Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse Giveaway + Tropicaloe

I’ve got three criteria when it comes to buying juice – it’s gotta be raw, organic and cold-pressed or forget it! 

Suja Juice thankfully fits the bill for all three, and I’m so excited to announce a juice giveaway that will get your January off to a fantastic start. Even if you aren’t into cleansing, these juices are healthy and delicious, so winning them will stock your fridge with absolute goodness! 

Suja Juice Giveaway

5 Winners Will Get:

1. 3 Day Juice Cleanse which includes 3 Glow, 3 Fuel, 3 Purify, 3 Fiji, 3 Green Supreme, 3 Vanilla Cloud*

The 3-day cleanse is perfect for those looking to detox or just reset the body. All of these juices are pre-packaged and delivered straight to your door. *For individuals with nut allergies, any other drink of your choice may be substituted for Vanilla Cloud.

  • 18 16oz bottles
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Vegan
  • Kosher certified
  • Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free (*Vanilla Cloud contains honey)

2. 6 bottles of Tropicaloe Elements

Ingredients: Coconut water, pineapple, apple, aloe vera, lime, mint leaf (This juice tastes like heaven – and perfect for after hot yoga!)

12oz USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO Project Verified Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free No added sweeteners

To Enter The Giveaway, Follow These 3 Simple Steps: 

  1. Sign up for Food Babe updates. Remember to click the link in the first confirmation email and add me to your address book so you will be eligible.
  2. AND leave a comment below – I’d love to know what you’d like for me to investigate next
  3. BONUS – If you Like My Facebook Fan PageFollow Me on TwitterPinterest and Subscribe to my You Tube channel – your entry will count times two!

Please enter by 1/12 Midnight PST

Good Luck!

Food Babe

P.S. If you have additional questions on what kind of juice to buy or drink – make sure you read this post on avoiding tricky juice labels. There are a lot of brands out there that are not good! Make sure you are picking the right ones for you and your family.


Giveaway is now closed – Congrats to Amelia J, Melani, Jenny S., Q. Chrissy, and Sara M. You have all been contacted via email to get your juice! 

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6,707 Responses to “Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse Giveaway + Tropicaloe”

  1. Amber

    I can’t wait to try these! Thanks for the tips!

  2. ERICA


  3. April Snell

    I’m in love with these juices. Thanks :)

  4. Jamie

    Great articles

  5. Sara Montgomery

    Hi Vani!

    I just went to Whole Foods yesterday here in California and I noticed these juices. I wanted to try one but I am a college student on a super tight budget and they were almost eight dollars a bottle. I was slightly disappointed in the price but I am sure it is well worth it.

    I am not sure if you have ever done an article on the transition into eating only organic foods but I know that I would find it helpful. I personally struggle to eat organic food because I live at home with my parents and they buy mostly foods that aren’t organic because of the cost and just because no one is a big fan of change at my house. I try to buy organic fruits and vegetables but my parents by most of the groceries in my house because I am unemployed and can’t pay for everything myself. I know that not everyone is in this situation when they decide to eat organic food but I have a feeling that others may become discouraged sometimes to. I just feel sometimes as though I have no idea what I am doing and then I am tempted to eat something that is questionable. I love your website though and it has really helped me deal with some issues. Thanks for all of the information so far!

  6. Tracy

    I would love for you to post about organic practices of China. I have been finding it impossible to find organic garlic powder from any company that does not come from China.

  7. Carissa

    Really want to win!!! So excited about this contest :)

  8. Rachael

    Dear Food Babe,
    Will you look into Emergen-C brand and ingredients it contains??? I bought it the other day because I work in a school and need to constantly build my immune system up, but I saw questionable ingredients that turned me off…. Thanks!

  9. Annaliza

    I’d love some juice recipes and juicer reviews.

  10. Jessi

    I want to try these drinks sooo bad. I love your daily updates in my Facebook feed! You are inspirational and motivational!

  11. Marisol

    Hi. I was wondering if you can investigate nesquik. Thanks

  12. Fon

    Love your info!!

    Will you please give us your insight and unbiased evaluation of the top protein shake mixes ?

    I’m very interested in their manufacturing stds following your story about the shakes you used to purchase at gnc. When I contacted my shake co–ideal shape– I received no valuable info which made me become even more concerned . Anyhow I wd like a great spread sheet with info about the ingredients, cost and mfr standards (including independent inspections)

  13. Lindsay

    I just heard about Foodbabe through Facebook and I love you and what you are doing! I had a similar experience, losing my gallbladder last year and my body doing crazy things (like anxiety attacks! Never had before now!). I am learning about our food, and your site will be a great help to me. I would love to win some juices to help my body start detoxing. I have a family of seven and a limited income, so do you have any tips on eating healthy on a budget? Maybe it’s on your site and I haven’t got to it yet. :-). Thanks for all your hard work!

  14. Keve

    I’ve been looking for a truly “healthy” cleanse so hop i win the contest!!

  15. Carmela

    Listened to your interview on Good Life Project. I’m definitely ready for a cleanse!

  16. Missy Blu

    This looks healthy and awesome. I am always looking for ways to improve my diet with organic and GMO free foods. This juice looks like a perfect way to do that.

