Organic Food Delivery Straight To Your Doorstep

A few months ago, I visited the small town of Pickens, Mississippi, located in what is considered the most obese county in America. I went there because I wanted to understand the issues with food deserts and to help the community understand what is really in our food supply, specifically the chemicals in processed foods that are making people suffer and how to choose better options. The local grocery store carried some fruits, veggies, and meats, all conventionally grown, with the majority of the store being processed foods. The store had virtually no organic food. The closest place to buy better quality packaged or organic foods was in Jackson, MS – a drive well over 45 minutes.

Several members of the community were so dedicated that they went shopping at the natural food store in Jackson with me while I was there but I knew this would be difficult, expensive and tiresome for them to do on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the people of Pickens are not the only ones with little access to organic foods – there are thousands of Americans in the same situation and that’s why I’m thrilled I found this new delivery service.


Green PolkaDot Box is an online grocery store that carries natural, organic, and non-GMO foods at wholesale prices and delivers them directly to you. It’s like Costco, but you don’t have to drive or spend the time to go get it! But, unlike Costco, Green PolkaDot Box actually has most of the brands I love and support (You can check out which brands they have here). Even for someone like me, that lives in close proximity to several natural food stores, the convenience of having an organic food delivery service to send my favorite foods straight to my doorstep is very exciting. The time save is totally worth it to me but the money savings makes it a slam dunk. It costs $50 dollars to sign up for a club membership to Green PolkaDot Box, which is comparable to other warehouse stores, but there is free shipping and I’ve already made back almost all that money with my first order – which was definitely faster than I had originally thought for sure!

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 2.55.43 PM

The prices of tea, nut butters and superfoods that I eat everyday are really appealing to me since they can be crazy expensive at the store. Also, other pricey hard to find items like organic RAW cheese is half the price and my beloved raw organic pistachios (that I use to make my favorite nut milk) are significantly less expensive than what I have found elsewhere. 

When I initially signed up for Green PolkaDot Box, I ordered a little bit of everything. I stocked up on some BPA-free glass jars of tomatoes, ezekiel bread and tortillas, organic tea, and even some frozen pasture-raised, grass-fed beef (for my husband) from a co-op that uses no artificial hormones, antibiotics, or synthetics. All of the food was delivered in a timely manner, COLD (kept fresh in a cooler with dry ice) and everything was in good condition.


I was so impressed with Green PolkaDot Box that I reached out to them so you guys could try them out too, at an even bigger discount than they already provide.

If you join today with an annual Club Membership, you can receive 10% off your first purchase by using the promo code “FOODBABE”

Sign up for Green PolkaDot Box club membership – HERE

10% off First Order Discount Code: FOODBABE


If you know friends and family that live far away from natural food stores, complain about organic food prices or just need to save time and money, please share this discount and post with them. I am so thankful for companies like Green PolkaDot Box for helping people bring nutritious, clean, real food, and brands we can trust to our homes a little easier and a lot cheaper.

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147 Responses to “Organic Food Delivery Straight To Your Doorstep”

  1. Tiffany

    Thank you so much for the heads up on this company. I just signed up and placed my first order!

  2. Jamee

    this is a great site! Thank you. Do you have any suggestions for finding organic produce? I live in a smaller city and have very limited access to organic produce. When you do find it, its outrageously priced!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Jamee)

      HI Jamee- Do you have any farmers markets in your area? They are popping up everywhere! They may not be certified organic but many farmers may use organic practices – just ask them. They are usually so happy to share info with you! Good luck…

    • Holly (to Jamee)


      I’m in Chicago so not sure if they deliver where you are. Good luck!

      • Carolyn M (to Holly)

        I live in Chicago too and get door to door organics delivered right to my door! They are awesome and have tons of things you can get! Check them out!

  3. Amy Pearson

    Where can I place the order?

  4. FitnessTacoma

    Amazing site ! I really enjoyed reading your blog and points that you expressed. Thank you. Do you have any suggestions for finding organic produce?

  5. Jess

    I just moved to southern Maryland and have been to several grocery stores in search of organic groceries with very very limited success so I tried this website tonight and am very disappointed that they have suspended their cold delivery to any area east of Colorado , is there a comparable company that offers comparable services and prices that you are aware of?

