Food Babe’s Pantry Staples

This post right here has been long in the making! The question “What’s in your pantry and/or how can I stock my pantry” has been asked so many times via email, Facebook or in comments…Sorry it’s taken so long to finally share this information with you!

I’ve put together a list of all the items in my cupboard that are must haves (I don’t really have a pantry – it’s a make shift broom closet converted)… And there will be no pictures or peaking in this make shift pantry either, because it is a DISASTER! Spices are falling from being stacked too high, things are shoved in left and right, random oat groats spilled everywhere, it’s absolute chaos in there! My husband calls the whole scene one big booby trap and thinks I’m out to get him. Can you see it now – “Food Babe’s husband knocked unconscious by spaghetti sauce”

IMG 0448

One day I’ll have a walk-in pantry and never have to live through this embarrassment again – One day.

A couple of things you’ll notice about my staples – They are all certified organic (unless noted otherwise), you won’t see processed soy products, there’s no white enriched flour anywhere, or refined sugar. A clean pantry like this is easily attainable with the right swaps and choices. You can do it!

One of the best things I ever did was clean out my cabinets about 5 years ago and got rid of all the chemical filled junk. I donated it all and I haven’t looked back. That includes things like baking powder with aluminum that I could have continued to use for another year or two…but made a decision that I could afford to do better.

If you know me, you know this – I’d rather spend money on food vs. anything else. This is why my husband and I have shared a car for last 4 years…this is the reason why I prefer to eat at home or eat at the best restaurant that I know will serve the highest quality ingredients. This is why when I travel, I take pricey travel size foods like packets of green vibrance, raw almond butter and chia seeds with me. This is why it doesn’t bother me to shop at the best places for food like Healthy Home Market and Earth Fare. But this is also why, I will save an 1/8 of an organic red onion. I am crazy about not wasting good food either!

Ok onto the list… I’ve included a printable version right here – Food Babe’s Pantry Staples, in case you’d like to print it out for reference or to take to the grocery store! Happy browsing, shopping and eating!

  Breakfast/Breads   Drinks
  Oat Groats   Larry’s Beans Coffee
  Steel Cut Oats   Synergy Kombucha
  Gluten Free Rolled Oats   Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water
  Ezekiel English Muffins – Cinnamon Raisin   GT’s Kombucha
  Ezekiel Bread – Sesame   Assorted Yogi, Traditional Medicinals, & Numi Teas
  Nature’s Path Hemp Waffles    
  Chia Seeds (Whole)   Dessert/Sweets
  Flaxseeds (Whole)   Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (not organic)
  Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (not organic)   Green’s and Black’s White Chocolate
  Navitas Naturals Hemp Protein   Sunspire 65% Dark Chocolate Chips
  Arrowhead Mills Puffed Kamut   Righteously Raw Bars
  Ezekiel Cereal – Any flavor   Van’s Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches
  Kaia Foods Raw Buckwheat Granola   Coconut Bliss Ice Cream – Ginger Cookie
      Coconut Bliss Ice Cream – Cherry Amaretto
  Pasta/Grains   Seitenbacher Strawberry Alligator Gummies (not organic)
  Organic Planet Buckwheat Soba Noddles   Go Raw Coconut Cookies
  Organic Planet Whole Wheat Udon Noddles   Yummy Earth – Butterscotch Drops
  Organic Planet Whole Wheat Lomein Noddles   Twin Cakes – Cashew Coconut Biscotti (not organic)
  Ezekiel Penne Pasta   Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
  Ezekiel Linguine   Erewhon Brown Rice Cereal
  TruRoots Sprouted Quinoa   Assorted Pacari Chocolate
  Quinoa Flakes    
  Farro   Condiments/Other Staples
  Brown Rice   Ketchup
  Red Himalayan Rice   Yellow Mustard
  Oat Flour   Apple Cider Vinegar
  Whole Wheat Pastry Flour   Cold-Pressed Olive Oil
  Whole Wheat Panko Bread Crumbs   Nutiva Hemp Oil
  Spelt Flour   Coconut Oil
  Beans   Eden Farm’s Ponzu Sauce (not organic)
  Eden Farms – Garbanzo Beans   Eden Farm’s Miran (not organic)
  Eden Farms – Red Kidney Beans   Balsamic Vinegar
  Eden Farms – Black Beans   Organic Rice Wine Vinegar
  Eden Farms – Cannelli Beans   Maple Syrup
  TruRoots Sprouted Lentils   Raw Local Honey
  Green Lentils   Pickles
  Yellow Lentils   Olives
  Dry Garbanzo Beans   Himalayan Sea Salt
      Dry Non-Irradiated Spices (Too many to list!)
  Nuts/Dried Fruit   Imagine Low Sodium Vegetable Broth
  Goji Berries   Imagine Low Sodium Chicken Broth
  Golden Berries   Eden Farms Spaghetti Sauce
  Himalayan Raisins   Seeds of Change – Tuscan and Garlic Tomato Sauce
  Raisins   Artisana Coconut Butter
  Currants   Coconut Palm Sugar
  Figs   Date Sugar
  Prunes   Navitas Naturals Raw Cacao Power
  Dates   Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  Walnuts   Aluminum Free Baking Powder
  Almonds   Stevia Extract
  Brazil Nuts   Freezer
  Pecans   Ezekiel Whole Wheat Sprouted Tortillas
  Cashews   Ezekiel Corn Tortillas
  Sesame Seeds   Frozen Mango
  Sunflower Seeds   Frozen Strawberries
  Pumpkin Seeds   Frozen Blueberries
  Artisana Tahini   Frozen Mixed Berries
  MaraNatha Almond Butter   Frozen Acai
      Frozen Corn
  Snacks   Frozen Artichokes
  Unique Splits – Sprouted Wheat Pretzels    
  Mary’s Gone Crackers – Onion & Plain    
  Mary’s Gone Sticks and Twig Pretzels – Sea Salt & Curry    
  Late July Summer Blues Tortilla Chips    
  Late July Yellow Corn Chips    
  Suzie’s Thin Cakes – Flax & Spelt (not organic)    
  Twin Cakes – Plain Jane Crackers (not certified organic)    
  Twin Cakes – Kale Crackers (not certified organic)    
  Mauk Family Farms Raw Wheat Free Crusts    
  Organic Popcorn (Dry Kernels – not microwave bags)    

