Eat With Your Dollars – Superfoods Gone Local & Brunch Give Away

Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Faith for winning the Fern Brunch Giveaway! Check your email for details.

IMG 1418

Fern, one of my favorite Food Babe approved restaurants in town has generously offered to give away BRUNCH FOR 2 to one lucky reader. To experience dishes like the Warm Kale Salad pictured above, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE and leave a comment below by Thursday, July 19th.

Giving some love to Fern by liking their Facebook page, couldn’t hurt either. Check out their new brunch menu and drool! Good Luck!
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Healthy Food Trucks

Creative Loafing asked me to find the healthiest food trucks in Charlotte for a feature that ran last week…it was one of the more challenging things I have had to do lately and definitely got me out of my food comfort zone. To discover what I found and how I rated the food trucks, check out the article online here.

Also…A big thank you goes to Mark Kemp, Editor and Chief of Creative Loafing for featuring me on WBTV last week. The video is below along with a few more pics.

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4 Things Every Restaurant Should Have – True Food Kitchen

I find it really hard to get enough vegetables to feed my belly at most restaurants.  The salad is usually too small, there is little variety of vegetables on the menu or all the vegetables are cooked to death and mixed with sauces and/or cheese. I find myself asking to double the amount of vegetables or to double the size of the salad I order. When I order dips, I ask the server for raw vegetables instead of more chips or bread – What comes back usually is a couple of wilted celery sticks. The majority of meals tend to be based around meat and low quality carbohydrates or SAD  “Standard American Diet”…

Are you tired of seeing SAD everywhere you eat? Well, I surely am…

This dilemma has been on my mind, because I’ve had to eat out more lately and are constantly looking for healthy places to eat where I don’t need to cook all the time to get the quality of food and quantity of vegetables my body needs and deserves.

In in an ideal world – there would be every vegetable that’s available that season fresh and ready to be cooked and/or served raw anyway you like the moment you sit down at a restaurant.  This would be how Food Babe’s restaurant would run… and I would eat there all the time. :)

Of course there are a few gems in this world that have gotten it right. True Food Kitchen is one of them.

SAM 4403

I was really lucky to visit this magical restaurant in California, last week. True Food Kitchen’s menu is based on the famous Anti-Inflammatory Diet coined by the world renowned holistic medicine guru – Dr. Andrew Weil. Maybe this is why the restaurant has all of the four things that I wish every restaurant would have.
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