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5 Ingredients That Should Have Never Been Approved By The FDA – Are You Eating Them?

The more I learn about the food system, the more passion grows inside me to change it. What I am about to share with you will have you gasping for air – it’s so downright appalling. There’s a sorry state of affairs regarding the approval of new food ingredients in this country, and there is a BIG misconception that the FDA diligently reviews and approves them all.

The media has reported some serious mistakes made by the FDA in the recent past, like approving a tea that contained cocaine to be sold in the U.S. and approving a new pain killer that their own advisory committee voted against. While these actions are very telling, I’m focusing here on what the media hasn’t been talking about. A glimpse into the last few decades of FDA oversight shows how little the FDA has done to improve the food system in this country, how they have allowed us to eat harmful food additives and fail to act (sometimes for years) after an ingredient has been found to be unsafe.  

There are several products that have been deemed “FDA Approved” or “Generally Recognized As Safe” which were yanked from market years after they were shown to be downright dangerous. What’s really scary about this is that history shows that something very serious needs to happen – like deaths – before the FDA takes action. Does someone really need to die before an ingredient is banned? In the eyes of the FDA, that may be the case. I thought I’d put together a few examples for you of ingredients that have been allowed into our food supply, despite ample research showing that they’re harmful. The fact that these are (or have been) allowed in our food is outrageous, as there are safer ingredients and practices that could be used by the industry.


1.  Sulfites on Fresh Vegetables 

REGULATORY STATUS: Approved in 1982 / Banned in 1986

The FDA approved sulfite preservatives on fresh produce in 1982, despite evidence that sulfites could trigger asthma attacks. Soon after, many people got sick and some even died after eating salads laced with sulfites in restaurants. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) claimed to have documented over a dozen deaths, and petitioned the FDA to ban its use – yet the FDA failed to act for 4 long years. The FDA finally banned sulfites on fresh produce in 1986 and subsequently limited it in other foods.

2. Artificial Coloring Red No. 3 – Erythrosine 

REGULATORY STATUS: Banned from Cosmetics in 1990 / Still Approved in Food

After finding out that Red #3 causes cancer in animal studies the FDA banned it from cosmetics in 1990. Yet, the FDA still permits Red #3 in our food and you’ll find it in chewing gum, Nesquik Strawberry Milk, popsicles, yogurts, fruit cocktail, Duff’s cake mix, Betty Crocker icing and candy – but you won’t find it legally in lipstick. In 1989, the Washington Post reported that the fruit industry was “enraged” by the FDA’s proposal to ban Red #3 from food, because “Americans like their cherries red” in a can. So they lobbied the House Appropriations Committee to add language to “its report on the FDA’s funding for next year that instructed the FDA not to ban the dye-formally titled FD&C red No. 3-without further study.” This is in violation of the “Delaney Clause” that requires the FDA to ban carcinogenic food ingredients. When they banned it in cosmetics, the FDA said it would “take steps” to ban in it food too. Well, it’s been over 20 years, and we are still waiting for the FDA to take action on Red #3. There are six more artificial food colors that were approved for food and later banned by the FDA: Green 1, Green 2, Red 1, Red 2, Red 4, and Violet 1.


3. Partially Hydrogenated Oils / Artificial Trans Fat

REGULATORY STATUS: GRAS Tentatively Withdrawn 2013 / Still Permitted in Food

Partially hydrogenated oils are everywhere at the grocery store, especially in the bakery aisle (pies, crackers, cakes, cookies) and in fried foods at restaurants. When partially-hydrogenated oils are manufactured they create artificial trans fats. In the 1990s, research came out that showed trans fat raises the “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lowers the “good” HDL cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. According to the CDC, up to 7,000 deaths and 20,000 heart attacks per year can be attributed to artificial trans fat in the diet – and it’s been shown to be the most harmful fat in our food – yet, the FDA still allows it. After decades of mounting research, the FDA finally made a tentative determination that partially hydrogenated oils are no longer considered GRAS in November 2013 – but that doesn’t mean it’s been taken out of our food. The FDA has still not made a final determination to ban it, despite pleas from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. Food manufacturers see the writing on the wall and many of them are voluntarily removing partially hydrogenated oils from their products. Beware that even if a product is labeled “0 grams of Trans Fat” it’s permitted to contain up to .5 grams of trans fat per serving, and this is why it’s still very important to check the ingredient list for partially hydrogenated oils to make sure it’s clean of artificial trans fat.   

4.  Caramel Coloring Level IV 

REGULATORY STATUS: Approved in Food / Currently Under Review & “Assessing Consumer Exposure”

Caramel coloring has been deemed “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA and is the most widely used food coloring in the world. Although it sounds harmless, Level IV caramel color contains the cancer-causing byproduct 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel). In 2007, research was published that showed 4-Mel was carcinogenic. Consumer’s Reports tested the levels of 4-Mel in drinks and found it in excessive levels in several soft drinks that contain caramel color. They petitioned the FDA to limit and label its use, however the FDA has not taken this action. The FDA simply released a statement that they would review its safety and “determine what, if any, regulatory action needs to be taken”. Following their presentation at the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting in August 2014, the FDA said they have no reason to believe that current caramel coloring levels are a concern, so it looks like the FDA has no plans to limit, label or ban it. There are 4 levels (types) of caramel coloring and they are only listed on ingredient list as “caramel color” – the type (like Level IV) is not generally disclosed. Given that this coloring is in so many processed foods (sometimes in levels exceeding “safe” standards), it’s difficult to avoid. No one is assessing the cumulative consumption of caramel color from all of these sources. We are still waiting for Starbucks to remove caramel coloring from their drinks in the U.S., especially since they don’t use it in other countries (proving that it’s unnecessary!)

5.  Antibiotics in Animal Feed for Growth Promotion

REGULATORY STATUS: Approved in Animal Feed / Voluntary Guidance to Industry Issued in 2013

The meat industry uses significantly more antibiotics than the healthcare industry and it’s been reported that animals receive 80% of the antibiotics produced in this country (estimated at 29 million pounds per year). The real reason that industrial farms are systematically feeding their animals antibiotics is to produce bigger animals that grow faster on less food – thereby increasing their profits – and also to help the animals survive the poor conditions they are being raised in. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? The CDC does, and warns that this use is contributing to antibiotic-resistant infections in humans and harming public health. Recent reports indicate that antibiotic resistance can be blamed for at least 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths in the U.S. and Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, Director of the CDC is warning, “If we don’t act now, our medicine cabinet will be empty and we won’t have the antibiotics we need to save lives” – a scary prospect. In 2013, the FDA issued guidance for the industry (that goes into effect in December 2016), which recommends halting the use of antibiotics to fatten up animals, along with veterinary oversight of antibiotic use. The FDA’s guidance is voluntary and not legally enforceable:

FDA’s guidance documents, including this guidance, do not establish legally enforceable responsibilities. Instead, guidances describe the FDA’s current thinking on a topic and should be viewed only as recommendations, unless specific regulatory or statutory requirements are cited. The use of the word “should” in FDA’s guidances means that something is suggested or recommended, but not required.

According to Pew Charitable Trusts, there’s a huge loophole that will still permit antibiotics for “disease prevention” in “the absence of any threat from a specific bacterial disease”, which may allow veterinarians to rationalize a prescription for routine antibiotics. Reuters reported,

“by enlisting the help of veterinarians…the FDA will be empowering a profession that not only has allegiances to animals, farmers and public health, but also has pervasive and undisclosed financial ties to the makers of the drugs… No laws or regulations – including the new FDA directives – require veterinarians to reveal financial connections to drug companies. That means veterinarians can be wined and dined and given scholarships, awards, stipends, gifts and trips by pharmaceutical benefactors without the knowledge of the FDA or the public.”

