Capri Sun Story & Bodum Juicer Giveaway

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The more and more I hear about all of your lives (which I love, btw), the more questions I receive about how to live and act around family members who don’t agree with a healthy organic lifestyle. It’s not easy and I can tell you, even after several years of eating the way I do, I still struggle with it all the time.

We all know grandparents can seriously spoil grandchildren… and my Dad does exactly that to my nephews. He loves to see them smile no matter what and it’s this reason that he loves giving them free cookies at the grocery store (horrific, I know), carries candy in his pocket and allows them to eat pretty much whatever they desire. A few weeks ago, he decided it would be a great idea to give them Capri Sun and bought an entire box of the version labeled “25 % less sugar”… probably thinking it was a better option that the regular version.  While it did have less sugar – it was still obviously still full of crap and completely nutritionally void.

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