How This Very Popular Cereal Is Exploiting Americans & What You Can Do About It

When I saw Cheerios in my parent’s pantry, my stomach dropped to the floor, steam came out of my nose and I almost flipped a lid. But then I reminded myself that my Dad who bought this very popular cereal isn’t on Facebook, so he hadn’t seen my posts about how Cheerios can contain several different GMO ingredients nor had he seen that I was actively involved in a campaign as a Steering Committee member of GMO Inside to get GMOs removed from Cheerios.

It wasn’t his fault that he was buying this stuff, he was in the dark, like many of us still are. I mean, this cereal is even sold at places like Whole Foods for goodness sakes! It is estimated that 6.4 million people in the US start their day with a bowl of Cheerios. Geez.
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New Products That Make Me Scream In Excitement

This year at Expo West (the largest natural products show in the US) – I found myself spending more time in my hotel room than on the showroom floor. The Kraft petition was going viral and the media was chasing me. It was a double edged sword, because yes, I wanted to get the message out there about how Kraft is exploiting Americans by using products banned overseas in their Mac and Cheese, but I also wanted to support all the growing and wonderful organic companies by sharing their new amazing products with you!

I wish I had a chance to see more. This is only a glimpse of what the show had to offer – I hope you enjoy the recap, new products and things that make me scream in excitement!

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