The European Union took a stronger stand and banned antibiotics in animal feed for growth promotion in 2006 (nearly 10 years ago!) and “animal food production in these countries continues to thrive, with appropriate adjustments in practices to ensure continued animal health and safety”. Meanwhile in the U.S., the FDA is setting weak voluntary standards that don’t hold much weight.

What To Do With This Information:

Even if the FDA does nothing to rid our food supply of these dangerous ingredients, there is an easy way to protect yourself. Organic standards prohibit these ingredients mentioned here, so one of the best ways to avoid harmful ingredients is to choose 100% certified organic food and to prepare your own meals at home with minimally processed ingredients. Beware that organic standards still allow some ingredients with known health risks, like carrageenan. So, you still need to read those ingredient lists and make informed decisions about your food! I realize that this can be a challenge. That’s why I created an Eating Guide that makes meal planning, food shopping, and cooking as effortless as possible.

My my #1 best selling book, The Food Babe Way, will give you a 21-day plan to put you on the right path to navigating this screwed up food system! My 2nd book, Feeding You Lies, blows the lid off of the lies we’ve been fed about the food we eat – lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science we base our food choices on. And, my first cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, contains over 100 mouthwatering recipes to show you how delicious and simple it is to eat healthy, easy, real food. 

Please spread the word, the more people that know the truth, the faster this food system will change!




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214 responses to “5 Ingredients That Should Have Never Been Approved By The FDA – Are You Eating Them?

  1. does that mean the camel coloring in Vitamins.. like Cold press organic flaxseed oil caps have caramel coloring…
    Thank you!

    1. I wish Vani would answer this, too. (( Whenever I see it, or am asked, I choose something else. )) I WAS TOLD ALL CARAMEL COLORING WAS BAD. : (

    2. Yes, I would definitely avoid eating anything with caramel color added to it – especially something you consume every day!

      1. Just read the ingredients in Skinny Cow dreamy clusters candy and it has CARAMEL COLOR. Why do the put that in there?

    3. Unless it’s been verified by the Non-GMO Project (which does have non-gmo natural flavoring), I would avoid it. The Non-GMO Project goes through strict testing from start to end through a third party (only 3 companies are verified so far).

  2. Thank you so much for all your hard work and passion to pull all the wool off our eyes. .. it sickens me to know that were poisoning ourselfs and our children…I am so proud to say that were trying very hard to teach our children to read labels and eat fresh food..

    1. You are so welcome Sarah – I’m still learning too – the more I uncover the more resolved I am to share it!

      1. God Bless you Ms. Vani for being a modern day prophet speading the gospel about the nasty things that the FDA and others are not protecting us against.
        Keep up the good work and I will inform others about the bad ingredients that are harmful to eat or use on our bodies. I read label now I am far from perfect but trying hard to be better each and everyday.

        Happy New Year.

  3. Red Dye…about a month I bought 2 slices of Red Velvet cake at a NJ Shop Rite to share with my 90 yr old mom. I had 3/4 of one slice and mom had the other quarter. By the next morning I had sores all in the inside of my mouth…I thought I was having a Shingles attack. I immediately started tqking Lysine and Benedryl in case it was an allergic reaction. It took a day before I remembered the cake…I also remembered as a kid whenever I had red pjstachios I also broke out.

    1. I was born and raised in NY -but, lived in Georgia for 10 yrs. My smart and holistic mom came to visit me in Atlanta- and saw this RED VELVET CAKE at the supemarket. ( I had never tried it. ) She made me PROMISE NEVER TO EAT IT!! It reminded her of that, nasty, banned, toxic, red dye #2 ,from the 1970’s… lol… I kept my promise. That was over 15 yrs ago… I am back living in NY -and decided to try a bite of this R.V.C. -as it was at a special party…. All I can say is… Yuck… I could taste so much nonsense…soooo much creepy, toxic dye and TONS of sweeteners are poured into that batter, to get it that deep red color…and to get it to TASTE that way…LOL…. (( Why don’t the just use beets to color it. ???!!! That has a pretty, fucshia color!!! 🙂 )

    2. Btw- Nett, Sorry that you got so sick! : ( NEVER eat or drink ANYTHING that is ” colored ” with RED DYE. My mom is from the Middle East and would get so disgusted- whenever she saw RED PISTACHIO NUTS… She would say… WHY???!!! NEVER FOUND IN NATURE!! Lol…. They shouldnt be dyed at all! : (

  4. Vani, you are such an inspiration and I enjoy reading each and every investigative article you put out. I’m surprised that Aspartame wasn’t on this list as its combined long-term and often mis-diagnosed effects make it probably worse than all 5 (if not 4) of these ingredients combined.

  5. Thank You!! I knew eventually you’d see how inherently corrupt and damaging this agency is, both by their actions and inactions. Keep up the good work!

  6. Vani

    I have been eating so much better even tho I hardly ate anything packaged. I used to splurge on Mc Donald fries no more!! I travel often so it is hard to find decent food!! I hate chains….
    I do read ingredient lists and I find trash ingredients even when they are organic or only a few ingredients I don’t even taste the food anymore if the ingredients are nasty!!

    Thank you!! And stay strong there are always ignorant and hateful people!!

  7. Another ingredient that should not have been approved for consumption is “High Fructose Corn Syrup” which is the leading cause of obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases.

    1. Hi John D.I am in Australia.I am aware of corn syrup in foods.I almost had a sachet of powdered latte which I got as packaged preset.Was made in U.S.& had corn syrup in it.This poison is everywhere!

  8. thank you for the article. I too am trying to eat better and pay attention to labeling. The FDA is not inherently evil it’s just hogtied by the rules of the Senate and the House of Representatives. We the people have to stop voting for anti-science representatives that are in the pockets of the industries manufacture these ingredients.

    1. AMEN, that is EXACTLY the cause of the FDA not “performing” their job. More often than not their hands are tied by a congressional committee that is pulling the strings. More people need to realize that Congress and Industry are cozy bedfellows… We need Term Limits on Congress

      1. We need to ban lobbyists that woo all our congressman…newly elected and seniors

  9. Artificial Coloring Red No. 3 – Erythrosine ……the above article stated that it is in Betty Crocker icing. I just bought “Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy cream cheese icing”
    GUESS WHAT? That ingredient is NOT IN THERE!

    1. DUH. Check out the varieties that are pink/red in pigment and/or contain sprinkles. You’ll find it there. Don’t be argumentative. It is what it is.

      1. “DUH” yourself. I wasn’t talking about any other kind. Stick to the subject. Nice.

      1. Sorry, but, red dye is red dye. After the banning of RED DYE # 2 in the 1970’s- NO RED DYE IS HEALTHY. Actually, never WAS. Think of it like plastics… Really, NO PLASTIC IS HEALTHY. They are ALL toxic. 🙂 USE ORGANIC BEETS -TO COLOR YOUR WHITE FROSTING!!! BEAUTIFUL, FUCSHIA, HOT PINK COLOR!!! My Grandfather was a Chemist in 1920’s in Middle East. He used all natural things, to color fabrics and textiles and Persian rugs. ( And our Easter eggs!! ) Those rugs, etc… are STILL in my family -out in the SUN and STILL VIBRANT and BEAUTIFUL !! LOL!! 🙂 Btw- He warned EVERYONE-IN THE 1950’S -TO NEVER EAT ANYTHING STORED IN A CAN. AND, to NEVER use ANY VASELINE products or by products on your body!!!! He was a very, intelligent man. WAY, ahead of his time…. ; ) Sorry- to go off on a tangent… lol…

      2. Agree with you 100% Leslie.
        I was stationed in Turkey while in the U.S.A.F in the 1970’s., and all wool carpets and tapestries were died with natural dyes, I’ve still got the ones I bought and almost 40yrs later they’re still the same deep vibrant colors they were at the time. Natural dyes are the only things to use in cooking/baking. Sadly, the corporate food producers don’t do this. I like your idea of using red beet juice for red dye.
        And yes, although much ado was made about biphenol A in plastic leaching into food, there are a MULTITUDE of toxic chemicals in plastics…all of which are harmful to people. I don’t use plastics or Teflon for eating, cooking, or drinking. Haven’t used them in the kitchen since the early 80s. Not even for the dog. Studies in the late 80’s showed increased tumors in dogs that were fed out of plastic bowls.
        To me, it’s all common sense. Most of what I practice in food safety was not from news articles…just plain common sense.

