Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge – A Warm Delicious Breakfast!

Imagine all the flavors of pumpkin pie in a big hot bowl of goodness… That’s what this breakfast is! It might as well be a dessert because it tastes that good! Fortunately, this breakfast will give you staying power, a nice dose of healthy fiber and disease-busting nutrients without the sugar high. This Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge will be perfect for the holidays ahead – make a big batch for your family and friends for a warm delicious organic treat!

pumpkin porridge-2

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How To Get Someone To Eat Their Greens: Roasted Beet & Carrot Salad

I’m getting hungry just thinking about this roasted beet and carrot salad again! I made it during a family dinner recently and everyone enjoyed it – including a reluctant family member that hates anything green. Maybe it was all the red beets and orange carrots covering up all the arugula – who knows, but it worked and that’s all that matters. The warm sweet vegetables on top of the cold spicy greens go really well together.

I used to hate beets until I finally started preparing them myself. Those canned beets I was first exposed to in my school cafeteria totally scarred me into my late twenties. I’m so happy to love them now – they are incredible detoxing vegetables helping cleanse the blood. And who doesn’t need a little cleansing after all the nasty stuff we are exposed to day in and day out? Hooray for beets and this salad! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Beet and Carrot Salad

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Raw Brussels Sprouts Good Fortune Salad

I’m calling this amazing salad I made the other day “Good Fortune” for several good reasons. First, its’ star ingredient is one of the most powerful and under-appreciated cruciferous vegetable there is: brussels sprouts. Secondly, it incorporates brussels sprouts in their raw form, another under-appreciated thing. And thirdly, it has lentils that symbolize good fortune for the new year. 

I love to combine cooked foods with raw foods for maximum nutrition. If you’ve never tried raw brussels sprouts before, you’ve got to try this salad! Remember to shred or cut your brussels sprouts finely for maximum enjoyment. I like to chop raw brussels sprouts as garnish for cooked dishes and sandwiches… you could even make a coleslaw using them instead of traditional cabbage – the opportunities are endless! 


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How To Detox After Vacation (or anytime!)

Juice in Cusco

No. I’m not making out with my juice. This is what happens when I find juice on vacation. I cherish every ounce of goodness… This was a mix of carrots, cucumbers, celery and sprouts. It was one of my only pure vegetables juices I had while traveling last month. I had it in Cusco, Peru, where juice was available all over the place…but we were sadly only there a few days.
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