If you have any questions about the brands I choose or staples I have – Please feel free to ask away! There is a method behind my madness and choices! I’ve been through lots of trial and error…everything on this list comes highly recommended!

You can even find some of the items on the Food Babe Shop – Have you checked that out yet?

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Food Babe

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Anthony Bourdain ♥’s Food Babe!

Last night I had the opportunity to meet Anthony Bourdain. He was in town doing a show with his pal Chef Eric Ripert from the famed, Le Bernadin in NYC. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show. It was an interesting evening of the two men going back and forth debating about their food philosophies. I enjoyed listening to them immensely and to my surprise found out that Bourdain and I have so much in common! I love this man. I love his vanity. I love his assholish behavior. I love that he just doesn’t care what anyone thinks of about what he says or does. I love that he is honest, real and not the least bit fake.

IMG 2243

What I love most about him is his job. Bourdain has the best job in the whole world. He gets to travel 250 days a year to any place he wants to go and experience different cultures, exotic landscapes, exciting adventures and unique cuisines all while getting paid! This is the first thing we have in common. We have the same dream job! :) One little problem – I just don’t have it yet.

Bourdain isn’t a sell out. During the show Bourdain talked about all the prospective corporate opportunities he could have taken – like promoting his own cooking products and being offered a spot on Dancing with the Stars. I like to think we have this in common too – wonder why you don’t see advertising on my blog? That’s because I am not going to support or profit from something I don’t believe in. We are already subjected to advertising all over the place, I don’t want you to see it here. I won’t sell out to the food companies that target consumers with misleading information.

Bourdain thinks fusion cuisine is just wrong and the person who started putting bbq pork in a nori roll should be hung – I think about CowFish, a sushi burger fusion restaurant here in Charlotte and I squeal like a pig. No pun intended. Have you read my Sushi Secrets post yet?

Bourdain loves Japanese food – I do too. In fact we just had Japanese food this evening! When asked about what he would have for his last meal– he said the freshest caught fish at the Tsuskiji market in Japan would do. After eating there recently – I can totally see why.

We have the same travel philosophy on food – Respect the cultures you visit, try things you normally wouldn’t eat, be a gracious guest and be thankful you are there. This reminds me of the time we ate puffin in Iceland and pig trotters in Spain. This is the reason I don’t like to label myself – if I were a strict vegan or pescatarian, I would be limiting my experiences when I travel. Why would I want to do that? Let me caveat this by saying that there is nothing cultural to gain from eating foods that would harm your body. I don’t know any countries except America that promotes chemically processed food. This is one place where I wouldn’t get tourist trapped.

