Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse Giveaway + Tropicaloe

I’ve got three criteria when it comes to buying juice – it’s gotta be raw, organic and cold-pressed or forget it! 

Suja Juice thankfully fits the bill for all three, and I’m so excited to announce a juice giveaway that will get your January off to a fantastic start. Even if you aren’t into cleansing, these juices are healthy and delicious, so winning them will stock your fridge with absolute goodness! 

Suja Juice Giveaway

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Food Babe TV Update + Breville Juice Fountain Crush Juicer Giveaway ($3000 value)

Oh boy do I have some exciting news to share with you today!

First, Food Babe TV is officially launching on September 9, 2013. You will be able to see the first episodes right here on Here are some sneak peak behind the scenes photos for the first 4 episodes… You better believe these clips are going to have the food industry shaking in their boots! I can’t wait. (AND yes, that’s me in the first picture with McDonald’s french fries!)

Food Babe TV preview
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Are You Making These Common Juicing Mistakes?

I love green juice so much that I would marry it if I wasn’t already married. When I see families, especially children, drinking green juice, my heart melts on the floor, but when I see people drinking juice in a less than stellar way and making common mistakes, I get crazy concerned and want to help. That’s why I want to go over common juicing mistakes I have personally witnessed, so hopefully I can put my crazy concerned look to rest.  It’s important to remember – we are all learning in this big bad world of processed foods, and juicing is better than not juicing at all, even if you make these mistakes.

juicing mistakes


Not Drinking Green Juice On An Empty Stomach - Recently a blogger friend of mine tried juicing for the first time, and when she finished her first juice she proclaimed to me that it gave her heart burn. Immediately, I asked her if she drank her juice on an empty stomach, and she said “No, I had it after breakfast.” Fresh juice should only be consumed on an empty stomach. The whole point of drinking juice is diminished if you don’t, and can end up giving you digestive issues like my friend experienced. Drinking juice on an empty stomach allows the vitamins and minerals in the juice to go straight to your bloodstream. Having fiber or a meal already in your stomach prevents your body from quickly absorbing the nutrients from the juice. A good general rule of thumb to follow is to wait at least 2 hours after a meal to drink a green juice and wait 20 mins after drinking a green juice to consume a meal.
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