Nutiva Superfood Sampler Pack Giveaway ($600 value!)

It is no secret, that I am a huge fan of Nutiva, a company that sells the most amazing superfoods on the planet. Not only do they source non-GMO and organic ingredients but they also care incredibly about the environment and have donated serious money to GMO labeling efforts across the US.

To celebrate my love, they are hosting a fabulous giveaway of their superfood gift packs to 10 members of the #FoodBabeArmy! 


This Nutiva Superfood Sampler Pack is perfect to stock your kitchen with the essential ingredients for a healthy, clean, organic and non-GMO diet. 

Each pack contains:

As you can see, this superfood pack is pretty much perfect for almost all my recipes!  :) 

To Enter The Giveaway, Follow These 3 Simple Steps: 

  1. Sign up for Food Babe Updates. Remember to click the link in the first confirmation email and add me to your address book so you will be eligible.
  2. AND leave a comment below.
  3. BONUS – If you Like My Facebook Fan PageFollow Me on TwitterPinterest and Subscribe to my You Tube channel - your entry will count times two!

Please enter by 1/30 Midnight PST

Don’t forget to spread the word about this giveaway to your friends and family, if they win, they might share the winnings with you.

Good Luck! 

Food Babe 


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7,061 Responses to “Nutiva Superfood Sampler Pack Giveaway ($600 value!)”

  1. Steven berger

    Thanks for all your help in getting our food cleaned up!!!!! And for letting us know what the heck is clean and what is not.

  2. La Sheonda S

    I am so excited to celan up our eating and teach my kids how to cook and eat like this from the beginning!

  3. elise duma

    Is this giveaway still going on? I need this!

  4. Michelle

    I am happy that I have someone ( you ) in this lifetime that I can trust when it comes to nutrition! You are definitely my lifesaver! And timesaver!

  5. Shane Harley

    I’m a big fan of Nutiva too, so much so that you actually got me to sign up for Pinterest, something I’ve been meaning to do for years now.

  6. Steve

    Fingers crossed!

  7. Anjelita

    I hope I win this! THis sounds great for me and my family! :D

  8. Anjelita

    Hope I win! This sounds great for me and my family! ;D

  9. Susan

    Thank you for all the valuable information . I’ve been trying to eat healthier and cleaner for a long time.

  10. Denice

    These items would be a great start to a healthier selection. THANK YOU for all you do for us…we love you!

  11. Lori rodriguez

    I love the nutiva coconut oil brand! I use it for hair, and food! It’s awesome

  12. Lucy

    I love Nutiva’s products! I have used their coconut oil and their hemp seed oil! Great stuff :)

  13. Michelle

    I’m following you in everything! Hope I win this giveaway. Fingers crossed. I love nutiva products.

  14. Corinne

    Brand new to your site and absolutely love it! Thank you!

  15. Becky

    Nutiva products are my go to. I recently started adding Hemp Protein + Fiber to my Chia and fruit smoothies every morning and love the results. Want to start trying recipes with hemp protein, hemp seeds and coconut oil. Stuff gets expensive though. Hope to win!!

  16. kathleen

    i am hoping to win some really healthy products! Thank you for all your research it is very helpful :o}

  17. Nini

    I need help with all cleaning up my diet. I believe my year long health battle is greatly impacted by food that is not pure and I want to learn how to GET WELL!

  18. Samantha

    Thank you so much for all of your amazing efforts! xo

  19. Ginny

    Ahhhhh!! Sounds amazing, want to win so badly

  20. Callie

    I follow and share everything you post! You’re amazing, keep at it!
    Thank you for opening my eyes to clean eating
    and keeping me informed on the evil companies!
    ps. I promise not to eat any Kraft foods! :p

  21. Carrie Tanner

    I would love to win this :) Thank you
    (multi-location follower) :)

  22. Charlotte

    Thank you for all the great info. I have been trying to eat more whole foods and get away from packaged foods as well as learning about all this stuff being put in our food. You are a fantastic source of info in me learning about this.

  23. Lindsey T

    Thank you for all your investigating into the foods we eat, it’s valuable information for everyone. This giveaway is awesome, right on! I really love Nutiva products.Their coconut oil has changed my eating and body care habits in such a spectacular way!

  24. lori k

    Great information!!! I am learning so much. I already LOVE Nutiva products.

  25. Stacey Smith

    Food Babe!! You Rock!! Thank you for so much wonderful info!! I tell all my friends to subscribe to your page. I have learned tons by reading your daily emails. Thanks for all you do!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  26. Marissa

    Is the Nutiva giveaway still going on? New to your site and interested in trying these products!

  27. Aubrey

    Sounds cool!

  28. jillian

    Mmm!! Pick me, pick me! =)

  29. Ian

    Bring it, sounds great!

  30. Correy Joefield

    Trying to get it right, hope to win this giveaway. The stuff in that box is godly… :3

  31. Jenifer R

    Thank you for all the great information that you have given us!

  32. Michael

    I am wondering what Food Babe’s thoughts are re powdered superfoods such as those provided by Nativas Naturals. I have been spending a lot of money on these products, supplements, not evaluated by the FDA, so I could spoon powdered pomegranate, goji, acai, cacoa, maca, goldenberry and others into my green protein powder smoothies yet am wondering whether whole foods in dehydrated powder form, even SUPER foods processed by a seemingly reputable natural foods company, lose much of their efficacy in dried powdered form.

  33. lesley

    Thanks for the chance to win ” Nutiva Superfood Sampler Pack” !!! I really want to change my life and my families and this would be a great start ;) I’m so glad I found Food Babe with all of its GREAT information…

  34. Fabiola

    I would love this! Everything I have been wanting to try!

  35. Val

    Ok so I already follow all of your things because you are awesome :) Thanks for offering such a fantastic giveaway!

  36. Shauna

    It would be amazing to have these wonderful foods in my cubbords!

  37. Stephanie

    you are an inspiration!

  38. Zaina Shaibi

    Thankyou so much for all the work you do! It’s so important for people to know what they are putting into their bodies and to have the knowledge to make the right choices. Thankyou for putting the truth out there

  39. Joseph Libretti

    Food Babe, You are the Best!!

    Thanks for all you do:-)

  40. Holly S.

    Thank you for teaching all of us the dangers in the foods sold to us and healthy alternatives.

  41. Elijah

    Thank you for helping me figure out what’s healthy and what’s not!! :)

  42. Cynthia Rivenson

    I’m brand new to your website. I’m learning A LOT about healthy eating from your website and I’m HOOKED! Would love to win this sampler pack! ;)

  43. Chris F

    I use their Chia seeds often!

  44. Vanessa

    I am a big fan of yours vani! I think what these big companies are exposing us to is just horrible. If we do not make a stand now our future will look grim with lots of sickness. I haven’t tried nutiva and I’m curious about this package. Keep up the great work food babe!

  45. Vick

    Hi Food Babe… Love your information about health food….
    Need to know which one best brand name of shampoo/conditioner with no chemicals!

  46. Renee

    This is a wonderful giveaway!


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