  17. Natalie

    I just watched your interview on the good life project and you are doing what I have thought about for a long time! I work for a chemical distributor and it has made me very aware of what some of these companies put into their food products. It’s a little scary. I stopped drinking all soda shortly
    after working for this company. I’m so glad to have found you & your site!

  18. brandi

    Hi. do you have any recipes for healthy “cream of _______” soup recipes? thanks!

  19. megan

    Hey Food Babe ! I want to know more about Kefir !

  20. waleska marcano

    Thank you for such an informative website.

  21. fay

    I am defo going to try this juice. I am not into cleansing, I think the body does a pretty good job of doing that. However I do like a good fruit juice and look forward to trying these.

  22. Jenny

    Hi food babe, I’ve been following you on fb for the past maybe 2 months. Your articles I found very informative. I did have one question regarding juicing. I have the centrifuge breville juice fountain like yours so is there a specific order that I need to juice my ingredients or does it not matter. Also my machine has two speeds…but I only use high because I noticed that when I use low, I feel my greens don’t juice as we’ll cuz I get bigger pieces of remains that come out.

    My idea for your investigation is milk. I’ve recently been told that we don’t need milk, dairy and it’s actually bad for you. I don’t have options to get raw milk esp for my 2 yr old so what are your thoughts? My ped says to give my child milk but now I’m not sure if I should be listening. I also heard other tpes of milk like soy, almond, coconut are not good either. So I find myself torn and confused.

  23. Melissa

    Love all of this informstion and am currently fssting for 21 days and love te idea of adding a juice cleanse too!!

  24. Ann

    I’d be interested in your investigation of the world of candida diets or yeast-detox diets. Im interested in this “healthy gut” phenomenon and would love your take on it.

    Also, VERY interested in these juice detoxes. Fingers are crossed!

  25. Kristen

    Thanks for organizing this great giveaway.

    I know your focus area is good, but I have looking for paraben free cosmetic products. I’m also curious what other cosmetic ingredients I should avoid.

  26. Amanda

    My cousin posted a link on her facebook about what is really in subway foods, and I was shocked and a little disappointed because I had received a gift card to subway for Christmas. However, I’m thankful to have this information, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, buying organic groceries as much as possible. So thank you food babe for doing this and doing so much research!

  27. Tracy

    Thank you for paving the way to bring positive change and better food safety for all of us!

  28. Michelle

    Vani, have you discussed coffee yet? I’d love your take on it!

  29. marga

    Interesting site. Just found out about it through a friend in FB. Interesting articles. Would love to try these cleansing juices.

  30. Nichol

    I am on day two of the Suja three-day juice cleanse, and I already want to do it again next month! I would recommend it to any of my friends!

  31. tuee

    Do you cook with any special cookware

  32. Katrina

    What do you think about the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet?

  33. alicia

    I am a first timer. Excited to start eating the porper foods for my health. Thank u to my daughter for introducing this page.

  34. julie

    Looking forward to all the new info!!

  35. Wes

    It would be amazing if you could look into vitamins. I just realized my puritan pride vitamins are probably from China. I did some research and yes, they get many ingredients from China so they went in the trash and now I have no vitamins.

  36. Kalico

    I can’t belive Bolthouse and Naked are so bad:( Could you look into vitamins? I’m new to this site, so if you already have, sorry!

  37. kkay

    love your site!

  38. Emma

    Oh I would LOVE to do this. THANKS FOODBABE!

  39. jessica

    can you get us a discount on these juices for those of us that did not win. Thanks!!

  40. Kim BUcke

    I have not seen these juices before. I will keep looking. I live in a small town. Maybe I need to venture into the city. Are they available in Toronto, Canada?

  41. Judy

    Can’t wait to try. Sound so good

  42. hannah

    I would love to try juicing! this would be great for me!

  43. Maria

    I would love to win !!! I’ve been wanting to try a cleanse for so long, but most juices are so expensive! Luck be a lady tonight!

  44. Maria

    Half of my comment didn’t post! I also was saying that I would love for you to look into vitamins! I’m low on iron and started taking pills just wondering how much they actually benefit me! I signed up for updates! I also liked ur FB, followed on twitter, Pinterest and YouTube :) xoxo

  45. iambujo

    I’m hooked onto Suja juices – thanks to you. So convenient.
    One thing I’ve noticed that in the ingredients list (say for FUEL bottle), it says “Not from concentrate” for orange juice and lemon juice. But what about carrot juice and pineapple juice that’s also listed in the ingredient. Does this mean they’re from concentrates? Is this another clever ploy to confuse us?
    Would you happen to have any insight on this? Thank you

  46. Carrie

    I would love to win this :)

  47. Amanda

    Are these safe for kids? (2 and 4 y/o)

    • (to Amanda)

      My 10 year old and I are doing a one day juice fast. Yes they are safe for kids.

  48. BobbieB

    I would LOVE to try these. Bought one of the flavors in Target and loved it!


    FYI! Suja drinks for only 2.50 each at Harris Teeter supermarkets, they carry six flavors. On sale until 02/24/15. That is a great price.


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