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100 Days Of Real Food Cookbook – Everywhere August 26th, 2014

I first met Lisa Leake, author of the new 100 Days Of Real Food Cookbook, over 2 years ago at our favorite little cafe Luna’s Living Kitchen and we have been the greatest friends ever since. From the moment we met, we realized we had so much in common, everything from the way we ate, to the love of travel, and of course, we both had real food blogs. Lisa has been more to me than just a friend though, she helped launch my investigations with her readers, continuously nudged me to quit my corporate job to become a full time activist and has mentored me in so many aspects of my life along the way. She’s given me so much inspiration and emotional support throughout this whole journey, I’m not sure what I would do without her!  She is a one-of-a-kind woman that I am incredibly lucky to have in my life, but this blog post isn’t about her. It’s about the amazing cookbook she spent 2 years making that is hitting store shelves everywhere this Tuesday. I am incredibly honored to be one of the few guest contributors in the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook. I still remember the day she called me one afternoon in August of 2012 to ask me to submit a recipe for her cookbook – seeing it all come to life has been so exciting. (See my recipe page pictured below – can you guess what kind of recipe I shared?)



In 2010, Lisa began her pledge to go 100 days without processed foods. She chronicled this on her blog to help make a point about how dependent Americans have become on processed food. She thought she was making healthy choices for herself and her family, but as it turned out, many of their choices were highly processed. So she vowed to spend 100 days focusing on real, whole food not realizing how big of an impact it would have on her entire family. 

Lisa started her blog to inspire others to cut out highly processed food providing practical tips, how to’s and recipes for families all over the globe. She shares her biggest lessons learned, favorite tips for cutting out processed food, and loads of easy and delicious recipes in her new cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food: How We Did It, What We Learned, and 100 Easy, Wholesome Recipes Your Family Will Love

100 days of real food cookbook

And for the first time ever, here’s the brand new video of Lisa explaining why she wrote this book and how it can help you. I love that all the recipes in her new cookbook DO NOT call for any white flour (or any refined grains), sugar (or any refined sweeteners), anything out of a package with more than 5 ingredients, or odd or hard-to-find ingredients. 


100 Days of Real Food Cookbook Is A Gem of Resources:

  • Loads of new recipes and other content that has never before been published on her blog – 70% of the recipes in the book are brand new! – with the rest being fan favorites.
  • Over 100 tested recipes that use familiar ingredients you probably already have on hand, with a beautiful color photograph for every. single. one!
  • Plenty of recipes for those with dietary needs including 71 recipes that are (or can easily be) Gluten-Free, 79 recipes that are (or can easily be) Vegetarian, and 49 recipes that are (or can easily be) Dairy-Free.
  • Five chapters that provide all the guidance and advice you’ll need to cut processed food out of your life, including four seasonal meal plans with shopping lists organized by store department.
  • Loads of school lunch resources including 10 simple recipes pictured in lunchbox containers with recommended accompaniments and a school lunch packing chart.
  • A real food replacement chart to help you figure out how to “update” your old recipes that call for processed and refined ingredients.
  • Advice for getting reluctant family members on board, including a long list of questions and topics to boost some fun conversation at the dinner table.
  • A list of real food “pros” and “cons” for twenty popular packaged foods to help show how to read ingredient labels.
  • Various tips scattered throughout the book including how to store leftovers, kitchen chores for kids by age, budget-friendly advice, ideas for entertaining, and even how to start a small garden.
  • Some much-anticipated “staple recipes” including a dried onion soup mix replacement, a homemade BBQ sauce made without refined sugar, and a can of cream of mushroom soup replacement.

How To Preorder!

The book is not out until Tuesday, so before then you can pre-order your book below: 

  • For a regular copy:  Amazon has it for sale right now for only $17.99 right here (a significant discount off the $29.99 retail price). Order through (support your local retailers!), Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Costco, Walmart or pretty much anywhere books are sold.
  • For a signed copy: Order online through our local, independent book store here in Charlotte, Park Road Books. They’ll ship the book anywhere in the world.
  • For Canadian fans: Order through Indigo.

+ 8 Recipe Bonus!

Lisa is giving away a free 8-recipe ebook bonus when you preorder. It’s a little “thank you” from Lisa to you with a combination of cookbook preview recipes as well as brand new recipes not published anywhere else. 

Big congrats to Lisa & her family, it’s almost here!


Lisa and Vani Collage

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41 responses to “100 Days Of Real Food Cookbook – Everywhere August 26th, 2014

    1. Love you too girlfriend. I tried to put in words how proud I am of you… but there are not enough!

      1. I’m getting this!, I’m tired of eating toxic food. Thanks for putting this together Lisa, god bless!.

    2. Sigh … too good to pass up, so I have yet another cookbook arriving next week from Amazon. I’m going to be in trouble with my boyfriend if many more arrive … :/

      Looking forward to it, loved the video! 🙂

      1. We had people over for my husband’s birthday…. my coworker said “I thought you had a lot of cookbooks when I saw the bookcase, until I went downstairs and saw another whole bookcase!”. Hi, I’m Christine, I have a problem and I love healthy cookbooks and nutritional resources. Thank you for allowing me to add one more! Hey if my husband can buy motorcycle and bicycle parts then I can buy cookbooks, and he never complains as I do all the cooking (born in the wrong era but I love it).

      2. … until he starts eating the recipes you make and finds out where they come from!:)!

  1. Congrats and good luck Lisa!

    Looks like you are making some kind of smoothie in that pick. I think my favorite though is the kale salad with the tahini dressing. I’ve had that more times than I count.

  2. Congrats and good luck Lisa!

    Looks like you are making some kind of smoothie in that pic. I think my favorite though is the kale salad with the tahini dressing. I’ve had that more times than I count.