Bourdain feeds his family all organic food. So do I – I feed everyone in my life organic foods. I have a rule – I don’t make or buy things I wouldn’t eat myself.

We both despise Semi-Homemade’s Sandra Lee from the Food Network – you know the lady who buys all processed & packaged ingredients from the store and claims that she is cooking?! Bourdain thinks her show panders to the laziness some Americans have toward cooking and their food. I couldn’t agree more. Check out his comments about her here –

She makes her audience feel good about themselves. You watch her on that show and you think, “I can do that. That’s not intimidating.” All you have to do is waddle into the kitchen, open a can of crap and spread it on some other crap that you bought at the supermarket. And then you’ve done something really special. The most terrifying thing I’ve seen is her making a Kwanzaa cake. Watch that clip and tell me your eyeballs don’t burst into flames. It’s a war crime on television. You’ll scream!

Here’s the link to the video – Sandra Lee making Kwanza Cake

We both agree everyone should know how to cook, especially how to cut an onion. Seeing pre-chopped vegetables in grocery stores pisses Bourdain off – me too. He thinks cooking should be a requirement of growing up – your potty trained, you learn to tie your shoe and then you learn to make an omelet. This makes total sense!

Bourdain loves farm to table – Especially supporting small farms and not factory farms…I do too, of course. This is why I frequent restaurants like Halcyon and search out restaurants who support local farmers when I travel.  One of the interesting things that I loved hearing him talk about is how simple food can taste so damn good. The tribesman in Namibia or the peasant farmer in Vietnam don’t have access to thousand of ingredients – but they still can make amazing food with limited resources.

Bourdain hates processed food and people lying about what’s in your food as much as I do. I will be writing more on this topic on this soon. I can’t wait. Those jerks are gonna get it.

When asked by the audience, if there was one food he didn’t like – Bourdain answered scallops – YES! Me too! I hate scallops! The only time I’ve ever eaten one that was edible was in Tsukiji Market – It’s hard not to like anything when it is that fresh – all other times they are slimy stinky seafood I can do without.

Bourdain said he wouldn’t eat a Cinnabon in an airport even if he was hung over and it was 8am – And I wouldn’t either! Have you seen the ingredients in a Cinnabon? There’s stuff in there I wouldn’t shampoo my hair with!


(BTW – Just so you know – My favorite hangover food is Nature’s Path Organic Hemp Waffles with lots of organic butter and maple syrup. Mmmmm. Good.)

Bourdain thinks Chicken McNuggets are the most disgusting things on the planet – I do too. But Chick-Fil-A might be tied. Have you read this post yet?

Bourdain is notorious for berating Paula Deen about her Krispy Kreme doughnut burger. He’s called her the most dangerous person in the America. This is so true, considering the obesity numbers I have recently seen and are continuing to rise – This burger is pure madness, I had the opportunity to interview a guy while eating one last spring – check it out here.

And last but not least, Bourdain loves juicing! Well… maybe not that kinda of juicing. wink wink.

IMG 0282

Enjoying hearing all the commonalities between Bourdain’s food philosophies and mine…At the VIP after party – I had to ask Bourdain one more question – “Anthony – do you practice Yoga”? He looked up in the air, made a snarky face, and said “Hell No”!

Oh well – we were almost a match made in heaven. That’s too bad. It would have been pretty cool to see Bourdain next to me doing tree pose or eagle pose in the middle of Ginza after eating sushi at the Tsukiji Market.

Nonetheless, I felt pretty special when he signed my book “To the end of Processed Food – Anthony Bourdain ♥’s Food Babe.”

IMG 2239
IMG 2246
IMG 2245
Check out my Facebook Fan Page for even more photos of the event and all the ridiculous food at the after party!


Food Babe

P.S. I forgot to mention one of my favorite moments from the show – Bourdain asked Ripert this question: “If you were in prison for the rest of your life – Between Bobby Flay, Jamie Oliver or Mario Bartali – which chef would you screw, marry or kill?

Ripert answered “I would kill all three since I am already in prison.”

Bourdain then chimed in and said he would marry Mario, screw Jamie and kill Bobby.