Nutiva Superfood Sampler Pack Giveaway ($600 value!)

It is no secret, that I am a huge fan of Nutiva, a company that sells the most amazing superfoods on the planet. Not only do they source non-GMO and organic ingredients but they also care incredibly about the environment and have donated serious money to GMO labeling efforts across the US.

To celebrate my love, they are hosting a fabulous giveaway of their superfood gift packs to 10 members of the #FoodBabeArmy! 


This Nutiva Superfood Sampler Pack is perfect to stock your kitchen with the essential ingredients for a healthy, clean, organic and non-GMO diet. 

Each pack contains:

As you can see, this superfood pack is pretty much perfect for almost all my recipes!  :) 

To Enter The Giveaway, Follow These 3 Simple Steps: 

  1. Sign up for Food Babe Updates. Remember to click the link in the first confirmation email and add me to your address book so you will be eligible.
  2. AND leave a comment below.
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Please enter by 1/30 Midnight PST

Don’t forget to spread the word about this giveaway to your friends and family, if they win, they might share the winnings with you.

Good Luck! 

Food Babe 


7,084 Responses to “Nutiva Superfood Sampler Pack Giveaway ($600 value!)”

  1. Breanna

    This seems like a pretty cool and legit giveaway. As a vegan, this definitely will be helpful for my recipes.

  2. Theresa Trala

    Find out what you are really eating.

  3. Michael Felton

    i pre-ordered your book very excited to read it and I just discovered my new found love for magical coconut oil.

  4. Laurel

    I am SO excited to find you…after a horrific horseback riding accident, and six years of being on narcotics that caused opiate induced hyperalgesia, I quit ALL narcotics, and am now trying to lose weight, and eat only organic, wholesome food. I still need double knee replacements, but I WILL get through all of this… THIS would really help me out! Thank you again!

  5. Denise

    I hope I win this super cool Nutiva Sampler!

  6. Ellie

    im learning all about hemp seeds! Thanks for sharing information!

  7. Mary

    The smoothies I make every day have one of these items in them pretty much always! Such good nourishment!

  8. Kat

    I love this page. We need one like this in UK with UK and EU products. :-)

  9. Lynn

    My 1st time here. I have signed up for news letters and more ..I just want to learn more and more ..Thank you for all this information..

  10. Lauren Ratza

    These items are must haves!

  11. tina

    I wish I’d be lucky enough to win this! I am looking forward to my copy of the book and starting my healthy eating

  12. Debbie

    Would love to win.

  13. Imtiaz

    Nice giveaway. Hope i will win this giveaway.

  14. Sue

    First I’ve heard of Nutiva (yep I’m new here) but their products look inspiring to say the least….always on the lookout for new healthy options….Thanks :D

  15. Rebecca

    I am new to the food babe website and am loving all this info on products. I would love to win this nutiva package to start my new eating healthy journey. I thank you for the hard work and effort you put into the research of these products. It is with great enthusiasm I get started with my new healthy life style.

  16. Tim Moynihan

    Just starting to try and get out of all my bad habits and eat clean. This would be a good start!

  17. Steven Misosky

    I hope that one day you will take on hemp. The seeds are great for food, but it also produces four times as much fiber per acre as trees do. And the hemp grows in 70 to 90 days. There’s no reason to be cutting down so many trees. Just think about this, if climate change was really so serious wouldn’t they be taking steps like this. Trees convert a lot of CO2 into oxygen. Anyway, hemp is a great plant and the only reason it was banned was because the makers of petroleum based synthetic fibers couldn’t compete with it. And hemp doesn’t need pesticides. It would be a great crop for small farmers. So, if you’re ever looking for that next project, please consider hemp.

  18. Trinity Monday

    I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for the giveaway! Love Nutiva! Cheers to healthy eating!

  19. Rhonda W.

    I came across Nutiva a few years ago when I was suffering horribly from Lyme disease. As I educated myself about how to regain my health, I read that many Lymies had benefitted from consuming coconut oil. Fortunately I found Nutiva and absolutely love their products! I really believe that coconut oil contributed to my success in regaining my health, so I still consume it on a daily basis.


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