    • suellen (to Jess)

      Where in southern md are you?

    • Meghan (to Jess)

      I am also in MD and love the idea of this company. Would love to know of any similar company that offers delivery to the East Coast!

      • Chela (to Meghan)

        We want it in Texas too! I am looking for great fish from the USA, that isn’t too expensive….

  6. Kelly Bonanno (@Savvysuburban_)

    So glad you shared this, sounds great. Heading over to check it out now!

  7. alisa smith

    Thank you for the lead on this. The company sounds amazing. I am looking forward to ordering from them as soon as I have room in my fridge, freezer, and cupboards. You are amazing!

  8. Lori

    Hi Vani, Do you have any suggestions of services like this available to Canada?? Thanks!

  9. organicluv

    They need something like this for all of Canada!

  10. Roberto

    Does anybody know where this food comes from? I’ve heard that Fukushima’s radiation will reach the west cost in 2014 and it can contaminate California’s crops, organic or not.

    • Kendra (to Roberto)

      I heard the same. Unfortunately a lot of organic produce comes from the West coast or even outside of the U.S.

    • Maliha (to Roberto)

      Roberto, Fukushima has caused much worry at our house. So much so, that we’re actually planning to move to a state/area on the east coast that produces a lot of local, organic produce so that we won’t HAVE to buy the California-grown stuff in grocery stores. Honestly, west coast is already contaminated (from jet streams and rainfall alone), and it’s only a matter of time before every other place is too.

  11. walkermamaof4

    I wonder if foodbabe could start a database and we could all input where we buy organic in our areas. So it would be one huge listing of all organic and free range and non gmo items available all over the US and Canada. That would be awesome!!!

  12. Sara

    Can I get a list of where they deliver to?
    I’m in North Palm Beach, Florida. Do they deliver there?
    Thank you

  13. Maliha

    This is great but, being a girl, I’m totally checking out your living space (love the “clean” look of it)! I’m assuming you’ve got an organic or natural couch..any suggestions on where to get one for a decent price? I’ve been going crazy trying to find a company that will make it for less than $3,000!
    Back to the topic at hand, I’m going to sign up for this service today. Bi-weekly trips to Whole Foods are getting way too expensive :/

  14. Camilla

    I am always looking for a way to shop organically on a budget. I LOVE the idea of organic delivery and saving money…that’s a win win for me! Is there anything like this in Canada? if not I think I should start one!

  15. TERESA


  16. Mandy

    Too bad they are not able to ship to Canada! Is there any site like this for other parts of the world?

  17. Karen has a lot of similar products (packaged, spices, etc, not sure on fresh) for cheaper than in store with NO membership fee and free shipping if you spend over $50 and many towns have an organic coop now for the fresh items. Just a heads up if you don’t want to spend the extra and still want organic!

  18. BriAnne

    You mention that there is not a shipping fee but when I add over $50 worth of items to my cart I am hit with $9.95 shipping fee and $4.99 fee for frozen/cold products. How is this free shipping? They have great pricing but just wondering how you came up with the free shipping. A little confused. Thanks!

  19. Brandon

    They sell blue diamond, which has carrageenan – why in the world should I trust them???

  20. Kate

    For those who need produce, look for a co-op in your area. I have a Bountiful Baskets in my area ( and it’s fantastic and offers an organic option. If it’s not anywhere near you, you can start one!

    • Chela (to Kate)

      I love Bountiful Baskets! We eat so much healthier with those & the produce is fresh, so it lasts much longer than store bought.

  21. Kelly

    FoodBabe, you said you like this company because you can get GMO free organic bread there. I thought great! and immediately went to the site to order. But, they have no bread. And they sell almond milk with carageenan in it. First two things I noticed after looking thru the site for about 30 seconds. I can’t trust this place without studying every ingredient label myself and wonder why you want to market the company to your readers.

