Super Healthy & Delicious Appetizer: Sweet Potato Skins

If you need a healthy appetizer to serve instead of the usual chips and salsa, chicken wings or fried mozzarella sticks, I’ve got a recipe for you that will knock your socks off! These babies are so good I’ve already eaten them a couple of times for lunch this week. These sweet potato skins are packed with nutrients, are crispy and look beautiful served on a platter for a big party or game night. This appetizer has this sweet and salty thing going on that makes them just irresistible, they really hit the spot! Enjoy!!! 

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Mexican Lentil Tortilla Soup

This Mexican Lentil Tortilla Soup is an absolute favorite at my house these days. I make a huge pot of it at the beginning of the week, and it lasts me a couple of days. It makes the perfect lunch when it’s reheated and topped off with half an avocado. I love how simple and easy it is to make too – it’s fast on the stove or works in a slow cooker very effortlessly.

Utilizing filling ingredients such as lentils, that are packed with fiber and protein is a great way to lose excess pounds. Also, soups are super nourishing but easy on the waistline because they naturally help you eat less (if the soup doesn’t have hidden MSG which can make you eat more! – so watch out for that – see video below for more details). I made this soup on NBC’s Charlotte Today – which is always fun to do on live TV.

Lentil Tortilla Soup

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Homemade Cinnabons (Made With Real Food!)

When my friend Carrie Vitt sent me her new cookbook “The Grain Free Family Table”, I knew right away which recipe I was going to make first! She spent months perfecting this grain free cinnamon roll recipe to get it just right and boy did she! I thought this was going to be a difficult recipe to make at first but it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought and the rolls turned out fantastic – everyone in my house loved them and they are already gone (story of my life!). I hope you’ll make this homemade real food version and never look at those terribly processed Cinnabons again!


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Classic Real Ginger Cookies!

This cookie recipe for classic real ginger cookies will knock your socks off! I made a batch the other night and Mr. Food Babe and I gobbled them up so fast – in 24 hours they were GONE! Please don’t say I didn’t warn you – they are soft, sweet and downright addictive! The best part? They are organic, non-GMO and use wholesome ingredients… which I think is the healthiest way to enjoy treats this holiday season!

Ginger Cookies

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