    2. Ha…may be the funniest comment ever. Cream Cheese Icing would not have the red dye in it. Seriously people. Common Sense.

      1. To all who commented regarding red dye in cream cheese icing, there is red dye in Pillsbury Pie Crust. I bought and used it without checking the ingredients because of its color. You have to check everything.

    3. I wanted to by the same icing until I read the ingredients. I put it back because there was no food in the whole long list.

    4. Hi Carol, thanks for the comment. Red #3 is found in these icing’s by Betty Crocker: Red Bakery Icing, Red Decorating Cake Icing, Purple Bakery Icing, Pink Decorating Icing, Petal Pink Decorating Cupcake Icing, Shimmering Pink Glitter Icing, Pink Cookie Icing, Shimmering Red Glitter Icing, and Rainbow Sprinkle cake frosting.
      It may be in others, but those are the ones I’m aware of.

      1. To John ……yes I know that all the other ingredients are not good for you. BTW, My name is spelled :Carol” LOL. I like to be informed about all the ingredients. In the beginning I was really into looking for all the bad stuff in my food. Then I started getting too possessed over it and reading too much about it. I realized I am missing out on all the good things in life like walking outside, doing a hobby (instead of sitting on a computer.) I still look at the ingredients, but I will treat myself to some of the not so good things sometimes. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life and stop stressing about things.

  10. I was grocery shopping last night and was reading labels. Anything packaged that I picked up contained some form of corn, soy and sugar. It’s in everything! What do farmers feed cattle to get them fatter quicker…? Corn! No wonder people are getting larger and diabeties is becoming an epidemic. It astonishes me the number of people who are happily living with the ignorance is bliss attitude. Consumers are king when it comes to changing this. We are voting with every purchase we make at the grocery store. We need to send the message that we will no longer buy this cheap unhealthy crap in order for things to change.

    1. In principle, I 100% agree. But, and there’s always a “but”, the real challenge is not just to make better choices, but to make those choices affordable! That’s the 900 pound gorilla in the room. Sure, if we had the means, and of course access, we’d all eat organic, fresh, local, safer, cleaner food. But what percentage of Americans can afford a ~ 400% increase in their grocery budgets? What about public funding? If all of our public schools improved the quality of their lunches, who’s going to pick up the tab? The local taxpayer.

      The feds heavily subsidise the big three: corn, wheat, and soy to keep the prices down, and food yields up. If we took that away, and only allowed free range, hormone and drug free meat & dairy, a hamburger would cost $28.00. Then, there’s the challenge of dissecting the multi-national, multi-billion dollar agro chemical corp from the food “industry”, with all of its global governmental might, power, money, and influence. We have a better chance of vacationing on mars.

      So, yeah, “vote with our dollars” sounds great, but for the overwhelming majority of Americans, our dollars won’t come close to covering it.

      What’s missing in all of these discussions is always the macroeconomics of food. I wish, I hope & pray, that someone, somewhere, either in the public or private sector, would at least address this.

      In the meantime, my sense of futility notwithstanding, all we’re left with is making “better” choices when and if we can. And I guess, there’s not much more than that we can do. So, that’ll have to suffice…

      Good health to you all.

      1. What you say is true, in a sense. It has to trickle down…I think the upper middle class has to take initiative and spike the demand, then the lower middle class can afford it, and so on. Five years ago I could not afford to eat organic or free-range, and now I can, so I do. There are ways to budget and so on ( is a great resource for this kind of thing). If you can’t afford it yet, do what you can (start with meat and dairy, etc) and in another five years maybe we will all be eating the way we want! I don’t think it’s a hopeless situation, not with the amount of momentum I’ve seen gathering just in the three years I’ve been following the organics movement. It’s a HUGE amount of progress in such a short time! I even see a wide variety of organic foods coming in to the food shelf now that a grocery moved in that started providing them…that means the population that struggles the most in our neighborhoods is getting it, and that’s fantastic.