  22. Jerry Dykstra

    Since you are associated with the Green Polka Dot Box, I thought I would tell you what GPDB did last week. On September 30th the CEO of GPDB, Rod Smith, sent an email to the Founding Trust Membership, stating that the balance of their Reward Points are being converted to the company stocks. Founding Trust Members were those that invested money in GPDB with the agreement that the invested money would be available as Reward Points to use to purchase items at GPDB. Suddenly, overnight, those Reward Points are gone, converted to stock, and are not touchable for a year. As a Founding Trust Member I planned on that initial investment to purchase the health food I wanted for a particular time period. What I was told I could use to buy my food is now not available. I was not asked if I wanted to exchange my points for stock. It was done without my consent.
    After expressing my anger to GPDB, their response was:

    “We understand your disappointment in the changes we are making, but I would like to explain a few things to you. Converting your PolkaDot Points (plus 10%) to shares of stock will enable us to add Living Produce Centers throughout the United States; it will allow us to open up a second distribution center in New York, which will help us get our products to our members faster; we will be able to offer more products at even lower prices. All of these exciting changes are so our members will be able to have organic and non-GMO products that are fresher, delivered faster, and are discounted even further!”

    I understand their desire to expand, but I am strongly opposed to confiscating the immediate availability of my funds. When signing up for this program, it was mutually agreed how it would function. This is nothing more than the shady business practice called “bait and switch”. Lure you in with an appealing offer, and suddenly, over night, change the rules. Very evil, in my opinion.

    • Valery (to Jerry Dykstra)


      We were also the Founding “Trust” Members. And I am still so pissed at them for doing that!!! No warning, no promised 30 days for any changes – just a notice after the fact. Obviously, I will no longer be shopping there, even though it is cheaper than Whole Foods etc. – they completely lost a customer now. I would have stayed and kept shopping even after I went through all my rewards points, but not now, not after what they’ve done. It’s not the best business practice to make your customers feel helpless and screwed.

      Ugh, can’t trust anyone apparently.

  23. Kerri

    I was wondering if you have seen this?

    Are you sure you know who you are promoting here? Hope you’re not selling out FoodBabe! We need you !

  24. Lindsey

    Hey Vani, I took the time to shop on GreenBox and they don’t ship to my area code (44870). Any other suggestions for services like this? I love that they had all the food information I needed. I feel like in the store I get rushed and frustrated at the amount of time I spend looking at packages, and end up making some poor choices sometimes. The GreenBox site makes it soooo easy.

  25. Ann Marie

    Did you really research why that town is the fattest city in America??? Did you ever consider that that area is also the most poverty stricken state in the US?? Do you really think that a family that is barely surviving can afford to use Green Polka Dot Box? Not only do that not have access to organic food, they can BARELY AFFORD to buy ANY food!!! Find a solution to poverty and access to healthy food and then we’ll talk.

  26. janet

    I’ve noticed that they sell expired food. Upside is they show the date, but really? If that is how they are able to give discounts by selling close to expired and expired I am not interested. Why bother getting organic and healthy if the food items are old and have no vitality or can be stale or even bad!

  27. ritcoindia

    Hi Frds,
    Your Blog is so good and impressive help to others and also having good information about Food Delivery Box Manufacturers. We also in same filed if you want to know more about the Food Delivery Box please visit our site

  28. Ashley R

    Thanks for your blog. After reading it I looked into greenbox but unfortunately they didn’t deliver to me :( they looked like such an amazing company! I did however find a business that did deliver to me. It’s called “old world organics” they deliver to all of NY Nj and Ct. In case anyone reading this blog is looking for somewhere in that area check this place out. They’re awesome. FYI you HAVE to try their caveman cookies.
    Old World Organics NY CT NJ Organic Home food delivery

  29. Erika

    Sounds awesome. Do you know if their prices are better than vitacost? I was amazed to find prices so much lower than Whole Foods and stores like that. I’m also looking for a place to order organic produce that is not cost-prohibitive in terms of shipping – do you know of such a place? will definitely use your affiliate link if I end up signing up … :)

  30. Dominique Artukovich

    I was wondering if you are accepting applications and or hiring.

    Dominique Artukovich

  31. Shondell Varcianna


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  32. Andrea

    Thank you for all your research! I’m wondering if you could recommend an organic (prepared) food delivery service? I live in the Chicago suburbs. Thank you!


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