Breville Juice Fountain Crush Juicer Giveaway + Free Juice Cleanse Guide Offer!

I reached out to Breville in celebration of the free Food Babe Juice Cleanse Eating Guide I’m offering this week and they have generously sponsored to give away a Breville Juice Fountain Crush Juicer for 10 Food Babe readers! 


Before I get to the giveaway, I have to tell you about this (for a limited time) guide.

Most people are used to eating at least 3 times a day – sometimes more – your digestive organs are constantly working all day long! Imagine giving your digestive system a break. What would your body do then? Well… it does amazing things!

After taking up juicing and completing juice cleanses a few times a year, my body weight has amazingly stabilized for the longest period in history, I easily fit into everything in my closet and my cravings for bad food have literally stopped – not to mention my eyelashes have gotten longer and I have way more energy than I did 10 years ago, 10 years younger!

But when I did my first juice cleanse, I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect, but I heard great things and wanted to know what everyone was talking about – I had a LOT of questions.

If only I would have had this guide then! My team and I created a Juice Cleanse Guide to walk you through everything you need to know about juicing and juice cleansing.

The Juice Cleanse Guide includes:

  • The incredible benefits of juicing and what you can expect
  • Juicing how-to’s and how to choose the best juicer for you
  • Help navigating store-bought juices and what to do look for and avoid
  • Do’s and Don’ts of a juice cleanse (This one is so important!)
  • A full 8 day juice cleanse calendar and tips (including what to eat before & after with full recipe choices)
  • All the juice and meal recipes for a successful cleanse
  • Answers to all your questions and customer support

You can use this bonus guide 4 times a year (like I plan on doing) to successfully reset every season – not to mention before swimsuit season or after a long vacation!

This special Juice Cleanse Guide is COMPLETELY FREE when you sign up for my life-changing program, I call “The Food Babe Eating Guide” – but this offer is only available until Friday.

When you sign up for the Eating Guide subscription, get 90+ pages of my first hand advice to navigate in this over processed food world and to keep you on track long after the cleanse:

The Starter Guide includes:

  • Dining out guide
  • 10+ fast real food meals you can grab on the go
  • 20+ real food snacking options (10 savory + 10 sweet)
  • Top organic budget tips
  • Organic shopping priority list
  • Guidelines for dairy, meat, fish and sushi consumption
  • How to spot and avoid GMOs
  • How to quit soda and substitutes
  • 7 daily habits to adopt that will change your life
  • Juicing and smoothie tips
  • Which superfoods provide the most benefit
  • How to make nut and seed milks
  • Tighten up tea recipe (to remove bloat from any meal!)

 The Monthly Eating Guide includes:

  • Brand new monthly meal calendar outlining daily menu
  • Detailed grocery list and approved brands
  • 15 new non-GMO and organic recipes per month (5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 5 dinner + 1 new salad dressing recipe)
  • Calories are already counted and portions are controlled for weight loss or weight maintenance

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve created a video below to explain it all and show you what the guide looks like. Not only are you setting yourself up for a healthy life but you are also supporting the investigations I am able to bring you completely free each month. Taking on the big food industry is no easy task but with your support it’s happening! Look at what we’ve accomplished so far!

Watch Now:


Join & get your free Juice Cleanse Guide: HERE

Know that I’ll be cheering you on along the way! If you have questions about this guide or program, please contact us via this contact form (please don’t leave your question below in the comments, that space is reserved for juice giveaway entries!)

Giving Away 10 Breville Juice Fountain Crush Juicers!

The Juice Fountain Crush is a slow masticating juicer which is a step above centrifuge juicers – and actually about the same price or less than some of them too. Slow juicers preserve the nutrients and live enzymes longer, which gives you the ability to store them for an extra day or so – which is awesome for everyone who likes to make a big batch of juice to enjoy over 2 days.

I became very interested in this juicer because it looks and acts like one of my other favorite juicers, the Hurom, and I wanted to know if there were any differences so I can recommend the best slow juicer to y’all. To give my honest opinion (that is not biased because of this giveaway) – the Breville fountain crush is a little easier to clean, and juices celery without leaving a lot of pulp in the juice – which I like.

It takes me 10 mins from start to finish to make a juice using the fountain crush, including clean up. Breville gives you a cleaning brush that cleans the filter very easily, but you can also soak the filter in water diluted with lemon juice or a little bit of soap for harder to remove vegetable fibers.

