A Lively Skype Debate & Latest Eats

A few weeks ago Skype asked me to participate in a “Global Live Debate” with some fellow international and organic food experts.

The panelists included May Chong of Slow Food Kitchen, Sarina Bland of Trini Gourmet, and (surprisingly not coordinated) my friend, Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell along with host Will Leigh, distinguished chef at Vinoteca.

I had a great time filming this video (please note my enthusiasm – twirling in my chair). I loved the engaging conversation with May, Trini, Max and Will and sharing what I like to make for dinner parties, why I love local food and a supplement I take religiously everyday. It took about 3 hours to film, but lucky for you it’s wonderfully edited down to 7 mins! I hope you enjoy it.

If you’d like to know what supplement I spoke about – you can find it here.

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