Eats According to my iPhone – The First Days of Summer

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We’ve updated the format of everyday eats, just mouse over the “+” to see more info. As always, I hope you find these snap shots of what I am eating helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know.

A new cookie recipe with coconut, granola and dried fruit
Ezekiel Sesame Bread Sandwich with cabbage, red pepper, avocado, pickles, mustard, romaine and feta cheese
Rinsed and soaked almonds for fresh almond milk
Parfait Porridge
“Just Greens Juice” from Berrybrook Farms Natural Foods Store (No spinach)
Salad with Eden Farms garbanzo beans, arugula, blueberries, apples and feta cheese
Fresh veggies from my Mom’s garden
Viva Raw has new raw granola – absolutely delicious!
At Fern – One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Charlotte. I am holding the roasted cauliflower which I order everytime
Soup du jour at Fern – Fennel, Green Tomato and Cucumber Gazpacho. I must recreate asap.

Eats According to my iPhone – Subway & Halcyon x 3

Before I share what I’ve been eating lately, I should mention one lunch that is not pictured. Last weekend I ventured into a Subway for the first time in maybe 7 years. To read all about that story, you’ll have to read and watchFood Babe Investigates: Is Subway Real Food?” at 100 Days of Real Food. My expression at the end of the video says it all.

This investigation was further shared by one of my true food heroes – Robyn O’Brien (The author of The Unhealthy Truth and founder of the Allergy Kids Foundation). Check out what she wrote about it on Prevention Magazine. To say that I am thrilled about this, is an understatement!

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Eats According to My iPhone Pics

Hope you enjoy viewing some of my eats over the past week. I will be doing this more because so many of you have asked. If you have any questions, you know what to do


IMG 1300 IMG 1301 IMG 1311IMG 1313 IMG 1314IMG 1315 IMG 1316IMG 1317 ImageImage 1IMG 3113IMG 3121

From left to right – A finished Hari Shake, arugula salad with sprouts, TruRoots Sprouted Lentils, avocado, blueberries and tahini dressing, kale/cucumber juice from Luna’s Living Kitchen (LLK), skinny witch from LLK, chocolate chia pudding from LLK, cantaloupe and banana before taking a class at Yoga Shala, Oatmeal made with one date, water and topped with walnuts and almond butter, Alter Eco quinoa chocolate bar, steamed veggies from 5 Church – a new restaurant in Charlotte that uses local/organic produce, coleslaw salad with kale and chickpeas, secret for now (recipe coming soon!), making almond milk.