How To Detox After Vacation (or anytime!)

Juice in Cusco

No. I’m not making out with my juice. This is what happens when I find juice on vacation. I cherish every ounce of goodness… This was a mix of carrots, cucumbers, celery and sprouts. It was one of my only pure vegetables juices I had while traveling last month. I had it in Cusco, Peru, where juice was available all over the place…but we were sadly only there a few days.
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Celebrations + Yummy Earth Give Away

I have four different celebrations to share with you today – a bit random from each other – but at least they all have to do with eating!

I’m officially back from my trip to Expo West and I haven’t quite recovered yet.  Being 3 hours behind on west coast time + the additional day light savings time has really thrown me off. Tonight, my goal is to be in the bed by 10:30pm…we will see how that goes considering the amount of work I need to get done.

Celebration #1

I’d like to announce the Earth Fare Give Away winner from last week….It’s Kelly Duke!  Yeah Kelly! Congratulations!

She’s been notified and will be receiving the bag of travel goodies from Earth Fare this week!  And I have another delicious Easter themed give away to announce in just a moment…

But first… Usually the day after a trip I try to get back on my eating schedule ASAP – but this just didn’t happen yesterday.

Started the morning off right. You know the drill – Habit #1, Green Vibrance, Tea, a quick workout… (thought about not working out however, but dragged my tired a$$ to the gym – so glad after all the eats from yesterday!)

I was so happy my husband left me a few collard leaves for my protein shake that I consumed on the way to work… I couldn’t believe it, but he didn’t eat out once while I was gone…he didn’t order pizza or anything – cooked every meal himself… I loved hearing this and about the crazy new things he’s cooking up now like Pad Thai and Crispy Collards.

IMG 0822
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