Staying Active in Koh Samui

We are currently on the way to the Four Seasons Tented Camp in the Golden Triangle – where the countries Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos meet. Since I have a little time on the plane before we land, I thought I would share how I kept myself active during my visit to Koh Samui. Hope this gives you a little inspiration to get your booty burning as the new week begins or on your next vacation.

Paddle boarding everyday at the Four Seasons Koh Samui was by far my favorite activity…

IMG 1415
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A Bangin’ Booty – Circuit Training Routine

Last week was very interesting.  It started with a bang. A literal bang. A bang in four places to be exact. One on the left side of my head, one on my forehead and one on my front tooth and lips!  I had a total freak accident on Monday morning and fell in my bathroom…I’ve been pretty much recovering all week, working from home and icing my face. An emergency room visit, a CAT scan, and triple wheatgrass shots to counteract the radiation later, I now know I am not going to die from my fall.

Right now, I’m almost better, but I’ve got a lingering pain on my forehead, along with three random “dots” which I guess are deep bruises… My sister in law today called me a “Domino.” That was a good one! Haha. I am definitely laughing at myself for sure, because my dots are quite ridiculous. I should have taken a picture to show you what I am talking about…

If you noticed my “Weekly Booty Burn” (which I update on the right side bar of my blog every week)… you may have seen that my usual workout schedule came to a complete halt early in the week… I later updated it to show I was at least moving around (i.e. the Stretching on Wed). Now that I am feeling better, I am back on the wagon – but a little sluggish. A body in motion, stays in motion….and then when it gets banged upside the head… well it just needs to get banged right back into the gym!

Screen Shot 2012 04 08 at 8 20 04 PM

I haven’t shared any of my workouts with you in months – so I wanted to show you my plan for this week.  I will be doing two routines – one on Monday & Thursdays and one on Tuesdays & Fridays (see charts below).  I’ll be doing each circuit twice before moving on to the next one.  My workout each day will go like this…

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My Favorite Workouts – Turbo Kick & Turbo Fire

I haven’t written about working out in a long time. You can see where my ultimate passion lies by the number of posts I write about food and nutrition. But did you know that taking away the ability to workout is Food Babe’s kryptonite?

IMG 2684

I can just about get through anything I face on a daily basis unless my body stays still or stagnant for too long. Not being able to exercise – I get cranky, irritable, stressed, anxious, easily pissed off, etc – you get the idea – I become one miserable person inside. This is why I make it a priority to workout every single day – it doesn’t have to be a no holds bar type of workout – but something every day to get my booty moving to calm my mind, to breath, to sweat, and to most importantly get that endorphin high!

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