      2. Greetings. . . one and all. . . Several points/ideas to share. . . . I am currently writing a cook book; organic’s only. . . . A couple months ago, I had the insight to start including the cost/item. Bottom line. . . it is not expensive to eat/drink organic. I am truly amazed how inexpensive it really is to eat well. Some ideas that may help you out. . . check out several stores that have sections of organics. . compare prices. If you hit it right, you will save. . Do your homework in finding no-spray farms in your area. Huge savings. The owner of the farm I visit, told me her sales are going up every year and that again this coming spring,(2015) they are going to increase their production; including using more acreage. They again this past year(2014) sold out. Another strategy is to grow your own either in pots or find someone with some acreage and work it. Strike up a deal with them. Something like. . ‘that they will get 20% of the harvest’. Find someone that knows how to do the basics. They would be glad to help you out. Remember this, that the soil is the key. Learn how to work the soil. Remember this :: plant several different herbs(( culinary/medicinal). Examples are Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, . . . .!!! Back in the early 80’s, my friend and I put together a 20’X30′ garden. He went to the university, agriculture extension and had the soil analyzed. We utilized the ‘The French Intensive’ Method. Minimal water used and the crops took off. This past season, I found a single mother who grew over 400 hundred tomato plants, ((no-spray)) and sold out again this year. If there is a will, there is a way. I know of businesses that grow and deliver crops to your front door. Find some partners to split the costs. Another big saver on foods is to buy bulk foods via catalogs: Azure Standard is an example. They utilize drop-off sites near your home. Here is a major factor in maximizing the food you eat . . . .”Read!!” Begin to build a library and buy used books. A great place to begin is ::: ‘Eat 4 Your Blood Type.’ The author is Peter D’Adamo .I have worked promoting chiropractic and nutrition at local farmer’s markets. Strangers would walk up to my booth and share their stories on how they got their health back. Just so you know . . . . We were talking about the most ‘Top Ten Diseases In Our Society Today!!’ During every event at least several would walk up and share their stories. You can buy this book used and get after it. I lost 20 pounds in less than 3 weeks. Find books on food combining. Read ‘Body Ecology Diet.’ The author is :: Donna Gates.The skill is how to eat foods that combine-digestion wise, which maximizes your nutritional impact. If you eat the wrong combinations, you promote chronic inflammation which leads to chronic disease. It is that simple. . . . .Get rid of the inflammation, the diseases go away!!!
        Here are a few major steps to do. . . . . . If you “R” truly serious . . .
        Do not mix/eat at same meal::
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . starch(s)/proteins
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sweat fruits with sour fruits.
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . fruit with vegetables or grains.
        Now. . .
        Vegetables mix/combine well with proteins
        Vegetables mix/combine well with starches
        Eat melons alone or leave them alone
        Do not eat and drink at the same time. Drink before. . .30 to 45 minutes you eat.
        Wait several hour before you drink again. . . .especially after proteins.
        Eating and drinking dilutes the contents and tougher for enzymes to function.
        Please keep in mind that I am not expecting you to be perfect but with enough perseverance, you will notice changes. positive ones. That will keep you going. If you fall, you will fall forward. That means you still are going in the right direction. Pick yourself up and get back into it. You don’t have to be prefect. You may lose a battle or two but you will win the war.!!!
        This next part is huge if you really want to lose weight.
        Chew your food. . . 20 plus times before you swallow. Remember, digestion starts in your mouth.. While you chew, (( another biggie)), PUT THE FORK DOWN. . . . It sounds crazy, but it really works. Here is what happens. Long story short. . . . when you really chew and put the fork down, in two weeks plus, you will eat less food. Your stomach will be telling you
        #2).Your meal is finished; your satiated.
        IN other words, you will lose weight, feel better and maximize your nutrition. You will also be eating less food. The next time you are eating out in a restaurant, watch how people eat. Major food engulfing. Followed by drinking. Reminds me of a great white feeding. . .chomp. .chomp and swallow. Easy to see how this common style leads to over-eating. Your health is all about nutrition and nutrition supports your immune system.
        Remember this. . .Your ‘gut’ is really your primary brain . . . not the one in your head. Science confirms there are more neural activities within you gut than you head. The doctors’ ,a hundred years ago, first question was,” How’s your digestion?” They knew that most health problems start in your gut. . .
        Your energy will increase, along with your mood and the weight will drop. I have so many stories of people that were a ‘health train wreck’ because they unknowingly were eating the American Inflammatory Diet. Educate yourself. Don’t relay on the government or some official to do their job with integrity. The more I see how the medical system runs, their is more money in you being sick than healthy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on in Washington and big business. Its a travesty that the lobbyists and special interests run the government. The health care system is on it’s last leg. Most medicine today treats the symptom; aka the effect. The medical system needs to address the cause. When treating the disease, go find the cause. If you remove the cause, the effect will go away. Your self help healthy diet is by far one of the most important/vital goals you need to focus on. Good Health Maintenance/Disease Prevention is the game!! Do you realize that every one of the top five killers of Americans today is on the rise. Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke and Alzheimer’s can be prevented by diet. Alzheimer’s is now called diabetes III. People are ‘cooking their brain by what they are eating. Correct food/drink is the number one procedure to reduce risk of cancer. Eating right and living a health maintenance life style costs pennies in comparison to the dollars spent on treating disease via main stream medicine. Their batting record is terrible. Check out Pub Med. Last year I know of 5 close friends that died of cancer; one of which was my brother. Bottom line, their diet was pro-inflammatory. They never stood a chance. One friend told me at the end,” the race was on who would kill her first, the cancer or the chemo.” I am not being a domes day promoter. . . but my hope is that this tells you how messed up things really are.. You have to be diligent about taking care of yourself. There is no room for ignorance of this nasty reality. The answer is simple and has always been simple. God made it that way. Eat natural simple foods. Eat primarily bulk foods…Period! It is that simple. Another great source of information TO EDUCATE YOURSELF IS :::: ‘The Wellness Journal.’ It is published out of Carson City, Nevada. Excellent source. Read the book,’ Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’. Vital information about the major health factor of drinking enough water. Author:: Batmanghelidg.M.D. Chronic dehydration is a major overlooked serious medical problem. This can be resolved by drinking enough water.
        A Few Facts To Be Aware Of. . Concerning Water
        drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water/day @ room temperature. Be gentle with your body. . it may take some time but stay with it and notice how much more energy you have. Use common sense. If you feel some discomfort from above normal amounts of water consumption, back off. Give your body time. When your energy increases, you will know you are on the right track.
        Water in nature is always moving, therefore, when you buy/drink bottled water, move the water before drinking. What I do is pour water from one glass into another several times before drinking. Another step I take before drinking, is bless//pray while moving the water. Two good sources of information that will enlighten you. Read,’ Hidden Messages In Water. The author is Dr. Nasaru Emote. Track down Dr. Nolte within the arena of energizing water. If you drink city water beware that more and more gray-water is reintroduced back into the drinking water. Be aware that it has been said there are over 50 different chemicals now in city water at the treatment plants. Be aware that pharmaceuticals and hormones are not being screened/removed. I went to a water irrigation agricultural seminar/farmer’s meeting a few weeks past. I brought up this issue with three separate people. All three individuals confirmed it. If you really look around and start asking questions, you will find the right answers. If you are really smart, ask God. He can not help you unless you ask!!!
        This country is on it’s ass health wise because of the greeeed, big business and the public’s lack of knowledge. I know I have thrown out a lot of information but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Americans are now waking up. Educate yourself and ask questions. Buy bulk and stay away from fast foods and foods that have been processed. Fight back by not buying their poisoned foods. Buy organic or no-spray. .Grow medicinal herbs aka culinary herbs. They make your food jump in flavor and nutrition. Watch your waTer, your cosmetics and toiletries. People are getting sick from too many metals showing up within their bodies. The good news is::: most people see changes occurring in around six weeks. Some within three weeks notice changes. If you are on meds, work with your doctor and if he/she doesn’t agree, find another doctor. That program known as, ‘Take Shape For Life,’ has tremendous results of people getting off their drugs, losing weight and getting their life back. I sat in meetings/seminars attended by hundreds of people, and the success.stories never stopped. Their bottom line is eating foods/drinks that promote a low glycemic index. Check them out if you have a serious weight problem, Once the weight is gone, start hitting the bulk organic foods full time. LAst time I heard, they had 15,000 MD.s promoting the program. It was started by a dis-satisfied MD that knew the present medical paradigm wasn’t working. You can see that smile from ear to ear and now they see the truth. And this truth will truly set you free. You “R” the Solution. Make it Happen. God has given us everything we need today, He did yesterday and He will tomorrow. Eat what He made, not what man has made. This was a lot of information but it needs to be shared. I hope this finds fertile ground(s) in your heart. God Bless you and God Bless America.

      3. Had we not the poor political decisions made by our elected representative in Senate and Congress, would this even be a problem? I somehow doubt it. Instead of looking out for the best interest for all, it seems these people keep passing bills that support the very things that have polluted our rivers, streams, oceans, air, and soil almost beyond repair unless we have at the very least, a couple of hundred years of change, in cleaning it all up. Then, our foods would be mostly organic, locally grown, seasonal only (forcing us to give our bodies more variety in fruits and veggies etc.), and fresh. Growing up in Calif. in the last mid century, that is pretty much what we experienced. I remember waiting until winter to get apples, summer to get strawberries, now, I can see in stores year round. This is not the norm by any stretch of the imagination. We should not have to pay more for a vegetable because it’s organic nor should we be subsidizing farmers who are using cheap methods to produce “pretty” produce that has the potential to cause great bodily harm. Oddly, we go to court when others attempt, threaten, or actually do us great bodily harm, so, how is this any different? Too bad these elected officials don’t take an oath as they enter office stating that they will “serve and protect” as, well as not be allowed contributions to their political campaigns from those who attempt to bypass what is known to be harmful to the majority of its citizens in some way or other. No, instead, our Supreme Court has legalization of selling out our political leaders votes to the highest bidder, no matter which country they happen to live. Somehow, this seems to go beyond the scope and sequence of what the Supreme Court was set up to do. I cannot vote a party line, in all good conscience. I have to spend far too much time researching the people for whom I vote. There true information should be ,much more transparent and much, much easier to find. Least I forget who owns our airwaves, print and internet information gathering and distribution…. Huge challenge, few answers, appreciative of people like Vani for doing what they can. Sure “Food Babe” makes a living from this, however, she is doing the hard work out there and that doesn’t come cheap. Grateful for each and every small victory.

    2. Jodie, I totally agree with you I won’t buy that cheap unhealthy crap either I get so upset and anger at our food system.

