My Favorite Mug – Bodum Giveaway!

If you have been reading Food Babe for a while now – you probably have noticed I am absolutely obsessed with this one mug from Bodum. I use it every. single. day.

I like that this mug has a 15 ounce capacity because I drink a lot of water before I eat or do anything first thing when I wake up, using it for my daily habit of drinking hot water with lemon and cayenne. The double wall feature keeps liquids either cold or hot depending on what you desire, so it’s perfect for keeping my tea hot longer while I work or get distracted with meetings.

This mug is awesome for quick oatmeal at my desk at work or to keep soup or stovetop oatmeal hot longer at home. There is nothing like warm comforting food that actually stays hot to the last bite! And of course I drink green juice and shakes in it all the time. I generally just like the over feel of the mug in my hand and the fact that is clear so you can see what you are drinking or eating. No other mug has taken its place since I discovered it years ago.

I’m not alone either, my husband loves this mug too – he uses it for beer! And so does my friend Amy… it’s her favorite glass in my whole kitchen. Last year at work, a co-worker borrowed my mug while I was on vacation and she accidentally dropped it and it broke. Being a good friend and citizen, she of course replaced it – but I can only begin to imagine what she was thinking, she had to have been a little scared of my potential wrath! :)

Given my affection for this mug – I’m THRILLED to announce that Bodum has generously offered to give away a set of 4 Bistro Mugs to 5 lucky Food Babe Readers!

I know you will love this mug as much as I do… I’m so excited for you to have a chance to win them!


To enter, follow these simple steps:

1. SUBSCRIBE to Food Babe

2. Like” Bodum North America on Facebook

3. AND leave a comment below by Noon on Monday, Nov. 5th. I’d love to know your favorite kitchen appliance or utensil!

Good Luck!

Food Babe


Contest is now closed. Congratulations to CJ Hunter, Linda Black, Robin A., Shannon Ruark, and Lisa for winning the Bodum giveaway! Check your email for details. If you didn’t win – These awesome mugs are available on