It Was All An Accident… Thank You For The Experience Life Magazine Cover

If you’ve heard my story before you know that I didn’t set out to be an activist in the food movement. It was all an accident. Growing up a very sick child, developing unconventional habits to help me break free from this over-processed world and the persistence of my friends who asked me to start this blog is what led to where I am today. I never thought I would quit my full-time job as a corporate consultant to do what I am doing today. I am an accidental activist. No one trained me on how to get the attention of the largest corporations in the world, how to handle the media interviews and the publicity necessary for spreading the message or how to handle the people who are trying to disparage me from moving forward.

So when Experience Life Magazine contacted me and said they wanted to put me on the cover of their magazine, I didn’t quite know what to expect. They flew me out to Los Angeles and spent an entire day with me from morning until night. I was actually kinda dreading the whole day, since getting my picture taken by strangers is not one of my favorite things to do! When I walked into the studio, my worries vanished, and I knew I was going to be all right. All I could think was “this is all for me?” The positive energy of the whole entire Experience Life team was contagious. A personal stylist was ready with a whole wardrobe of outfits to choose from, my hair & makeup was done by celebrity hollywood artists and a nice selection of healthy snacks were available! It was one of the most fun days of my life and a day I’ll never forget.

I can’t thank Experience Life enough for believing in me, this mission and for allowing me the honor to be on their cover of the October issue. 

SmallPicture Experience Life

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Worldwide Coverage of The Food Babe Army – Front Page of El Tiempo (Translated)

Something unexpected happened last week. El Tiempo, the main newspaper in Colombia, South America put our work on the front page of their newspaper. We got an influx of people joining us to fight for a better food system and lots of requests to translate the blog into Spanish (we are working on it!!!).
I shared the Spanish version of this article on Facebook last week, but many of you asked for the translated version, so here it is. I hope you enjoy the interview. It’s so nice to see mainstream news in the world spreading our message – this information was carried to several other South American countries too! So incredible!FoodBabeElTiempo Continue Reading →

Food Babe Voted Dr Oz’s “Healthiest Facebook Page”!

Food Babe Army we did it! When I got a call from Dr. Oz’s team telling me we won his healthiest facebook contest, I jumped for joy out of my seat. Being featured on huge media platforms like The Dr. Oz Show helps grow our movement. The more and more people who know about Food Babe, the more and more people will know the truth about what’s happening to our food supply. When people find out the truth, companies have no where to hide and have to change. Thank you for voting and supporting the facebook page. It’s an incredible honor to receive this win and I appreciate what you do every single day with me to spread the word about what’s really in our food. Together we are changing the world!




Sending the army much love,