    3. Cows, Chickens, Turkeys, Hogs – are fed Corn & Soy (and a great deal is GMO whil others are not Organic)

      As for Soy, I’ve tried to stay away from it for over 20 years. Even when I purchased ‘prepared’ foods, I always checked the ingredients.
      Unfortunately, at the time I thought soy oil or soy lecithin had been cooked/heated enough that the bad had been removed – I found out otherwise.

    4. They are called ‘sheeples’ and for good reason. They follow the herd and rarely question anything. American’s need to WAKE UP!

    5. These people are called ‘sheeples’ for good reason. They follow the herd and rarely question anything. Just like good sheep would. American’s need to WAKE UP!

  11. oh look at all these “dangerous” chemicals, but dont worry you will be safe if you buy my book! nice!, misinformation based on lack of scientific knowledge. Be careful people everything that is approved by the FDA today may be banned later based on the scientific evidence available at the time. so therefore avoid all chemicals just in case

    1. She’s not withholding information to sell a book, gareth. All the information is right there in the article, free of charge. This whole website is packed full of free information. She presents well-researched, verifiable health information and eating guides, all given away for free. The fact that she also sells a book on healthy living is irrelevant. Some people like concise information in a book form. So what? Buy it or don’t, that’s your choice. But don’t come on here and claim that she’s just trying to sell a book or that she’s claiming that all chemicals are bad. That’s YOU spreading disinformation, gareth, not her.

      1. Nice John D. that’s the way I felt from his comment. Maybe he could write his own book “Bashing the concerned for others”.

    2. You sir are obviously one bright south end of a horse. Go back to your food company cubicle. Most of us would be happy if the FDA would take intelligent action on the current scientific evidence ALREADY in existence. No one expects decisions based on unknown “future” scientific evidence. Very weak straw dog argument, go ask your supervisor for a better position and please do write back…you’re such a joy and blessing to the world.

    3. I have been reading labels for several years, after developing migraines (Now Gone 🙂
      I am gladly paying $ for Vani’s book.

      Vani and her team provide accurate well documents research and saves me and other hours!

    4. gareth – sounds like You need to do your own research.

      Nothing here is given just so someone will buy her book.

      I am so thankful for this information. A great deal I already knew (because I’ve been researching a lot for the past year) – but I enjoy finding out that what I discovered is fact – plus I’m finding out so much information that I’ve never thought about.

      So thank you FoodBabe for this sight and all the work you do to enlighten us.

    5. Gareth, while I appreciate the skepticism as much as the next person, trying to prove a point that is anything but Pro-Food Babe will yield you zero results.

      My mother follows the Food Babe, and I have nothing wrong with trying to educate the public on things that seem out of our control, and sadly our governments. However, those who call you a “troll” and blast you for your opinion should be ashamed of themselves. The “Food Babe” has charged thousands of dollars to schools to speak her peace and leaves little time for Q&A and more for a self-promotional tour. Yes she has a book out, and yes a show in the works, and yes she charges people to learn how to eat healthy. All of which is actually a free service if you do your own research. She has also posted several false claims because her sources have their own agendas and she is not a scientist, nutritionist, or holds any degree that I can discern when it comes to the academic field. I grow my own food, and do everything I can to eat local, organic and support small farms. The real truth here is that we should all spend less time on her website and forums and more time writing to our legislature and perhaps, get a second opinion from a individual in the field. I honestly would trust someone who went to school for 8 years than I would the Food Babe, regardless of her detective work.
      Just because someone throws 100 hyperlinks into a blog doesn’t mean it is all true, or taken into context for that matter. Again, we need to get our own answers and we need to start asking for change. If we all think the FDA is bought and sold, do something about it! We still live in America, and this is still a country that is run by the people.

      1. Whether Gereth is a “troll’” or just a “skeptic” is purely subjective. His words, and everyone else’s words, are judged by their content. People are free to speak as they wish here, as you just did. Like Gereth, you seem to imply that the Food Babe is only in it for the money or that she’s less-than-genuine in her intentions, and that, somehow, we’re all a bunch of hapless victims here being led astray by some unscrupulous health guru. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Food Babe is truly concerned with the content of our food supply, and wants an open and transparent labeling system so that we know exactly what it is we are eating. You got a problem with that? We’re all trying to make informed decisions here. And it’s more than just reading labels. The labels have to be verifiable, accurate and transparent. Food manufacturers, their lobbyists, and governmental regulatory agencies have been reluctant to divulge that information to the public. Those are the greedy hucksters you should be railing against, or at least, skeptical of. Many of those “experts” have credentialed degrees in specialized fields, which you seem to value highly (8 years of schooling was your credibility requirement). But you shouldn’t necessarily take their word as gospel either, especially when their findings are often tainted with corporate money and bureaucratic influence. Food Babe doesn’t claim to be the end-all-be-all of health information. We all know that. Nobody here expects that kind of perfection. All we know is that she has a genuine heart, a sharp mind, and a passionate drive to find the truth.

  12. Be wary of purchasing Balsamic Vinegar! I’m a label reader, and am always amazed that even balsamic vinegars labeled “of Modena” contain caramel coloring.
    This is what you do not want to purchase:
    INGREDIENTS: Wine vinegar, grape must. caramel colour. antioxidant E220 and:
    INGREDIENTS: Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, cooked grape must, colouring agent: caramel E 150d, antioxidant: E 220
    Many blend with wine vinegars, but most on supermarket shelves add caramel coloring to add a deep color.
    Even this one, which is $49 for 250 mls is not acceptable! INGREDIENTS: cooked concentrated grape must, wine vinegar.
    Conclusion: The key is to look at the ingredients list for the words “grape must”, “aged grape must” – an they should be the only ones listed. True balsamic vinegar is aged like wine and can be quite expensive.
    Do not purchase any with caramel coloring.

    1. In the U.S. we do not have the Exxx naming convention for chemical additives, so we have to rely on the name itself, or just knowing which brands use which additives. It would be super helpful to see a list of brands that use the Caramel IV coloring vs. other caramel colors, so we can determine what is what here.

      1. Hi Angie-
        Manufacturers do not label which type of caramel coloring in their product.
        This is an interesting article from Center For Science In The Public Interest:

        They write…
        “Carcinogenic colorings have no place in the food supply, especially considering that their only function is a cosmetic one,” said CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. “The FDA should act quickly to revoke its approval of caramel colorings made with ammonia.” and:
        “Most people would interpret ‘caramel coloring’ to mean ‘colored with caramel,’ but this particular ingredient has little in common with ordinary caramel or caramel candy,” Jacobson said. “It’s a concentrated dark brown mixture of chemicals that simply does not occur in nature. Regular caramel isn’t healthful, but at least it is not tainted with carcinogens.”

        Personally, I have removed ALL food colorings /dyes from my diet.
        When purchasing balsamic vinegar, I want the true product, not one that’s cheaply
        “colored” with caramel color to deliver a dark appealing hue.
        Your thoughts…

      2. Oh truly, and thanks for the article. Still though, in the rare cases where I’m dining out, or at a party, or need a cola for a mixer (we’re all human, it happens 😛 ) I’d like to know if the less-unnatural cola I’m buying has the less-harmful version of caramel coloring. I, too, stay away from artificial colors in my day-to-day, but I’d rather be informed on the off-chance that I indulge once in a while. This article seems to be saying that the kind used in colas is IV though, so that would mean it doesn’t really matter what cola you choose. Guess I’m sticking to mojitos!

    2. Damn! I have to throw out my new bottle of balsamic! Im spending a lot of time hunting down emails for all these companies…

      1. I just opened a new bottle from Trader Joe – and admit I’ve bought their balsamic for years – will be returning it tomorrow.