  3. Can’t wait to get this cookbook. I spent this summer changing my family’s eating. Its been a little bit of a battle, but our health is worth the effort.

  4. Tempted to buy on Vani’s recommendation alone, but wish I could ‘see inside’ the book like others on Amazon.

    Love your activism Food Babe, I am one of ‘those people’ who share your information on my fb page constantly, and it definitely ruffles peoples feathers. You continue to educate me on companies that I ‘vote with my money for’ and those that I won’t. Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep passing it on!

    Remember what Winston Churchill said: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life”.

  5. I love seeing strong women support one another. 🙂 I’m ordering the book now and am thankful for all that you two do for the rest of us.

  6. Thank you Varni for the recommendation, I just ordered it from Amazon. Very excited to receive your friends new book. Thank you for all that you do for us too. XOXOXO. Rosanne

  7. Is there a mistake on the Kindle Book as it is only one dollar cheaper then the regular ? Just wondering.

  8. So sorry! I asked about Robin Hood Oatmeal when what I really meant to say was QUACKER OATS! If you could let me know if there is MGO ‘s in the oats I would really really appreciate it! And I do apologize for my mistake.

    1. You can just email the company – that’s what I do and companies usually tell me that yes, their products contain gmo’s but that they are safe – they then go on to tell me why they consider them safe; it’s ridiculous of course and kind of funny as they always go into defense mode. I then email them back to let them know I will be switching to another company that doesn’t use gmo’s.

      1. Thanks, for your quick response to my question Janine. I did call the. Company but wasn’t quite sure what they were saying. Perhaps I misunderstood as I had it on my to do list but was quite busy that day so may have been distracted. However, I believe they said they could have GMO’s but that they wouldn’t and couldn’t always know if they were present! In my opinion, they have to know! It’s their company! I believe they also tried to call them by a different name. After hanging up and feeling totally unknowlegeable, I phoned back and asked them to send me a letter which would answer my question. They said they would and that it should arrive in approximately 3 weeks. I look forward to it as oatmeal has been my daily breakfast for forever. The reason I became suspicious of it , was because I recently bought some large flake oatmeal and it made me feel as if I was chewing on paper. ….. Any suggestions for a breakfast that would be as healthy. Which is now unhealthy IF they are using GMO’s.

    2. Shirley, as far as I know oats are not gmo but they can be sprayed with pesticides. Also, if you are using the instant ones that are sweetened, the sugar can contain gmo’s. Here’s a good article – it has a comment that Quaker (Pepsi owns it!) has a plant that emits 19,000 pounds of sulfuryl fluoride yearly to treat the oats in storage. I like Nature’s Path and organic Bob’s Red Mill:

    3. I’ve never heard of oats being GMO, however, since the company is owned by Pepsi I would recommend avoiding them. Pepsi (and Coke) both contribute heavily to anti-gmo labeling. A great app I recommend is “Buycott.” You can download it on your phone, subscribe to the groups that match your stance, then scan any item that has a barcode and it will tell you if you should support or avoid that item. Vote with your dollars!

  9. Thank you Vani for all that you do and all that you share. I look forward to getting your friends book. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine. I have been following you before you even had 50 followers and as a mother of an autistic adult child, I recognized long go there was something about our food sources that was making my daughter very sick…thank you for helping, researching and spreading the word. It is making a big difference to many!

  10. To Shirley Williams I was under the impression that Quaker Oats were GMO free. I will certainly quit using Oatmeal if they do have GMO’s in them. Please let us know what your letter from Quaker Oats Company says. My husband, that already has had lung cancer eats it every day. Thank you very much.

    1. Barbara, thanks for your reply. I have not received anything from Quaker oats to date. They said to give them 3 weeks so should be hearing soon, Will let you know when I do. Oh and I will put your husband on my prayer list. Hopefully , he will beat the cancer! I

  11. Hi Food Babe,
    Have you checked out I understand it was created by 2 ex mickeydees execs(?)
    Sounds and looks yummy.
    Thanks for all you do.

  12. Another place I can not turn to because I dont have the extra cash. I have to have an extra job to get info to help save my son and I lives.

    Everyone claims to have the healthiest alternatives but only for people that have bank. The goverment does set the example. Im just saying me
    personaly everything I learn i tell everyone for free no matter how many hours, days and nights Im up reading. Just an opinion from some one who does appreciate you no matter what.

  13. Just ordered Lisa’s new book from Amazon. I can’t wait to get it!!! Thank you Vani for promoting your friend’s book.

  14. I am so excited! I no longer have children at home so this one is for me! My hat goes off to the young mothers who have to fight all these GMO’s!

    Lisa you are to be commended for your steadfastness in creating this cookbook! May you receive many blessings for all the lives you are helping!

  15. Dear Food Babe
    Can you please look in to the paper cups we use for coffee that are waxed. I am almost sure the wax is Paraffin wax. ( A directive of Petrol) I wonder if when the coffee or any hot drink absorbs the wax? That’s is why these cups can not be recycled.
    Thanks for all your fantastic work

    1. Hi,
      My local Recycler has informed Me that anything that has contained Real Food is not recyclable. ie. 100% fruit juice containers are not accepted …

    2. NOBODY drinks coffee or other hot drinks in waxed would melt them and cause leaks. BTW, paraffin has been used in home canning for MANY decades with NO ill effects.

    3. Waxed cups are NOT designed for hot drinks. BTW, Paraffin has been used in home canning for EVER with NO ill effects.

  16. Hi Vani,
    Two requests, on your Beer and Sugar ingredients, Sugars are used to make Beer. Are you saying that Sugars are added to the finished product ? Also with Mrs Obama promoting food, is the White House serving GMO’s or is that just for us Voters ? In short I am wondering if the Food being served is in fact Organic ?

    Thank You,

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