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Almond Butter Brownies

A week ago now, I blogged about some amazing almond butter brownies I had for dessert one night…. A lot of you requested the recipe – so tonight I am here to deliver.  So what took me this long to share this with you?  Well…  I told myself I couldn’t write about these brownies until a time where I was super duper full and looking at the photo below wouldn’t tempt me to make more. Whether you eat them gooey hot out of the oven or freeze them into little bites – these suckers are deadly addictive.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Almond Butter Brownies

Food Babe's Almond Butter Brownies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Gluten Free
Serves: 8
  • 1 cup almond butter
  • 2 tbsp flaxseed + 3 tbsp water or 1 egg
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ cup of coconut palm sugar
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • ½ cup of “Enjoy Life” mega chocolate chunks
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Grease a small dish (8×8 or 8×6) thorougly or line bottom of dish with parchment paper (parchment is best)
  3. Mix all ingredients except chocolate chunks until smooth
  4. Fold in chocolate chunks and pour batter into pan
  5. Bake brownies until golden dark brown – about 25 mins
  6. Cool brownies for at least 10 mins before cutting
Please use all organic ingredients if possible It’s very important to use big chucks of chocolate They freeze nicely


To cut them in squares, it’s essential to use unbleached parchment paper in the pan. And sometimes when I run out of parchment paper, I just eat them out of the straight out of the pan 🙂

If you know someone who needs to remake their brownie recipe…share this with them! 

Have a great week,


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330 responses to “Almond Butter Brownies

  1. I doubled the recipe. Used 1 egg and one “flax egg”
    Instead of chocolate chips, I chapped a 90%b cocoa candy bar. It gave the brownies a nice dark color, and they are excellent.

  2. Outstandingly delicious! So simple and easy. Waited 10 minutes only after removing from oven, before enjoying.

    Made substitutions as follows, due to dietary restrictions and what was in the house:

    1/3 cup Sunbutter Organic Sunflower Seed Butter (contains no other ingredients other than roasted sunflower seeds)
    2/3 cup homemade sunflower seed butter (much drier than store-bought)
    1/4 cup sugar + 1/4 cup maple sugar (can’t have coconut products)
    Olive Nation Pure Allspice Extract rather than vanilla (can’t have vanilla)
    Girardelli chocolates, individually wrapped .375 oz. squares, as follows:
    two 60% cacao “Evening Dream”
    two 72% cacao “Twilight Delight”
    three 86% cacao “Midnight Reverie”

    Used a 7 1/2 inch x 7 1/2 inch pan. Baked an extra 5-6 minutes.

  3. Made these brownies for the 3rd time and they are such a delicious treat. Everyone I’ve baked them for LOVES them (non-vegans too). Theyre best eaten warm out of the oven. They are prefect with almond butter alone exactly as called for in recipe…. I tried 1/2 peanut 1/2 almond and they tasted too dry & cake like. Make them- worth every minute.

  4. Just made these and they were amazing….have been looking for a long time for gluten free, almond based brownies. My husband, let’s just say a very picky eater, approved and ate half the pan. Well done!

  5. I’m mystified: With no flour or flour-like substance, what makes them turn into apparently flaky pastry that you can hold in your hand, rather than just a gooey pile of melted almond butter and chocolate?

    1. I had the same question and read through the comments to see if she ammended the recipe… there’s nothing worse than spending all the time and money on an organic recipe and then it comes out terrible because they left ommitted an ingredient.

      1. I just read through page one of the comments and they answered our questions there…. The recipe is correct… there is no flour… apparently the flax seed egg alternative works better than eggs (better texture) and she grinds the flax seeds first. I think they’re worth a try for sure.

    2. I haven’t made these but made a similar almond butter pumpkin brownie. The key is the flax seed (or egg) and the baking soda!

    1. Ann,

      You can always use the egg that the flaxseed is meant to replace, of course, but if you’re set on omitting it, there are a number of other egg replacements, including commercial products like Ener-G ( I’ve used applesauce, soft tofu, and cooked oatmeal (separately, not together!). You’ll find more suggestions and guidance if you Google something like “egg replacement in cake”; one of the sites I found when I did that is, which suggests what to use based on what the egg’s meant to do.

      Good luck!