  13. How do you know which restaurants have the sulfites in the salad/veggies ? Do you have a list of restaurants or supermarkets, so I know which ones to avoid?

    1. The article says that this is no longer allowed. She was listing it as an example of something that was GRAS and then banned several years later after hospitalizations and death. No worries…at least about THAT issue 🙂

  14. Thanks for your great information and investigations….. I want to know how WE CAN ALL bring a law suit against the FDA?????? for poisoning our bodies.

    1. Marilyn, Jewell and everyone else. . .!
      I am no attorney, but I believe it is called a class action suit. Multiple plaintiffs bring charges against said person, business and or corp. for probable cause(s) of damage. One major hurdle is – will be ‘Caveat Emptor’; buyer beware. . . You are taking full responsibility for what you buy/eat. Said person, business and or corp. need to be convicted of covertly misleading, maliciousness in their activities in knowing ahead of time the harmful results and fraud. Then comes the finger pointing. . . and all of the passing the buck BS; aka poppycock. You are right about all of the money. But there is someone who’s financial capabilities are virtually unlimited. . His name is God. What I am proposing is that Americans of all ages and background start praying for divine intervention. God can not help you or us if no one asks. He is fully aware of what is going and not what is going on. If enough people begin praying, things will change. Let Him do the figuring out!!! We just need to do our part:::PRAY!!! Through prayer, faith grows. Faith is active expectations of what is to come to pass. Prayer brings hope and a inner peace that grows inside. Jesus said if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. . He also said you can do even greater things that I have done. . . Can you imagine that. Can you believe that if::
      #1). when two or more are gathered in my name, ‘I Am’ there with you.
      You don’t have to have a high mass or spend the day praying. Just stop and slow down and pray several times/day. Miracles happen every day if you have the faith. God has already given you the eyes to see the truth, ears to hear the truth, a heart to know the truth and a body to be the truth. Faith is like a muscle. . .to get and be strong, you need to practice every day. For this truth will indeed set you free. No more fear, doubts and or anger’s frustration(s). The reason you are upset is because you care. God Bless you for that!!!
      #20. If you begin to pray with others, you will create a fellowship which is even more powerful.
      #3). Your fellowship becomes a community. All I can say is watch the fireworks when you gather in His name!!!!
      #4). Your community becomes the state you are living in; aka a revival.!!!
      #5). Your state becomes the nation . . .
      The change will and is coming. The quickest way is through prayer. I promise you this that if you do pray regularly, your life will change from the inside out!!!
      I can say this because of the changes in me over the last year.
      p.s. Read the bible everyday if you can. Try it out for two weeks and see for yourself. Ask questions. Seek and ye will find. You will get out of it what you put into it.
      As for the said products that are tainted with poisons and you find yourself either having been lied to by said institute(FDA) or said business/company’s product that they are selling you:::
      1). stop buying it.
      2). Go out and buy the separate ingredients of your choice.
      3). Make at home.
      4) If too busy, sorry I am not buying it. I can make a great salad dressing in a few minutes. . . oil/vinegar/OJ/wine. . . chop up some herbs. . done. I am currently writing a Organic Cookbook. It is easy to make and greater to eat. And it is not expensive!!!
      5) Family project::: learn how to make and bottle your own vinegar. It’s not rocket science.
      6) If Starlessbuck’s is cranking out toxic drinks, stop buying. GO find someone that is selling organic coffee. There is a business in Reno, Nevada called ‘The Laughing Cat.” Figure out what you have to buy in ingredients and make your caramel or what ever. I don’t know about you, but this whole mess is really an absolute blessing for new businesses to be run locally. Again it goes back to prayer and how it will lift away the fear/doubt etc and free up your mind to see the God Given Opportunity(ies) right in front of You. . Enough said for now. Truly I say, “God Bless You and Have a Blessed Day, a Week, a Year and a Life!!!.”

      1. jonpatrick- Please, please save your religious dogma for a Sunday School class. It is so tiresome to read. Just substitute your word “god” for “Allah”, or “Jevohah”, or “The Great Manitou”, or “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” and you’ll see how annoying it is to try to glean any useful information out of your writings.
        I go on this site for information on food, not to have to wade through your nonsensical blatherings to “parrot what people throughout history have told children, perpetuating 2,000 years worth of bizarre, backwards, ridiculous beliefs that no one in their right mind would believe unless an authority figure taught it to them when they were young.” (Quote from
        Some of your actual facts make sense, but as a whole, it’s hard to take your comments seriously with all the doctrine dumped in. Thanks.

  15. Thank you or all of your hard work Vani. I am ready to take it one step further-what can we do as a group to put additional pressure on the FDA to create change?

  16. I Vani –

    I want to say that I love your efforts but do find some things that you are not checking and think you may not be aware of. For one thing, you should look into blue food coloring. Also, I would strongly suggest that you check the website “” They even have their own lab where they check ingredients and other things. I would love to see you working with them. You could be a great power team ‘for the people’ and a force to be reckoned with. Take care and keep up the good work.

    Stuart Hassel

    1. STUART- I am glad that you said something. I have thought the same thing! ( However…lol… ) Take care!

  17. It makes me sick every time I read your alerts but I have to. I’m glad you are out there begin our gladiator. The fact that industry people run and affect FDA is such a betrayal to the American public.

  18. Thank you for your hard work and great investigative reporting. We need people like you that are willing to tell the truth and educate the masses. The only way that I can see this changing on a large scale, is by speaking with our dollars – what we purchase. When the toxic food companies feel it in their wallet, they will change…..not until. Unfortunately most people still want to keep their head in the sand. Keep up the good work. We all need you.

  19. I seriously cannot understand why the FDA and our government will allow profit over human welfare, health & safety. I know the medicinal drug industry is a highly profitable business. Seems like they allow us to be poisoned so we get sick. Then we pay for loads of drugs to get “well” but get sicker. Someone is making a lot of money off of our illnesses. It starts with food.

  20. We don’t use any of those ingredients. Three years now. Thanks for all you do on behalf of our health and the health of future generations of all living things.

  21. I have to take issue with reference to the new pain-killer drug. While absolutely there is an epidemic of prescription medication abuse in this country it does not then stand to reason that those who need these drugs should not be able to get them. We have laws in place that are supposed to prevent abuse of prescribed medications. These pain-killers are needed by people who face a daily life of pain due to injury, crippling Arthritis and other issues. My own condition was described as being a miracle I could walk or even stand, but still, I need the pain-killers daily and stronger medications on an as-needed basis to live my life. There is a reason why the number one reason for suicide amongst the elderly is Arthritis. It is no joke. These people and myself need these medications. Those who abuse substances tend to find a way to get them regardless of our best efforts. My heart goes out to them, yet their lack of wisdom or control should not negatively impact innocent pain sufferers.

  22. ok im sure we can all read labels..however it says nothing especially where i live food …vitamins etc…is not controlled.the FDA has to approve many things…organic inorganic products as well as chemicals such as what has been discussed…so what im askin is anybody realy know or have seen the FDA removing or adding things or is this all heresay…is there proof because anybody can print labels was the products itself examined

  23. Can someone open a store called “Edible” which contain only natural ingredients and people don’t have to be looking at labels and spend half their life time reading labels and trying which ones not to buy instead of doing other fun things….this store should be non-profit (once profit comes into play, human mind gets corrupted) and people can contribute a annual donation $50 or $100 from their health care expenses.

  24. The vicious cycle continues and it sickens me!! The more of this garbage we eat the sicker we get. The sicker we get the more drugs we need. That’s more money for big Pharma, who can then help fatten the governments pockets. It has to stop!! People need to STOP supporting this by not buying these products and demanding change! Those of us who know need to educate others. Especially for the sake of our children. They’re being poisoned. Thank you Vani for leading the charge!

