

    Most likely that package of spring mix is washed with chlorine that is on the table in the picture, companies need to start labeling packages on the kind of water they use and what’s in the water, even if it is called organic.

    You should start getting on restaurants to label their menus with GMO and non-GMO certified organics items and what kinds of water they cook their foods in too.

    All these companies are poisoning the public with their added chemicals.


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