      1. Or you can use 1 Tbs. chia seeds in 3 Tbs water – let soak about 20 min.

  6. I am wondering if you could add a little cocoa to the mixture? Seems like the whole brownie wouldn’t be very chocolatey… but then, maybe that’s the point? =) Sounds yummy! I do think I will make one substitution, though. I do love the Enjoy Life chips / chunks & am so appreciative that someone is making chocolate without the soy & other junk. But Coconut Secret Chocolate Bars are sweetened with coconut crystals (also made with no soy or junk!), so I’m thinking I could have a sugar free brownie if I chopped up some of those for the chunks. Could go with dark or milk chocolate version. Does anyone have an opinion on if my ideas sound good? Might just try it on my next off day. =)

  7. Um, super excited! A tried and true recipe WITHOUT FLOURS!!! Gluten Free flours are ridiculously complicated without the luxury of cup4cup and flour blends often including Xantham Gum.
    Trying these without chocolate chips (I’m not waiting till payday to make these!)
    but will make it with 1TBSP of chocolate as some people have said it is tasty. Hope it doesn’t make too much of a difference for the overall texture of the brownie.

  8. These came out a little too salty for me, otherwise they tasted good. I used an egg and a little coconut flower as well.

  9. Made brownies, I had to add about 2 tablespoons of water( had previously added 1 egg) as the batter was too thick. Added chocolate.
    Baked and cooled. Absolutely delicious. I hated to share.

  10. These are awesome! Thank you for the recipe. I added some mini chocolate chips to the top to give them a little bit more chocolateyness. I also used half brown sugar and half white sugar instead of the coconut sugar. Only because I didn’t have coconut sugar.

  11. I did not use an egg, and the batter certainly required more water. I added 1 tsp of 100% powdered cacao along with 1/2 cup of bittersweet chocolate chips. I found this mixture delectable, but my husband thought it was too bitter. However, the balance is perfect with ice cream 🙂 I definite must have recipe for future uses!

  12. Hi!

    I made this with one egg, no flax, and they turned out great! The batter was very thick, so I just pressed it into the baking pan. When it cooked, it puffed up beautifully. However, they were more “cookie-like” in consistency rather than brownie. Has anyone tried using egg whites only for this recipe? Did they come out more chewy?


  13. My three young children loved these. This is a dessert people will never guess to be vegan. I was so impressed that I made the recipe again for my coworkers. Everyone enjoyed and complimented the recipe. This will be my go-to dessert for pleasing a crowd that may not be vegan. So delicious, rich and chocolately without doing any hard to animals! LOVE IT. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Priscilla for posting that link. I’m marking on my favorites! The FDA is so fraudulent. Just think of all the deaths and damages they could avoid if they REALLY did their job.

  14. Today I went out to buy almond butter for the first time since the recall, and I am shocked by the price! The 16 oz jars are usually around 7-8$ depending on the brand, and today they were 16$, a dollar on ounce!!! Is this because of the drought?

  15. I tried this today and absolutely loved it!! My 10 yr old daughter loved it too. Thank you food babe for a great healthy dessert!

  16. I agree with a lot of people on here that this recipe is quite dry and not chocolatey enough, I made the following changes and it turned out perfectly sticky, gooey, chocolatey and generally brownie like:

    Before adding the almond butter to the mixing bowl I microwaved it with 50g dark chocolate broken up into pieces.

    When mixing the ingredients together I added 2 tbsp of low fat natural yoghurt and a few splashes of milk (until it reached a sticky brownie batter texture).

    Instead of adding chocolate chunks (partly because I didn’t have any and partly because I wanted the chocolate to melt more) I added 50g if dark chocolate broken into pieces and 20g of white chocolate broken into pieces.

    I also made the egg version rather than flaxseed.

  17. I have also made an alternative to this that is lower GI. Instead of any type of sugar (coconut palm/organic sugar), use erythritol and use organic unsweetened 100% cocoa bar. Dark chocolate and very tasty. You can even top with a few walnuts.

  18. Just made these but used 1/2 c. organic raw cacao powder instead of chunks and they are delicious. They are more cake like but great! Thanks!

  19. It looks an awful lot like you’ve added cocoa powder to the mixture but I don’t see it listed in the ingredients. I’ve never seen almond butter that chocolately looking except for our Champlain Cherry (Vermont Peanut Butter – Dark Chocolate Almond Butter with Dried Cherries)! Am I mistaken or is there some other chocolate ingredient other than the chunks?

    1. There is no cocoa powder in this recipe. The above recipe is correct! The almond butter combined with the sugar and flax and water and vanilla does come out dark looking.

    1. No, I would choose a nut butter such as peanut butter or sunflower butter. I’m sure that would be much tastier than coconut oil.

  20. They Are Heaven !!!
    Thank u so much Food Babe!
    I also like to drizle more melted chocolate at end, over brownies. Delish!!

  21. Is there supposed to be some sort of binding agent in this brownie recipe? I just made these and basically all they did was melt in the oven. The just look like heated up dough.

  22. I had a couple questions about the recipe. One, if doubling the recipe should you cook longer or no? I have only made this once and doubled r and cooked about 5/6 mins longer and they came out crumbly. Maybe over cooking causes the crumbliness?
    Two, they were just a tad salty for my taste, do you think I can omit the extra salt since almond butter is already salty?