  25. I have been following the food babe for quite some time I am actively in recovery from food addiction and I am very confused I’m afraid to the point of what I’m putting in my mouth and I don’t want to get anal about it I’m feel like if it doesn’t come out of the ground I best not eat it. I am doing the best I can I’m thinking I’m gonna continue to follow your quest and thank you for all the work that you do

    1. Keep up the fight! 🙂 You might try – he’s one of the Paleo experts and writes a lot of great articles. He also has a plan if you want to follow that. is another good resource from another doctor who advocates a near-paleo diet for people recovering from the Western diet.

  26. In a free, democratic society in which we entrust our elected officials, who are supposed to be looking out for the welfare of their constituents, how is it that they would turn their backs on the safety and health of those who elected them? Why? One can come to only ONE conclusion, greed. There should be an amendment to our constitution in which no law can be passed or judgement made which may bring harm in any form to a citizen. We shouldn’t need amendments for these things if these elected people would simply do the right thing for the right reason. Congress should be so sure of themselves when they pass these laws that they have only those foods in their cafeterias and food courts in their place of business, no exceptions. Let’s see how “healthy” they are after a 2 or 4 year diet of red dye, GMOs, antibiotics, artificial trans fats, fake sugar, growth hormones, carmel coloring and all of the rest. If we don’t already research those for whom we vote, it’s time we did. In fact, for blogs such as “Food Babe” it would be great to have a place to reference “who voted for what” in regard to our food sources. Surely someone is keeping track of this but I’ve been unable to locate it. Thanks, Vani, for all you do to inform us.

    1. Well said, and I heartily agree, the very least you would think, you would get, from those you give the honor of representing you in high office, is that they would do you No Harm.
      Recently there was a government minister in the UK, spouting the wonder and goodness of GMO crops, at the very least this ministers bank accounts should have been thoroughly investigated, we really need to have a complete and absolute auditing of all public representatives, who should have no expectation of financial privacy when they hold a position of honor in the service of the electorate, up to and including any future executive positions in corporations, which could also be in the form of repayment for services rendered.
      The sooner, election to public office is not seen, as an opportunity to get rich quick, the sooner we might get our elected representatives to actually fulfill the duties they were elected to do. Term limits in both houses would be a good start, but a complete ‘clear out’ first is essential.

  27. I am badly allergic to sulfites…once nearly died taking my unborn child along. The damned stuff is in all lemon or lime juice concentrate, maraschino cherries, shredded coconut…that means no wine, no Sprite, no Cherry Garcia, no American beer, no Key Lime pie dammit.. Fresh grapes can have 10& sulfites and need not be labeled, so no grapes.
    It is banned in salads and most fresh greens but is still around. Oh yes…canned jalapeno peppers are loaded and are in many salsas, including organic ones.
    My diet has been a simple, careful one for many years…mostly what my great grandparents ate. Sulfites are man made color stabilizers and show up in the ingredients of many processed foods still.
    If asthma isn’t involved, headaches can be. YUK They should be totally banned.

    1. I totally agree – I am highly allergic to sulfites as they are major migraine triggers of which I suffer from. They should be banned PERIOD!!!

  28. For the person commenting on pain killing drugs: Cannabis (aka, pot, mariijuana) is a very good plant for dealing with pain. Unfortunately, it is only available in some states right now. Plus, you have to know how it’s grown. Organic is the only sensible way to buy it. It’s being pushed out by people who use Miracle Grow to make it grow faster and larger, but then you ingest the Miracle Grow. It’s as bad for cannabis as for food. It doesn’t have to be smoked, it can be vaporized, or made into capsules. Some people bake it into food. And don’t believe the old lies about it being the “gateway” to stronger, horrible drugs. This is another case of the government banning it for political reasons. The Founding Fathers grew and used cannabis and hemp, and encouraged its use. Google it sometime. It’s a very interesting story.

  29. I have purchases what I thought was the best type of Olive Oil. However if I put it in the fridge, at least 1./3 of the bottle will have another oil. the olive oil is set and firm and then there is the liquid oil similar in looks to Olive Oil

    Has anyone else found this to be the case? How concerned should we be?

    1. Betty – I do not know the allowed amounts (perhaps something you could ‘google’) but have heard that the FDA allows other oils to be added. As long as the other oils do not exceed a certain percentage – it can still be labeled as “olive oil”. Interesting that you put your bottle in the fridge! Normally – olive oil is left at room temp, due to it’s solidifying when chilled. Personally – I’d take that chilled bottle back where you bought it and demand to know (loudly) what the other oil is!! Nevermind the false labeling – some people are allergic and need to know the Truth of the Ingredients! By the way – I do hope everyone is aware that Canola Oil is made from genetically modified rape seed! There is No Such Thing as a “Canola”! Rape seed is Toxic in it’s natural state. Canola stands for “Canadian oil company”!

  30. Hi Vani I have just signed up with you and THANKYOU for all that you are doing to enlighten. I have been taking Metamucil for years and have just checked the ingredients for the first time. It has Yellow 6 in it…I’m sick about it. It’s going back to Costco and I’m going to eat real foods with fibre for my cause.

    1. Look for the Yerba Prima products. They are organic and just the best. Discovered them over 20 years ago and use their Colon Care daily. I seen those metamucil labels and would never buy it. Too bad the doctors in this country recommend that crap.

  31. Vani,

    Thanks for this great and well documented article. Also wanted to thank you for all what you are doing. You are Godsend to humanity. Never give up because of any negative comments.
    I am a huge fan of you and personally totally avoid any processed foods, eat as organically as possible, even make my own lotions etc to avoid all the toxins.
    Thanks also for sharing all of your great recipes (have been creating my own for years but no need any more!)

  32. We have been avoiding these ingredients for a while now, but I have to say the biggest struggle is trying to not seem like an “extremist” when you have 4 kids and worry every time you have a birthday party and worry about artificial colors on cupcakes. Kids are constantly bombarded with terrible food and I have to police them. I seem like the only crazy parent who doesn’t want my kids to eat this way. My biggest struggle is living a life I believe in and trying to “fit in” for my kids and not look so protective. I only wish there were more people who believe this way….it would make life not such an uphill battle. I feel like I am constantly swimming upstream!

    Thanks for all you do Vani!! I can only hope that when my kids are grown, that they will not feel the same way and that healthy food choices will be a given.

    1. YOU are not the crazy parent – those other parents who don’t take the time to read and understand what they are feeding themselves and their families are the crazy ones. Kudos to you!!

  33. If everyone that either read or wrote a comment here told everybody on their email ,Facebook,Twitter or whatever list to STOP BUYING TOMATOES, we would certainly have a reaction before too long. Tomatoes are one of my favorite foods but I haven’t had one that I enjoyed for years. I don’t think that depriving ourselves of one item is going to be a real hardship and on the plus side we will realize just how much power we have if we stick together. I’m in and I hope all of you are too.

  34. I don’t consume ANY of those things you mentioned BUT your #5 absolutely made me FURIOUS!! I have known all about the antibiotics and hormones as well as the GMO corn and soy the animals are fed ( not even their normal diet!!!). However, I was BLOWN AWAY by the fact that factory farmers are giving the cattle antibiotics so that they can feed them LESS FOOD??? So, torturing them isn’t enough?…they have to STARVE them, too???…….all for a few more bucks!!!! I am soooo glad I don’t eat meat any more!! My conscience would haunt me day and night!!!!!!