Speaking of vegetable fibers – the best thing about this juicer is that it extracts a lot of juice from dark leafy greens – including wheatgrass. If there is one complaint about juicers it is that they don’t extract enough liquid from vegetables like kale. Also, the parts of the Breville Juice Fountain Crush are all BPA free, the machine is super quiet and light enough for extended travel. Over all this juicer rocks and definitely makes my top picks. If you are in the market for one (or don’t win it here today!) and looking to buy one, it’s available on Amazon for $299.


Contest Closed: To Enter The Giveaway, Follow These 3 Simple Steps: (By midnight on Friday, April 11th)

  1. Sign up for Food Babe updates. Remember to click the link in the first confirmation email and add me to your address book so you will be eligible.
  2. Please leave a comment below, so I know who you are – If there is a particular post or investigation that changed your way of thinking about food or life, I would love to hear about it! 
  3. BONUS – If you Like My Facebook Fan PageFollow Me on TwitterPinterest and Subscribe to my You Tube channel – your entry will count times two!

I’m so excited to give these juicers away…Juicing changed my life, I can’t wait for it to change yours!


P.S. If you know someone who needs a juicer, or perhaps a friend or family member who needs Food Babe, please share this post with them. Who knows, maybe if they win, they’ll invite you over for some green juice :)

Also – Don’t forget the BONUS Juice Cleanse guide is no longer free for Eating Guide members after Friday, April 11. Get it here now.


Congratulations to the winners of a Breville Juice Crush below, they will be contacted via email ASAP. Thanks for all your support! 


  1. Toni S. April 9,2014 I am tired of always having to buy juice, would love to make some
  2. Madia Autrey April 11, 2014 I love the education gained from this site. I have a family member with Lupus and they need to avoid the sun. The sunscreen articles have been beneficial to me and my family. Also, the tea article was enlightening. I thought I was consuming the right teas, but I had them all wrong. Thanks for the opportunity to win a juicer.
  3. Lisa Reynaldo April 9, 2014 Hi Vani! I absolutely love you and greatly appreciate all that you do to make this a better & healthier world! Id love to be a part of your team!! Id also love to be the winner of the breville juicer!! THANK YOU!!
  4. Sarita G. April 10, 2014 Pick me!
  5. Meghan Flynt April 9, 2014 I was reading about juicing which led me to your site. I love you articles and recipes to get more nutritional value into our lives. I was raised by a single mother working as a teacher but she would never cook from a box. It was ingrained into me early that the “easy” food is overly processed. I am constantly looking for healthier ways and I enjoy reading all of your posts. I’ve added lemon water / cayenne pepper to my daily routine and look forward to making more routine changes for a healthier life. I was pretty excited to see you live in NC as I am a NC girl myself Thanks so much! -Meg
  6. Elizabeth Rowe April 9, 2014 Def the Chick-fil-A and Subway yoga mat exposes that sold me! Thx!!
  7. Jenny Hamrick April 9, 2014 My husband and I are looking into juicers and juicing to become healthier, so this would be perfect! I’m a new follower to your blog, FB page and Pinterest. I love what I’ve seen so far!
  8. Ginny Hammes April 10, 2014 After another discussion last night with my fiance, your program came at the perfect time! Both pescetarians and reasonably active individuals, we needed something to kickstart a healthy routine once again. We’ve both been wanting to learn more about juicing and your incentive came just in time since our Vitamix (RIP) isn’t an option anymore.
  9. Lindsey Martin April 9, 2014 Vani, you are my ultimate food hero and girl crush!!! I have spent many late nights googling “food babe” and “vani” (not in a creepy way, haha) searching for hidden interviews and investigations. Thank you for all that you do–our community needed a voice and we are lucky to have you Sending much love from Austin, Texas xoxoxoxo
  10. William Taylor April 10, 2014 A juicer would save my life!

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  1. mzunruly

    kudo’s Really love what youre doing to help our kids

  2. amber

    I just saw a new brand of green juice at Starbucks called Evolution. It is HPP, cold pressed. Can you comment on how it stands up to the others you’ve investigated.

  3. Why this slow juicer is my new main squeeze

    Thank you for posting the video and the guidelines.

  4. Kathy

    I hope I win the juicer!!

  5. prestodo

    I don’t think that juicing is a good way to do a cleanse. Mike Adams recently wrote an article on Natural News stating that juicing actually causes toxic bile to build up in your system since there is little to no fiber content that will carry out heavy metals through defecation. Bottom line, juicing is not good for you, and eating a normal diet that has plant fiber in it is better for you than drinking fruit or vegetable juice. Not to mention that actually eating food makes you feel more full so you don’t get any unwanted calories from juice and food combined.


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