How To Detox After Vacation (or anytime!)

Juice in Cusco

No. I’m not making out with my juice. This is what happens when I find juice on vacation. I cherish every ounce of goodness… This was a mix of carrots, cucumbers, celery and sprouts. It was one of my only pure vegetables juices I had while traveling last month. I had it in Cusco, Peru, where juice was available all over the place…but we were sadly only there a few days.
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Day 3 – Juice Fast

Sorry for party rocking!  I’m back to tell you all about Day 3!

I am going to start by saying this. If you decide to ever do a juice fast – do it just for the feeling you will have on Day 3. You will be HIGH as a kite! EUPHORIA will rush over your body. You will feel so INTOXICATED from the nutrients your body is getting. And ENERGY will radiate through your body like a bottle rocket.

BTW – Did you know the Enegizer Bunny drinks green juice?


Going through a juice fast is like watching a movie within yourself. It has all the basic elements of a greek tragedy. The 1st day is the opening scenes in which you set the stage for your routine, gather basic information about what you are doing – PREPARE your MIND for what’s ahead, STOCKING your fridge with LIVE PLANTS, readjusting your SCHEDULE, adjusting to not EATING or CHEWING just DRINKING. The 2nd day is the hardest by far – an internal conflict arises, you experience obstacles – LITE HEADEDNESS, FILM in your MOUTH, HEADACHE after HOT YOGA, you will think about all the foods you might be missing like NACHOS and BEER, and experience some struggles. This is the day where YOU WILL THINK ABOUT STOPPING . The 3rd day is the CLIMAX – You SMILE, have GLORIOUS ENERGY, and simply SPARKLE and GLOW from the green juice radiating in your body. The TRAGEDY happens when this whole feeling just goes POOF after starting your regular diet.

But your story doesnt have to end that way. Mine certainly isn’t. You can add juicing to your regular diet on a regular basis and have a HAPPY ENDING! (No pun intended)  Juice is the gift that just keeps giving. You have the choice. Juicing is not a fad diet or something you do twice a year on a fast.

Your smile, glorious energy, sparkle and glow can continue for the rest of your life. Choose your own adventure and pick the right ending so you will be rewarded with a long, healthy and vibrant life. Go crazy – Juice everything in sight!:)

On to the recap of Day 3…

8am – I woke up light, energetic and refreshed after eight good hours of sleep.  I went straight to my tea pot for some hot water with lemon and cayenne.

IMG 0194

Then I made the most delicious cup of tea.  Another new favorite from Rishi Teas – Jasmine Pearl. So fragrant….sniff sniff.
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Day 2 – My Juicer Recommendations & Juice Fast Recap

Before I get started on the Day 2 Recap of my juice fast – Let’s talk juicers.

We have a Breville Juicer ($299) that looks like this (12/2011 Update – gave this juicer to my parents):

We have had this for approximately one year with absolutely no issues. The machine works perfectly – This is a centrifuge juicer – it spins vegetables until they separate into juice and pulp. I don’t want to hurt my juicers feelings – because it provides so much green love to me and my husband, however, I have noticed vegetable pulp in the waste bin is a tiny bit wet after juicing – you can solve this issue by using a cheese cloth or nut milk bag and squeezing the excess juice from the pulp. Other than that – This juicer has been perfect for us. It’s easy to clean and is mostly stainless steel and can be put occasionally in the dishwasher on the top shelf. I mostly hand wash it because I use it so often. We want to upgrade soon – but juicers are crazy expensive. I plan to give it to my parents when we do (shhh – don’t tell them)…
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