    One would think that if the farmers were going to consume this meat that they would want it to be of the highest quality possible! They must really be pretty stupid if they don’t stop to think that they…. aside from killing beautiful, living beings…. are actually poisoning themselves!! A part of me thinks that because of what they are doing, they DESERVE to be poisoned!!! I’m not a religious person but I have to say this….you reap what you sow!!!

  35. It is interesting you should mention carrageenan. I was on the anti-carrageenan until I started to investigate in depth the source of the studies. Every study I found went back to one common thread – the researcher Dr. Tobacman.
    It would appear that the initial studies that brought this person a boost into the “academia notables” were poorly designed, executed, and have yet to be independently verified.
    For this reason I have changed my stance on carrageenan as the dirty culprit it is made out to be. Not saying it isn’t so, but when you can only find one voice yelling “the sky is falling”, you have to be a little skeptical. If anyone can find a study of carrageenan that doesn’t have the name Tobacman associated with it, I would welcome it.
    Other than that, Foodbabe’s criticism of the Fraud & Death Association (FDA) only points to the wholesale sellout of our government.

  36. Love the FoodBabe, but it seems this article is a little misleading. The section on ‘sulfites on fresh vegetables’ concludes that this practice was clearly banned in 1986.

    Therefor, the article title “Are you eating them” could NOT apply to ‘sulfites on fresh vegetables’.

    I come to FoodBabe to learn about food issues that are relevant to me TODAY, as a consumer. This article would be more useful if it did not include additives that were banned 20 years ago.


  37. Aspartame is yet another piece of poison generated by the GMO scientists. Used as a substitute for sugar, it has been linked to a number of really nasty conditions including Multiple Sclerosis. It is staggering in how many processed foods this poison is found. It is an easy thing to read labels and to largely avoid most processed foods and food like substances. Unfortunately a large portion of the population don’t even bother.
    There has been little or no scientific research done by the Monstanto group (that promotes and creates the GMO foods and seeds) regarding what effects they have on the human body. The almighty dollar, for them, is the bottom line.

  38. When you have any industry controlled by Wall Street, like big Pharma, be assured the only motive is Profit, it is an incredibly sad state of affairs that in the 21st century, the very essentials of life itself have become an adulterated minefield of poison and death to acquire. because of greed and corruption.
    We must steel ourselves in the cause of ‘Pure Food legislation’, or die from the failure to do so.

  39. I am kinda wondering something though Vani. How is this NEW news? I’ve known about these ingredients for a while now. I thought you were uncovering stuff we didn’t already know.

    1. I didn’t know about the caramel color, Carolyn, so I am glad she shared this. And i did know that Red coloring was bad but I didn’t know the particulars about that one dye. Plus, there are plenty of people who don’t know any of this so I guess it’s still helpful for more “whole food newbies”. You are well informed, though, so that’s great :)!

      1. I agree Adrienne. For newbies, it’s fantastic information. However, there wasn’t anything listed here that I couldn’t have found somewhere else by doing a simple google search. I was really hoping to learn something new. As a fellow health advocate and site owner, I felt a little let down.

        Vani’s banner depicts her uncovering ingredients with a microscope so I’m just wondering… where’s the investigation?

  40. Thanks for this list, Vani! I thought caramel color was pretty benign, but now I guess since we don’t know which type it is, it’s off the list. We don’t eat it much since we have very little processed food ever, but occasionally I will let my kids eat something w/ it in it. No more.

  41. Food Babe..
    I am the daughter of Betty Crocker Employee. 3rd later. I still HATE cake! I detest it and cupcakes. My family was a “test kitchen” family.
    I never want to eat cake or golden grahams again!

    However. I love simple Americana pie. Apple, cherry, lemon, key lime.
    What pies can I buy that are safe? I have food allergies and my daughter is autistic epileptic. Please point us in the direction of pies that we can enjoy frozen or fresh w/ non of the 5 above!
    (Yes. My allergies are so bad. I can’t even drink beer)
    Thank you in advance

  42. I just joined and I am flabergasted by all the new information I have been reading. Very helpful!! I’m sure I will be learning new things for a very long time. Thank you

  43. The FDA isn’t going to do nothing, because it,s run by Monsanto. The attorney Monsanto used is now head of the FDA. They only ban a very small amount of chemicals just to make the appearance that they care, which of course the only thing they care about is Monsanto and the other chemical companies bottom line, corporate profits at you and your children’s health. Chemicals do not belong in our food!!! The FDA is not going to ban any chemical no matter how dangerous and cancer causing they are if they can get away with it, which they are, cause the only one they are protecting is the chemical companies profits, not you or your children.

  44. When are you going to Washington? We need you there. Have you talked to the president yet? Forget the book and get yourself on up there, to make a real difference. Get yourself elected into the FDA. We will support you!

    1. It’s business as usual. President Roosevelt had to put a stop to American companies selling scrap metal ( pig iron ) to the Japanese before Pearl Harbor. Every one in politics new war was coming. It wasn’t too tough to figure out that the Japanese used this material to make bullets and other weapons to kill Americans and our allies. Today, Pharmo, the big Chem Co.s, GMO’s six headed dragon, and Washouton D.C. politicians know what is going on and continue to put the AMerican public in harms way.
      Don’t go by what they say, go by what they do. . b/c actions speak louder than words. Obamalo’s word is worthless. He swore an oath to defend and protect the American public. Poppycock!!! He was saying what the public wanted to hear and dropped the ball on labeling. He is in deep with Monsatanos via political contributions and back door politics. The FDA so-called director was put in that capacity by Obamalo.
      At the present time, in America, the average 61 year old is now taking 19 prescription drugs every day. All the big 5 killers of Americans diseases are all on the rise. Everyone of them can be prevented/minimized by diet. More and more AMericans such as ourselves are waking up and asking questions. There is a lot of material/info out there. Educate yourself and keep asking questions. Don’t count on the government for anything. Share what you know to be true and fight back by not buying their products. Know that everything your body needs, God has already made. Afterall, He is the one who has made the universes and he made you. This economy is dragging anchor. Seems to me that there are many new possibilities for folks to go out and create new jobs. Find a need in nutrition and or our food supply and fill it. There is a lot of evil out there but there is a lot of good out there as well. If the American public really gets it’s feathers ruffled up, there will be changes. From what I have been reading on this site, folks are looking, reading and educating themselves. The one item that is the most powerful activity that we can do has not been mentioned. The power of prayer. We used to say daily in school and around the country . . . under God with liberty and justice for all. We as a nation need to bring God out of the back seat and back in the drivers seat. Check out Washington’s inaugural speech. D.C. now means Dios nada. . . Keep the faith and God Bless y’all.

  45. How about something on bread products Food Babe. After several days on the kitchen counter, I use to have to throw away the remaining slices of bread or feed them to the birds. They’d turn moldy. Not anymore. I’ve got whole wheat bread that I bought over a month ago….it still hasn’t turned moldy. In fact, I’ve still got the rye bread from LAST St. Patrick’s day in my fridge. Still LOOKS fresh–no mold. Are they using that shoe rubber product in all supermarket bread now? I recall reading a while back that chemists had developed a new enzyme that would stop bread from going bad. I’m concerned that won’t biodegrade….also won’t break down in our digestive systems….and likely won’t give us any nutrients either. These chemical preservatives in food is probably a good reason why people are obese….yet suffering from nutrient deficiencies! I don’t even want to buy supermarket breads anymore (Arnold, Pepperidge Farms, and others). Do you suppose this enzyme is an all breads? I’d sure like to hear about it more in-depth.

  46. From one Jodi to another! Well said, Jodie! We must vote with our dollars! Don’t think your weekly grocery spending doesn’t count, because it all adds up! SUPPLY MEETS DEMANDS! If consumers want it, it will be on the shelves!!!!!

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