Chick-fil-A, Suitcase Goodies, and Exotic Fruit

Before I head to the airport today to go to a land far far away…I wanted to share three things with you.

IMG 1080

1. My latest food investigation on 100 days of Real Food is a doozy. Have you read it yet?  It’s gone kinda viral. I spent most of my Saturday last weekend at Chick-fil-A, interviewing people for this post. It was an eye opening experiment and one that I hope you enjoy reading and commenting on. If more people spread this information and comment about this – who knows it might cause Chick-fil-A to react in the same fashion that Yoforia did when I wrote about them. Could you imagine how impactful it would be if Chick-fil-A decided to eliminate the questionable ingredients from their food?! Maybe other fast food restaurants would listen up too and follow suit.
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