  23. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but these did not turn out so good. Super salty and dry. Perhaps the type of almond butter really matters? I used a good (and expensive) organic brand, but in the end felt like I wasted $11 almond butter on some not so good brownies :/ It was very upsetting.

    1. I added 1/4 c. of vanilla almond milk & 1 tbsp. cocoa to mine. They were not dry and were actually really good.

  24. AMAZING!!!!!!!
    Made my own pecan almond butter, doubled the recipe, allowed the egg free liquid mix to sit while I made my nut butter then added a little milk because they feel apart before…..It’s difficult to mess this recipe up!!

  25. I often times use ground chia seeds the same way I use ground flax seed for an egg replacer. Both healthy.

  26. I and my family loves this brownie! I make the almond butter by myself… After making it for some time, I started wondering – how is it with almonds and pesticides? I knew that peanuts is an organic must buy since they absorb a lot of fungicides from the soil, but with hard shelled nuts I thought that they are fine… Well, my google investigation revealed that not only almonds are heavily sprayed with pesticides which supposingly are easily absorbed by the good fat, but also – since 2007, the “almond rule” has mandated that most almonds grown in California (where just about all domestic almonds come from) receive one of pasteurization treatments – either with steam or propylene oxide PPO (known carcinogen, so bad that it was removed even from gasoline!). I called Diamond and I was told that the almonds they sold are either steam or PPO pasteurized, but they can’t tell me which one are which. Again, I felt cheated by FDA – the good fat I was feeding my family actually turned out to be a carcinogen ;( I went ahead and ordered organic ones from Spain which are very expensive…
    Here is a nice post about different brands and PPO usage:
    Well, I personally have hard time believing customer service representatives since the answer may vary from one to another;) Enjoy the brownie but be careful when choosing almond butter.

  27. I made these over the weekend and they are yummy. My first time using almond butter and flaxseed. I didn’t use the ground flaxseed, not sure if it makes a difference. And, I used Enjoy mini chips because I couldn’t find the choc chunks.

  28. Been making these about a year now, and I love love love them! However, my bff doesn’t think that they are chocolaty yummy-Ness. And it blows my mind. One she says they are not sweet at all?? What? They taste like just thick peanut butter and lastly they taste “healthy”. What?!? Today I tweaked it for her for that “aha- see they are delish”. I added 1/2 cup brown sugar along w 1 TBS coconut sugar and the chocolate chips. Still not sweet enough and said can tell they are healthy. Oh well , I’ve fooled children …. but really ?! These are so awesome!

  29. Just made these tonight and had to make myself stop! I’d have to agree with the others and say that a bit of almond milk and cocoa powder is good to add. Thanks so much for the recipe, it’s a keeper! 🙂

  30. Sounds delicious. Although never cook with flax or flax oil!! Use coconut oil instead.
    Oils high in essential fatty acids like flax are not good for cooking in general. ***Heat can turn these healthy fats into harmful ones. Add flax oil to foods after cooking and just before serving.***
    Flax has many virtues, but it also has one vice: it turns rancid quickly.

  31. Sounds delicious. Although never cook with flax or flax oil!! Use coconut oil instead.
    Oils high in essential fatty acids like flax are not good for cooking in general.

    Heat can turn these healthy fats into harmful ones. Add flax oil to foods after cooking and just before serving.

    Flax has many virtues, but it also has one vice: it turns rancid quickly.

  32. What kind of almond butter does everyone use? I usually grind my own almonds and make almond butter. Is this OK to use in this recipe?

  33. I have been reading a lot lately on almonds and the US requirements on them being pasteurized due to threats of Salmonella. I have eaten almonds since I had teeth to do so, and am curious if anyone could expand on this for me? Is this still in effect in the US, and if so, what are the benefits of almonds vs regular peanut butter, if they have had virtually all nutrients, wiped from them through the pasteurization process?

    PS: I made this once, I need practice 🙂

  34. These Brownies are absolutely delicious. My daughter was so mad at me when she saw the ingredients and thought she was not going to even try them. My company and my daughter loved them. She asked me to make them the next day! I use whole flax seed, the chewiness is awesome. Second time I made them, I only had 3/4 cup o Almond Butter left so I added 1/4 Organic chocolut hazlenut butter. EVEN MORE DECADENT THAN FIRST round I made.

  35. These are amazing (and addictive!). They’re more like a blondie than a brownie (think: chocolate chip pan cookie) unless you add cocoa powder to the batter. We’ve made them twice this week already! Thanks Vani!!

  36. Love these. Followed the recipe word for word and bought all organic ingredients. These are delicious and I know they will be a super bowl hit!

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