Investigating Protein Powders + Sun Warrior Giveaway ($900 value)

The food industry is making an absolute killing (literally) selling protein powders that are filled with highly processed denatured proteins, chemicals, preservatives and other additives. It’s easy to fall prey for a protein powder that makes claims no one is checking on or regulating. That is why it is absolutely critical to investigate your protein powders before taking that scoop.

I fell victim to a HORRENDOUS protein powder back in the day. (You can read that story here)…

Luckily, I did a investigation of several popular protein powders and made a list of ingredients to watch out for…I found it funny that the entire comments section of this post became an advertisement for one of the most popular meal replacement shakes out there that refuses to get organically certified and is using non-organic ingredients from the dirty dozen list throughout their product.

If you are paying big money to supplement with a protein powder, (let’s be honest, they are not cheap!) it better have the highest quality ingredients. Why pay more for less quality?


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